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  1. I wish U.K. news media would focus less on what EU wants and more on how unacceptable it is for the EU to demand that we, in effect, concede sovereignty on Northern Ireland to the EU.
  2. Ms Edwards, in her new job, is trying to increase her profile .. 20 years after the alleged incident .. why has she waited so long? It isn’t as if Boris has only just recently had a high profile as for Acquiri - scrapping the barrel, pathetic
  3. Apparently Land Rover Mayfair took 10 Defender orders yesterday
  4. they don’t want a no deal Brexit but don’t say what deal they would like or do or what deal the EU would agree to. they forget that May’s deal was rejected 3x! media never follow up no deal supporters with questions on what happens after a further extension .. no one talks about what a deal actually looks like .. just that there must be deal it’s like saying: I am hungry but I won’t eat! I reckon Johnson will win a strong majority to allow him to finally sort out Brexit
  5. Bercow is a disgrace. He needs to be replaced ASAP.
  6. At last, we have a UK Government with balls, rather than the timid, try to be all thing to all men, Government of the May administration.
  7. remainers insist that we can’t have a no deal Brexit, but they don’t say what deal they want for Brexit media never follow up rants from those saying no deal is catastrophe with a question of what kind of Brexit deal would actually be approved by Parliament
  9. Macron is a short arse with a taste for old women
  10. Rest of UK is Scotland’s biggest market. So Scottish independence will cripple Scotland!
  11. did you lose money on it?
  12. how are you getting on with your A110?
  13. just stunning. Love the delete of all the matte black bits and black highlights on the headlights and silver wheels more pics and interior shots please
  14. I voted remain too but would vote leave now. The EU has truly shown its ugly sides since we voted to leave. I don’t want to be stuck in a Club where leaving is such a pain and where we are punished like naughty kids for daring to think for ourselves, where the folks running it are running it for their own self interests and where fundamentally their way of operating and thinking is so different to our own. Best we bite the bullet now and extricate ourselves before it becomes even more impossible later. We have been through lots pain and hassle now, we may as well finish the job.
  15. It’s not all the fault of the politicians; the country is massively divided and there isn’t a unifying vision that any politician has that people can get behind As a result, no politician would have been able to avoid the mess that we are in however, if we had planned seriously for no deal properly - so that we could actually call EU’s bluff and walk away - we would have been able to avoid the panic that is driving much of the events at this late stage; and not be pushed around or scared into submission
  16. I think it’s the disruption caused at Dover due to French/EU checks on UK exports to EU. Apparently car components cross borders many times as they are built. So UK companies can be caused disruption due to UK components which need EU bits before returning to UK being held up by French/EU checks.
  17. The issue is more about disruption to “just in time” supply chains of car makers in particular. It is crazy that the May’s government entire Brexit strategy is based on preserving the “just in time” efficiencies .. the industries will have to learn to cope
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