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  1. folks are demonstrating because there is nothing else to do 😁
  2. Risk of transmission is much lower outdoors .. beach is crowded but there is space between the groups
  3. It’s time NHS start treating other illnesses .. those have been stopped for too long 90% of ventilated ICU beds now unused!
  4. Junior Minister of State for Scotland
  5. except that the whole circus is accompanied by hyper inflation and free stuff eventually dries up
  6. The relentless ad nauseam saturation coverage on Cummings is another press witch hunt. Plenty of other people have done the same, they are just not as famous or as apparently disliked. Perhaps the press can’t find other more newsworthy items ...
  7. I reckon the furlough scheme has made the British public much more accepting of social distancing and the whole safety at all costs position we are in. Without the furlough scheme and the pressure of needing to find work to pay bills, I suspect social distancing will take a back seat and people will realise that life is a risk, and that CV-19 is for the vast majority of the population, not a huge deal.
  8. agree. The toilets on the legal and compliance floor of a major American bank I worked at were totally disgusting sometimes.
  9. ULEZ zone is currently the same as congestion charge zone. ULEZ expands to NCR and SCR in October 2021
  10. The first ministers of Scotland and Wales are taking maximum advantage of their time in the limelight .. arguing about slogans. Are their populations so easily confused and/or so stupid that they cannot process a new slogan after listening to a slogan for a few weeks??
  11. as usual, press are are only reporting criticisms of Boris’s plan, not those who understand it, and certainly not those who can talk about risk management instead of risk elimination the only way to be completely safe - as demanded by unions without any regard to economic and other costs - is to have indefinite lockdown
  12. finally, some sense in allowing sunbathing in parks if 2m away from others!
  13. very slick film ... not made by capitalists 😁
  14. Starmer and others can only bleat about what went wrong or didn’t go well. They don’t offer any solutions. Very easy to point out mistakes, much harder to be making decisions with limited information.
  15. I am struggling to see how extra specification is worth £11,735 for a price increase of £6,350
  16. Nothing surprising that BA is protecting its commercial interests, it’s not a charity. my flight was cancelled by BA. You had to call them for a refund. I called about 10 times before I finally got through. They agreed a refund, and amazingly, the cash was in my credit card account in three working days.
  17. Greece fiddled its books to get into the Euro, and also cooked its books to hide the true scale of borrowing .. leading to the mess they are in now I would not trust Greek statistics
  18. Most annoying man on TV. how he is ITV’s front man makes no sense to me
  19. Waitrose where I live has a limit on the total number of people in the supermarket at any one time. As a result, if two people go in from the same household it takes up one additional space in terms of numbers of people. It is therefore causing a delay for the long queues around the block!
  20. Italy wants Germany to pay for Italy’s profligacy .. like Greece did very easy to spend other people’s money
  21. because they cut down no of trains at peak hours!
  22. makes an excellent point that there isn’t data on whether CV19 is the main or minor cause of deaths being attributed to CV19 I wonder whether the Italian deaths recorded as CV19 deaths are purely on the basis that patient had CV19, or that CV19 was the actual cause of death
  23. those who are so keen on lockdowns .. just don’t go out and don’t do anything, no one stopping you going on your own lockdown.
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