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    Many small investors will have got or will get seriously burnt on GS. Like a balloon, it cannot stay afloat forever
  2. Andrew Neil summarises UVDL .. watch from 6mins 30 secs
  3. As thanks for causing chaos in Dover during Christmas, for confiscating ham sandwiches from UK truck driver in Holland and of course for being so helpful (for example, refusing to allow Scottish fish to land and forcing pigs to be stuck in lorries) during January 2021 .. The Europrats involved (Van der Leyen, failed and discredited German defence minister) and Kyriakides (Health Commissioner) weren't tested by having to be elected, don't need to worry about re-election, and are a shining example of failed national politicians being sent to EU. Juncker was another excellent example of these circumstances.
  4. apologies, I thought you meant "reasonable best efforts". I meant that there is no material difference between "best efforts" and "reasonable best efforts" the above is still current excellent reporting by the Guardian. extracts: "AstraZeneca was signed as Oxford’s partner on 30 April and signed a deal to supply 100m doses to the UK a fortnight later. Ministers were prepared to pay a few hundred million upfront, allowing the company to build its first virus manufacturing process, and the UK government to demand its citizens be vaccinated first." "With Brexit looming, the UK drew huge criticism for declining to join EU schemes to purchase PPE and ventilators. There was also growing pressure to join a joint EU procurement plan for vaccines, and to put aside the Brexit rhetoric. But Brussels’ demands were eye-watering: the UK, unlike EU member states, would not be able to take part in the governance of the scheme, including the steering group or the negotiating team. Britain would have no say in what vaccines to procure, at what price or in what quantity, and for what delivery schedule. There would be no side-deals possible. "The EU had spent just €1.78bn in “risk money”, cash handed to pharmaceutical companies without any guarantee of a return, compared to €1.9bn by the UK and €9bn by the US, he said." British officials were not convinced. “We had to go it alone,” said a UK source. “There was nothing there for us.”
  5. Old law, they need to get an update The story from the Guardian.
  6. SFO


    The Vaccine Task Force is something we can be very proud of. Even if we were still in the EU, we could have done what we have done on vaccines. I voted remain, but now, more than ever, I am certain that the great British public made the right choice in June 2016.
  7. Neither term amounts to a "will" or "shall". Under English law - EU's contract is governed by Belgian law - the 2 terms do not have much, if any, material difference in the level of effort required to do something
  8. Upset because Boris's vaccine plans are working out well I don't think she has done well on this nonsensical objection - she has come across as small minded, self righteous, shrill and petty Ress Mogg called her "moanalot" 😂
  9. What an excellent penetrating and pithy summary of wee kranky that's their democratic right .. but fortunately they don't have the numbers to do anything meaningful in Westminster
  10. We don't have enough Police to enforce all breaches of the law, only the serious and flagrant ones
  11. Laws are made to be broken. No one complies with all laws all the time. What you deem unnecessary may well be essential for others. What you deem unacceptable risk can be perfectly fine for others.
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    Good to hear real life experience rather than the nonsense from the press 👏
  13. Trouble is, you expect other folks to live by your principles
  14. completely different process .. one is splitting up a country, the other is leaving a club
  15. SFO


    EU Health Commissioner now demanding AZ divert supplies produced in and for UK, to EU. EU Health Commissioner insists that AZ honours its contracts, except AZ's contract with the UK! Simultaneously, she says AZ is wrong when AZ says that their contract is "non binding". A complete mischaracterisation worthy of Trump, because AZ never said that their contract was not binding. AZ clarified that it promised to use "best efforts" to deliver, instead of "will" deliver. Both are equally binding; the latter, no ifs and no buts; the former, ifs and buts possible. UK's AZ contract is also "best efforts" but we have had more time to ramp up production because we started 3 months earlier. EU Health Commissioner is really not covering herself in glory. This exposes very clearly for me, that EU Commissioners are not always appointed on merit; but on political horse trading. Fortunately, we are longer bound to listen to these unelected Eurocrats.
  17. very mild hybrid .. no electric only drive
  18. not true. The statistic (13 in a 1000, instead of 10 in a 1000) spouted (and heavily caveated, so as to make it basically worthless) by Vallance last Friday has been comprehensively shot down by Scientists, including deputy CMO.
  19. Mercedes has an in line 6 cylinder AMG lite engine which is pretty damn good too .. used in the 53 series
  20. SFO


    Shorting is illegal IF you don't have shares (usually borrowed) behind your sale. This avoids the no of shares available being artificially inflated by the selling of shares that don't exist. shorting is just another pricing mechanism, and is as old as trade itself. Shorting was never a cause of the 2008 banking crisis .. it was sub prime loans in the USA. Loans against houses that were rubbish (and mostly worthless) collateral
  21. The media has only focused on the bad news, nothing else. As that generates most revenue. Unsurprising, since no one buys newspapers anymore. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Not so far .. more transmissible apparently, but not more deadly
  22. fixed that for you .. Government has gone very quiet about this, hasn't it?
  23. Police not saying that the spit caused the CV19 infection. Just that there is increased risk for frontline Police. 2 different things.
  24. Is there evidence that the spit caused COVID-19?
  25. it's so small as to be nearly statistically irrelevant .. though Vallance did say the data wasn't clear. So, why bring it up now if not to frighten folks?
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