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  1. data extracted from Patients in hospital UK 1 Aug: 1214 1 Sep: 829 1 Oct: 2428 numbers on ventilators UK 1 Aug: 91 1 Sep: 82 1 Oct: 341 nothing like as terrible as numbers of cases
  2. Totally stupid and not based on any science. Why can’t they just wipe everything down, like private dentists?
  4. Spot on. We need to balance the massive costs of lockdown/continuing severe restrictions against the real - rather than the overblown and overhyped - risks of CV19 A
  5. Rights come with obligations, unfortunately the latter seems to have to forgotten
  6. politicians and journalists don’t mention this happy fact because the only game in town in number of cases
  7. getting CV19 cases down - has become the holy grail for Governments around the world without reference to other criteria, such as numbers in hospitals and deaths, neither of which has increased materially this focus on cases is as additive, if not more so, than crack cocaine. meanwhile, society is in limbo, kids are not allowed to be kids, people are not being treated, the economy is fcuked and we are burdening future generations with horrendous debt utterly bonkers .. the cost and disruption of the precautions far far outweigh the actual risks of CV19 talk about making a
  8. Agree. Australia’s reaction to CV19 is way way OTT.
  9. The relentless noise on number of new cases with nothing or little on hospital admissions and death is only flaming the hysteria; there is no debate on the wider impacts on the less well off in society, those whose treatments have been delayed etc .. it makes no sense to accord so much priority and resource to this one health problem. I don’t have a freezer that big and 33kg would last me a year ...
  10. what weight is a ‘quarter’ and ‘eighth’? prices would be great too
  11. Number of infections is the wrong metric to get excited about. Hospital admissions and deaths are what really matter; they have not spiked
  12. It’s very handy for Scotland to have England to blame for everything that goes wrong or does not go well in Scotland
  13. Gupta did an interview where she explained calmly and clearly what she thought
  14. many state school teachers have really not covered themselves in glory during CV19 crisis private schools have worked very hard to continue the education of kids in their charge; state schools, not so much
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