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  1. Used to be Audi store on that site. Then it was Metro Bank
  2. Debt cannot be "inherited". If you die owing more money than you have, that "negative equity" is not transferred onto your beneficiaries.
  3. Did you get the soft top too?
  4. Remember that investment income and pension income or drawdowns (excluding the 25% tax free lump sum) are subject to income tax at the prevailing rates
  5. If you don't need the money AND you are below or expect to be below the Lifetime Allowance, best to keep the cash invested within the pension. if your pension pots cumulatively exceed or is likely to exceed the Lifetime Allowance, get the tax free sum out of the pensions and reinvest - it doesn't have to sit in a savings account.
  8. Djokovic was deported not because he broke any rules, but because Australia's immigration minister thought that Djokovic's continued presence in Australia was a " threat to the public".
  9. It's clear irrefutable evidence, it is rock solid, like all Government information and statistics 😂 UK Government doesn't do manipulation, oh no, it doesn't 😂 Please do elaborate and provide the links to these international standards.
  12. Really? I seem to remember a million cases a day, 10,000 hospital admissions a day, and around 5,000 deaths a day .. all by about now
  13. Unfortunately, opinion is often presented as evidence or fact .. such as Professor Ferguson's CV19 modelling which has always been way way off - and always OTT pessimistic, almost nonsensical. Makes no sense to me why the media keeps reporting his view or why anyone listens to him. IMO, evidence is only valuable if it has been tested vigorously, subject to rigorous analysis or subject to the determination of a jury or judge in a court of law operating independently.
  14. I think I read somewhere that this is an additional payment but not for extra work or time .. as the GP can simply not do his/her usual work to do the jabs
  15. I merely reproduced some quotes from The Telegraph. Folks can make their own minds up. I wasn't suggesting anything nor was I advocating any particular position.
  16. From The Telegraph: A third of patients in hospitals in England with Covid are not being treated primarily for the virus, new figures show. Of the 8,321 patients with coronavirus in NHS acute trusts in England on December 28, 2,743 (33 per cent) of patients with Covid were being primarily treated for something else. Some 5,578 patients (67 per cent) were mainly being treated for Covid, down from 71 per cent a week earlier and 74 per cent at the start of December, according to official NHS data. The number being treated primarily for Covid-19 rose by around a quarter from 4,432 on December 21 to 5,578 on December 28, while those with Covid-19 but who were being treated primarily for something else jumped by more than 51 per cent from 1,813 to 2,743.
  17. No doubt you can be in critical care and not be on a ventilator for non Covid issues. how many CV19 patients are in critical care for CV19 as opposed to being in critical care with CV19? I don't see how you concluded I was denying admissions and case numbers being up when I was referring to numbers on ventilators. the issue is transparency with Government data .. we have no reliable or clear data on the numbers in hospital "because of" and "with" CV19. This is crucial if we are to truly understand the virulence of omnicron. instead, we get headline figures about CV19 that are misleading and no information - at least in the press - on hospital bed usage now when compared to the same period in 2019 .. again, this is important to understand the impact of CV19 on the NHS it is important to understand the virulence and impact of CV19 on NHS because decisions on restrictions, people's livelihoods and life chances, children's education and wellbeing are being made because of CV19 we must have a sober and comprehensive cost and benefit analysis of the measures being taken to deal with CV19 rather than just looking at headline CV19 case numbers and hospitalisations.
  18. Total numbers of CV19 patients on ventilators - I assume this means critical care - has remained around 850 for the past 2 weeks It would be interesting to find out how many spare hospital beds there are currently, as compared to the same period in 2019
  19. From The Telegraph The growing prevalence of omicron in the community also means that there are far more people likely to test positive on entering hospital, compared to during previous waves. Overall, nearly 30 per cent of people currently in hospital with Covid are “incidental” cases - 1,813 out of 6,245 - the highest it has been since the NHS started releasing the figures in the summer. The number of incidental Covid cases has been rising in recent weeks because omicron is far more infectious than delta, meaning that many people will be entering hospital unknowingly infected. In the previous week, December 7 to December 14 - when the vast majority of hospitalisations were still delta - some 59 per cent of the 289 weekly rise was primarily Covid. Experts said it was important to treat the current hospital data with caution, while Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University, said: “This is not the same disease we were seeing a year ago. “The horrific scenes that we saw a year ago – intensive care units being full, lots of people dying prematurely – that is now history in my view and I think…that’s likely to continue." Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents hospitals, said it was important not to over-interpret the recent rises in hospitalisations. “What our guys are saying is that incidental cases are making around 25 to 30 per cent of cases that are arriving, but that will vary from place to place," he said. “In London, you would expect to see higher levels and lower in somewhere like the South West, where community infections are lower. “They are seeing an increase in the number of hospital admissions, but it's not precipitous. It's not going up in an exponential way. As the number of cases in the community rises, there are significant levels of incidental cases. “So what our chief executives are saying is just be careful about over-interpreting the data. But we mustn't forget that having those people in hospital causes complications because of infection control measures. “You can’t judge NHS pressure solely on Covid caseload, as hospital and ambulance services are under significant amounts of pressure and are struggling with high numbers of staff absences.” Latest data released on Tuesday shows the number of people now in hospital in England has risen to 9,546, although the full breakdown of how many of these are incidental cases has not yet been released. More cases of incidental Covid compared to previous waves Doctors also said they were seeing far more cases of incidental Covid compared to previous waves. Dr Raghib Ali, a consultant in acute medicine at Oxford University Hospitals, said: “There is certainly a smaller proportion of people ending up with Covid pneumonia in intensive care. “Probably half the cases I’ve seen are incidentals. You’ve got completely incidental cases, someone coming in with a broken leg, who also tests positive for Covid, then a third category of older people who have comorbidities. Maybe they’ve had a fall or chest pain and also test positive and it's unclear if the virus is having some sort of impact. “We’re also seeing more incidentals than previous waves because people were scared to come in, so there were not so many patients around to also test positive. “And when the prevalence of a virus with relatively mild symptoms is high in the community then you will see higher incidentals.” The figures are similar to those seen in omicron hotspots such as Gauteng in South Africa, where up to 52 per cent of Covid admissions were people who were admitted for other conditions but also tested positive for Covid. Fears of continuing pressure on the NHS However, experts warned that the extra admissions were still putting pressure on the health service, and nurses were struggling to isolate patients in wards.
  20. Exactly, you still have the T cells
  21. But there is some evidence from South Africa .. yes, it may be specific to South Africa's circumstances. but the UK population also has a high baseline level of immunity thanks to vaccines and months of high infections. it is also true that ALL of the modelling by Professor Lockdown from Imperial, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and SAGE have been wildly over pessimistic. It was only in July that the Government's position was that 100,000 cases a day was "acceptable" and now it seems like Armageddon is here at circa 90k cases the problem is to do with folks having to self isolate, not so much actual CV19 sickness
  22. Is this an admission that an independent Scotland couldn't survive without England 😁
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