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  1. @Fridgeyes to drivable, I understand it will need time after to get it fully sorted. I imagine it will stay on in the UK for a while to do the rounds before it leaves and Steve can get it refined. Might call on some help though from any willing participants. I am pushing Steve to make this the best one out there (I know there are some strong ones being finished/finished) with a nice mix of an original interior and brand new everything else but using as much existing plastic trim as possible It has all the good bits from factory (white/brown/roof stereo/comps) so it's worth the hefty investment. @LOTUSMAN33sorry to hijack this!
  2. asap! not much has happened since March....Hoping mid-next year.
  3. I've started digging into the photos now, I've just made a start on photos of the Domestic RHD non-Essex cars that Lotus counts in its production figures.. This does not include any of the non-production cars at this stage. Interesting to see the first 7 non-Essex cars for the UK market on one page 10954 was identical to 10953 and was the last of ONLY eight 1980 Dry Sump Turbos - sadly no photos or known whereabouts since the early 1980s. These were all built alongside the Essex cars and all were produced with all Essex features, wheels an RM-610 roof stereo. More to come. Interestingly, my car is the only one still in the UK. Cheers, Lex Domestic Dry Sumps.pdf
  4. @Bazza 907 @Veilside I was hoping you could help here. Can you tell me if your chassis is silver (galvanised) or painted black. Steve at SJ is sure that my December 1980 built 10953 should be “no colour” (silver) but this image has thrown me. none of the 1980 non-Essex cars have been restored (8 of them and mine is the only one in the UK of the few that exist still) so no-one would know for sure. But I’m convinced all the 1980 dry sump Essex and non-Essex cars would have the same colour chassis. Cheers, Lex
  5. Would be an interesting piece for you Essex owners. I just spotted this..
  6. @stephenwhyte @Tocus I'm hoping to hear back from the owner of the car. I guess it is possible that the wheel centre colour was changed, it would then be identical to the car in the famous photo. Unless it was a pre-production car but no records really of a red one...
  7. It was from a link submitted by a "BRUNO"? Either on this thread or the Esprit pictures thread a few years ago. Lots of period pictures of the Essex development cars too.
  8. Don't think we have an ID on this early LHD red car on Comps.
  9. Most recent version of the database. I will make a separate document with images soon. Dry Sump Register 2020.pdf
  10. Would love to know if this is the same car albeit with different coloured wheels.. I'm running out of VIN numbers for it to be - as all the early cars on Comps are accounted for..
  11. Interesting you mention that because I have toyed with the idea of the, however I will keep ESF 247W on the car as it will be exactly how it left the factory. Mine will be identical to its sister car #10928 White Heat pictured here with no lettering. How good is that photo...which happens to be identical to the white Bond car.. except no Giugiaro badge on left side! The anodised barrels look rather good too, wonder if these could be re-manufactured like this...
  12. Rog is of course holding a pair of Tasco 7800 Binoculars.
  13. And here are the pictures from the transparency's.
  14. Here it is when it was still RHD, how good do those Comps look on Calypso. I wonder what the story is with the painted louvres. Photos courtesy
  15. Keeping on the red/black theme, @frbrecently sent me a link to this car. It is most certainly #10952, domestic UK car converted to LHD. ex - @Alireza DVLA has first registered January 1981 so there is no other car it can be, but #10952. I'm still waiting to hear back from the owner. So this is in between @Tocus's #10951 and my #10953. The 5th, 6th and 7th non-Essex UK cars - all with all Essex features from factory. The only earlier Domestic production Dry Sumps (non-Essex cars) known to still exist are #10947 (white with Essex stripes in France) and #10939 (white/originally red with HC engine in Australia) Rare beasts! Cheers, Lex.
  16. Hi Bob, thanks for the post. Sounds like a very late dry sump - maybe one of the last. Have you a serial number you can share with us. It may be already on the list too, but any more info/photo would be superb. cheers Lex
  17. Fabian my hand made Swaine Adeney Brigg Bond case arrived, for the important docs..🤣
  18. Just needs putting back together now. 🙂
  19. Hi Phil yes it is, it’s the only one left.
  20. Thanks Steve, yes of course Steve, For a second there I forgot 10930 what an ex-white press car before it was copper.
  21. Thanks Steve, always good info. What do you mean by the = 10953 ? 1980 domestic production FYEO spec cars, 10928 white heat, 10953 and 10954. There was one RHD export to Hong Kong 10939 white/brown.
  22. #10953 exact 1980 FYEO dry sump spec, work courtesy of SJ Sportscars. Factory white/brown dry sump w/ factory Compomotive wheels and roof stereo.
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