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  3. Djokovic was deported not because he broke any rules, but because Australia's immigration minister thought that Djokovic's continued presence in Australia was a " threat to the public".
  4. It's clear irrefutable evidence, it is rock solid, like all Government information and statistics 😂 UK Government doesn't do manipulation, oh no, it doesn't 😂 Please do elaborate and provide the links to these international standards.
  7. Really? I seem to remember a million cases a day, 10,000 hospital admissions a day, and around 5,000 deaths a day .. all by about now
  8. Unfortunately, opinion is often presented as evidence or fact .. such as Professor Ferguson's CV19 modelling which has always been way way off - and always OTT pessimistic, almost nonsensical. Makes no sense to me why the media keeps reporting his view or why anyone listens to him. IMO, evidence is only valuable if it has been tested vigorously, subject to rigorous analysis or subject to the determination of a jury or judge in a court of law operating independently.
  9. I think I read somewhere that this is an additional payment but not for extra work or time .. as the GP can simply not do his/her usual work to do the jabs
  10. I merely reproduced some quotes from The Telegraph. Folks can make their own minds up. I wasn't suggesting anything nor was I advocating any particular position.
  11. From The Telegraph: A third of patients in hospitals in England with Covid are not being treated primarily for the virus, new figures show. Of the 8,321 patients with coronavirus in NHS acute trusts in England on December 28, 2,743 (33 per cent) of patients with Covid were being primarily treated for something else. Some 5,578 patients (67 per cent) were mainly being treated for Covid, down from 71 per cent a week earlier and 74 per cent at the start of December, according to official NHS data. The number being treated primarily for Covid-19 rose by around a quarter from 4,432 on December 21 to 5,578 on December 28, while those with Covid-19 but who were being treated primarily for something else jumped by more than 51 per cent from 1,813 to 2,743.
  12. No doubt you can be in critical care and not be on a ventilator for non Covid issues. how many CV19 patients are in critical care for CV19 as opposed to being in critical care with CV19? I don't see how you concluded I was denying admissions and case numbers being up when I was referring to numbers on ventilators. the issue is transparency with Government data .. we have no reliable or clear data on the numbers in hospital "because of" and "with" CV19. This is crucial if we are to truly understand the virulence of omnicron. instead, we get headline figures about CV19 that are misleading and no information - at least in the press - on hospital bed usage now when compared to the same period in 2019 .. again, this is important to understand the impact of CV19 on the NHS it is important to understand the virulence and impact of CV19 on NHS because decisions on restrictions, people's livelihoods and life chances, children's education and wellbeing are being made because of CV19 we must have a sober and comprehensive cost and benefit analysis of the measures being taken to deal with CV19 rather than just looking at headline CV19 case numbers and hospitalisations.
  13. Total numbers of CV19 patients on ventilators - I assume this means critical care - has remained around 850 for the past 2 weeks It would be interesting to find out how many spare hospital beds there are currently, as compared to the same period in 2019
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