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  1. Probably died with Covid
  2. It's one in 10 testing positive. Not known how many, if any, of the 61 cases are Omnicrom
  3. That's encouraging media are reporting, and stock markets are reacting, as IF nu is much more transmissible and evades vaccines. All these sorts of words are ignored: "may", "could", "might", "potentially" .. we just love to panic first and look at the evidence later .. pure click bait
  4. SFO


    France is a safe country. There is no good reason for this. Utter nonsense. Tax paid to HMRC by a UK business (but foreign owned) does not go to that foreign country.
  5. SFO


    Honda closing down Swindon had nothing to do with Brexit. It was because of EU/Japan trade deal that removed tariffs on imports of Japanese cars into EU. Honda's Swindon plant would have closed even if Brexit hadn't happened. Honda isn't opening another plant anywhere in the EU.
  6. Aqua .. 0.5% back, max £100 pa
  7. SFO


    Any car over 40 years old exempt under historic cars
  8. Love the wheels 💥😍🔥 Looking forward to seeing them in place on the completed car
  9. Looks fantastic without the black pack 😍
  10. SFO


    I blame the lazy UK press for regurgitating the scare stories put about by biased parties with their own agendas.
  11. Lovely classic colour combination 💥😍🔥☄️
  12. Maybe Scots will at last begin to notice SNP incompetence
  13. SFO


    We need to stop relying on cheap imported labour. If there are not enough truck drivers, leave it to the competitive market. Let rates go up and watch folks take up truck driving.
  14. From Victoria state health web site. Unfortunately no data on ages of those currently in hospital.
  15. How many? Do these kids have other medical conditions?
  16. Agree. Penny for PM.
  17. Definitely no more Exige or Elise production slots. Have asked - a fortnight ago - 2 separate well known dealers.
  18. UK Government is still behaving as if no one has been vaccinated. As Theresa May put it, why are we less free than this time last year when there were no vaccines?
  19. Exige is not threatened by Emira as totally different cars in approach and rawness.
  20. SFO

    Lotus Emira

    £60k starting price is super competitive for a car that looks this good .. it's cohesive, striking without being shouty, stylish and contemporary, and is perfectly proportioned it will sell well to those who want supercar looks at Cayman prices I love it
  21. SFO


    I don't condone violence but I did very much enjoy this ...
  22. This is what happens when you have a zero CV19 "strategy"
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