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  1. Have a look at Furniture Clinic Ive use there leather repair kit on my seats ,spot on job
  2. Cheers Gary thought as much ill have the boot floor out and see whats what.
  3. Hi up Sparky Could you please expand on above, as my inner rubber boot is split all the way round, once the shaft spiders and yokes are apart does the yoke being the cup bit pull out of the gearbox with a shaft then the roll pins can be punched out ,as looking at it punching the pins out insitu looks a pain in the harris Cheers Glyn
  4. Glyn Wise

    Glyn Wise

  5. Cheers Barry got the drive shaft seal and O ring from SJ Sports I would have thought the new roll pins would have been supplied, ill ebay some be cheaper. Cheers Glyn
  6. A quick one what are the lengths of the roll pins for the drive shafts the one's you have to punch out for removal. Cheers Glyn
  7. Perfect ill have a word with my mate he was a part time Gynaecologist Only worked 2 days a week just to keep his hand in !!!!!! the old ones are the best
  8. Hi all does anyone have X ref for inner and outer CV rubbers. Cheers Glyn
  9. New IAC arrived on Saturday 11th from Rock Auto posted on 26/6, price $29.79 but I had to pick it up from the local sorting office had to pay £11.79 Royal Mail handling charge. Fitted it Saturday reset IAC with freescan and followed restart instructions as per manual. Well Ive done about 15 miles so far just rural roads and what a difference, tick over down to just under 1k runs a hell of a lot smoother its like a new car, when this rain stops a good long run will take place with a bit more right foot. Just to add Jacques, My exhaust back pressure valve and throttle jack capsule
  10. Cheers mate yep got one on its way, did it arrive by Royal Mail or white van man. Glyn
  11. Hi up Barry how long did it take for your IAC to arrive from Rock Auto Cheers Glyn
  12. I had this problem try starting the engine without freescan running, then load up freescan see if that works.
  13. Mike cant your mate Edd China come up with any thing?
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