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  1. Gupta did an interview where she explained calmly and clearly what she thought
  2. many state school teachers have really not covered themselves in glory during CV19 crisis private schools have worked very hard to continue the education of kids in their charge; state schools, not so much
  3. My osteopath has been open and treating me throughout lockdown .. permitted as essential medical service Surprised it’s not the same for physiotherapists
  4. Hamilton should stay out of politics and concentrate on driving. Celebs who get political are simply out their depth.
  5. definitely, time to restore incentives to work
  6. amazing only a broken wrist at that speed
  7. folks are demonstrating because there is nothing else to do
  8. Risk of transmission is much lower outdoors .. beach is crowded but there is space between the groups
  9. It’s time NHS start treating other illnesses .. those have been stopped for too long 90% of ventilated ICU beds now unused!
  10. Junior Minister of State for Scotland
  11. except that the whole circus is accompanied by hyper inflation and free stuff eventually dries up
  12. The relentless ad nauseam saturation coverage on Cummings is another press witch hunt. Plenty of other people have done the same, they are just not as famous or as apparently disliked. Perhaps the press can’t find other more newsworthy items ...
  13. I reckon the furlough scheme has made the British public much more accepting of social distancing and the whole safety at all costs position we are in. Without the furlough scheme and the pressure of needing to find work to pay bills, I suspect social distancing will take a back seat and people will realise that life is a risk, and that CV-19 is for the vast majority of the population, not a huge deal.
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