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  1. Used to be Audi store on that site. Then it was Metro Bank
  2. Debt cannot be "inherited". If you die owing more money than you have, that "negative equity" is not transferred onto your beneficiaries.
  3. Did you get the soft top too?
  4. Remember that investment income and pension income or drawdowns (excluding the 25% tax free lump sum) are subject to income tax at the prevailing rates
  5. If you don't need the money AND you are below or expect to be below the Lifetime Allowance, best to keep the cash invested within the pension. if your pension pots cumulatively exceed or is likely to exceed the Lifetime Allowance, get the tax free sum out of the pensions and reinvest - it doesn't have to sit in a savings account.
  8. Djokovic was deported not because he broke any rules, but because Australia's immigration minister thought that Djokovic's continued presence in Australia was a " threat to the public".
  9. It's clear irrefutable evidence, it is rock solid, like all Government information and statistics 😂 UK Government doesn't do manipulation, oh no, it doesn't 😂 Please do elaborate and provide the links to these international standards.
  12. Really? I seem to remember a million cases a day, 10,000 hospital admissions a day, and around 5,000 deaths a day .. all by about now
  13. Unfortunately, opinion is often presented as evidence or fact .. such as Professor Ferguson's CV19 modelling which has always been way way off - and always OTT pessimistic, almost nonsensical. Makes no sense to me why the media keeps reporting his view or why anyone listens to him. IMO, evidence is only valuable if it has been tested vigorously, subject to rigorous analysis or subject to the determination of a jury or judge in a court of law operating independently.
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