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    The blanket bans by our European neighbours - especially France - really shows who our friends are.
  2. excess deaths are nowhere near 146,000
  3. SFO


    just remember that the French surrendered to Hitler with barely a whimper .. tells you all you need to know about the resilience of their backbone let them close Calais as long as they want - we will just have to eat British!
  4. Captain Hindsight General Indecision
  5. This is what I was saying - you have to have been tested positive for CV19 - and thus if you die in hospital without a positive CV19 test, it isn't a CV19 death. So not ALL hospital deaths are counted as CV19 deaths. it is not BBC data, but HM Government data - BBC merely reports the data
  7. Agree total numbers in hospital for CV19 is the best metric 1 Nov: 12,200 15 Nov: 16,829 1 Dec: 16,230 16 Dec: 18,469
  8. not quite. Every single death with a positive CV19 result is a covid death irrespective of actual cause of death so if you are admitted as a result of a serious car crash, test positive and then die due to the injuries sustained, it is recorded as a covid death
  9. This is the terrible consequence of the first lockdown when almost the entire capacity of the NHS was dedicated to CV19 ... as it turns out mostly unnecessarily. no one wants to talk about these inconvenient truths as CV19 is apparently so 'lethal"
  10. completely agree. Number of CV19 patients in UK hospitals has broadly been stable for a week at circa 16k so nowhere near calamitous
  11. SFO


    definitely a serious and continuing breach of the Trade Descriptions Act
  12. folks are breaking rules because of: lockdown fatigue social distancing fatigue irrational rules reducing fear of death or serious illness as the effectiveness of propaganda wanes idea is to keep pressure off NHS by reducing risk of illness of most vulnerable
  13. SFO


    We need certainty, once and for all. We have had over 3 years of uncertainty and mucking about. We need to move on, and to know what the basis for that is.
  14. SFO


    UK press is almost completely anti Brexit
  15. Is this Essex Police? They are very efficient and persistent.
  16. like Zimbabwe using US$ 😂😂
  17. I think the desire for independence is due to the believe that Westminster is the reason for Scotland’s ills; all as incessantly espoused by Sturgeon. On top of that, once freed the shackles of the UK, Scotland will be able to achieve its true potential. Damned if I know what those shackles actually are.
  18. This is the hidden treasure for public sector workers as yields have plummeted in recent years due to super low interest rates and lots of helicopter money
  19. I think everyone who is admitted to hospital is tested for CV19. So, unless the death is outside hospital, the patient is tested
  20. SFO

    BBC - Again!

    Political correctness gone mad
  21. SFO

    The Donald.

    Agree. Why should you vote when you are not affected by the outcome of your vote, and when you are not contributing to the country?
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