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  1. HMRC needs to catch a few of the furlough and loan fraudsters in a blaze of publicity, then offer an amnesty provided they cough up. And then prosecute all over again. These fcukers must be taught a lesson. rewards should be offered to encourage employees and others to report furlough and loans abuse
  2. First you say vaccines don't stop infection or transmission .. next you say vaccines do stop transmission .. You sound like a politician 😂
  3. Just make sure you wear old denim that no longer stains colour wise: loud exterior, demure interior OR demure exterior, loud interior. Contrast, yin and yang. I like any of the following with orange or red interior: nightfall blue, Elise grey, racing green
  4. If immunity didn't last long, the press would be full of stories of folks getting ill due to CV19 more than once
  5. Confirmed by a well known dealer that 390 has all those bits - the same drivetrain as 420/430. makes the 390 a "Best Buy"
  6. Just shows how these tests find things that aren't really there
  7. SFO

    Lovely teachers

    The worst of them all was Scargill's National Union of Miners
  8. SFO

    Lovely teachers

    Teaching unions have suddenly acquired scientific risk analysis and medical qualifications
  9. Love the looks, a clear reference to McLarens past, but sleek and clean design
  10. The metrics that really matter, no of people in hospital and no of deaths, continue to decline steeply
  11. maybe because it's automatic
  12. YBS are not breaking any term of the mortgage. They are simply telling you your fixed rate is ending, and what choices you have. I don't see why YBS would pay your Santander fees. However, YBS may be able to waive their own fees if you want to go with one of their products. As others have said, you are free to shop around for the best deal now.
  13. Stunning. What does Lotus call this colour?
  14. 240 is a lovely pure Elise shape
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