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  1. Just now, canamfan said:

    It does look perfect, who knows, it's the poster child of perfect colours & condition, options etc., it would be nice to see a proper Turbo Esprit come into it's own in terms of value, they are after-all rare & great performers! :)

    Agree, we haven't seen many fully sorted early dry sump cars come up for sale so it's hard to gauge values. 

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  2. 10 hours ago, Lotus79b said:


    I am the owner of Vpw941x. I bought it from Matt a few years ago and made a complete Restauration, but keeping everything as it was, even the wheels where one is silver the other 3 gold. Would be interested in the history of the car. Thank you and regards from Austria


    Yes great to have you on here Dan. Did you see the period photos of your car on the previous page? Are you doing a black lower section on the car?

  3. It has come a long way @Fridge the numbers exercise has pretty much finished now with a few turning up from time to time. What is really interesting is joining the dots between these early cars and you are right there is something intriguing about these development cars - I think the fact they were being developed by Colin Chapman and others alongside Championship winning F1 cars is part of the reason. On the PDF on the previous page there are some pretty in depth notes next to most of these very early cars and the next stage is getting deeper into these.


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  4. 2 minutes ago, LOTUSMAN33 said:

    Matt says it’s being restored now Lex so we should see it in the future. Matt still owns the sister car in RHD and a 2 litre dry sump engine which sounds awesome.

    Dave :) 

    Great info. When you say sister car you mean the one in the books 79A? 

  5. 4 minutes ago, LOTUSMAN33 said:

    I agree, Matt sold it a couple years back Lex 👍🏻

    Thanks Dave, It would be a lovely thing if restored correctly and it should be quite valuable you would think. Hopefully it turns up again.

  6. 3 minutes ago, LOTUSMAN33 said:

    Not sure if Matt still owns it? Thought I recognised it someplace 👍🏻

    I have messaged him to ask 😉
    Dave :) 

    I guess this should really be on the register ? In front of 10790.

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  7. 15 hours ago, omicron said:

    When I'm next at my parents house I'll see if he has any files left on the car which may shed some light on it.      It may be that the files went with the cars when they were sold on.

    Here is a photo of VPW941X and I suspect the other car is shown in the background of the second shot, along with an Elan and a Citroen CX Safari.



    Andrew we think it might be an S2 with a Turbo body on it - there was an S2 that was used for the Turbo Body prototype. It's unusual for the car to not have its stripes so early on in its life so this might explain it. Maybe you can ask your father if this rings a bell? 

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