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  1. How did you get to 80k from 68k?
  2. I wonder whether the 380 coupe option is a chargeable option and if so, how much? I read today that the 380 Track is £3200 .. seems reasonable
  3. looks like a Honda NSX gone wrong
  5. 70 secs of effectively a still shot of the car .. followed by a video take by an inexperienced joyrider. Terrible
  6. from factory, all matt black parts can be body coloured NCO
  7. at last, the lightweight forged wheels can be had in silver the 380 can be a hard core "Cup" style car, can't it? Just don't spec the A/C, the radio, carpets and spec the Track Pack?
  8. Standard as a Roadster .. I thought the roadster was not supposed to have the front lip or the rear spoiler?
  9. Which parts of the body needed repainting?
  10. Have you picked up the car?
  11. Bell & Colville have a 360 Cup in stock. Have you considered the 350 sport special edition announced recently?
  12. standard: carbon seats LiOn battery Lightweight wheels and brakes new front access panel from 360 Cup cruise control and floor mats 50 only to be made 4 colours: essex blue, old english white, dark metallic grey and motosport black no price announced at apparently Elise 250 50th already sold out
  13. I wonder how easy it would be to just change the tips to the twin pipes
  14. loving the twin exhaust pipes. where did you get them?
  15. how much is cruise? I don't see it in the price list. Love that Renault red .. how much was that?
  16. any update? what is your spec?
  17. SFO

    Alps Tour

    I was on this tour .. this V6 Cup sounded absolutely glorious. and the colour is stunning too, changing in different light conditions.
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