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  1. SFO


    We need to stop relying on cheap imported labour. If there are not enough truck drivers, leave it to the competitive market. Let rates go up and watch folks take up truck driving.
  2. From Victoria state health web site. Unfortunately no data on ages of those currently in hospital.
  3. How many? Do these kids have other medical conditions?
  4. Agree. Penny for PM.
  5. Definitely no more Exige or Elise production slots. Have asked - a fortnight ago - 2 separate well known dealers.
  6. UK Government is still behaving as if no one has been vaccinated. As Theresa May put it, why are we less free than this time last year when there were no vaccines?
  7. Exige is not threatened by Emira as totally different cars in approach and rawness.
  8. SFO

    Lotus Emira

    £60k starting price is super competitive for a car that looks this good .. it's cohesive, striking without being shouty, stylish and contemporary, and is perfectly proportioned it will sell well to those who want supercar looks at Cayman prices I love it
  9. SFO


    I don't condone violence but I did very much enjoy this ...
  10. This is what happens when you have a zero CV19 "strategy"
  11. Most, if not all, of the scientists pushing for a delay to lockdown easing have no qualifications to make any recommendations apart from the title "Professor", usually of a no name university, and usually with little or no knowledge of how the virus spreads, its transmissibility, its virulence, its ability to overcome vaccines (none so far) and its effects on hospitalisations and deaths, not to mention the side effects (for example, economic, mental health, lost education and life opportunities) of prolonging lockdown. it is all rent a quote from Professors of "bugger all" for a sound bite to increase clicks. No one actually really knows what they are speculating about as they don't have access to the data, nor are they qualified to make informed observations.
  12. SFO

    BBC - Again!

    Time to make BBC subscription only .. time to remove licence fee
  13. SFO

    TLF GT430 Club

    It's low mileage too. Lovely 😘
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