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  1. Hello.... will be difficult to find a correct answer... last year changed to SE wheels/tires and then asked for correct tire pressure..But even dealers did/could not answer this q...So i stick with the original indicated tire pressure as for a normal S.... Maybe have a look at Opel speedster or VX info ? rgds.
  2. copy txt:( Welcome to the form, Hermann. Good choice of car. I think the Europa had a bad press and will be more highly regarded in the future classic car mags). Exactly.... now only very few for sale...and prices are rising... only 465 made...
  3. Mine (S type) was originally rear 225/45-17 front 175/55 17 and is now equipped with the very nice SE type wheels and having rear now 235/40-18 and front 195/45-17 ..Good Year Eagles.. Changing to SE wheels..can be pricy... but i managed to sell old wheels and tires to a Speedster owner (same wheels) this type of wheels are much apriciated and looked for by this (opel/vauxhall vx) Speedster owners
  4. @ Petrol feet driven... copy: Welcome Herman, so is there a lot of ladys driving Lotus in Belgium? No, no not that much... But there is a strong cameraderie amongst the lady's from lotus owners... There are only a few full-time ladys drivers.... ..Some of them just drive occasionally with their husbands or friends Lotus... For the LOLA Lotus Ladys run as mentioned in the "Events Belgium section" there is NO requirement for ladys to drive the whole run...navigating will do also ...or just arriving and parking with it at the starting/arrival place...We as organisers have not provided for extra insurance or tow trucks.. .. But all by all... Its a first time Lotus Ladys event in Belgium...And there will be lots of fun i think... at this moment i have already 25 cars on the participation list...And its still more then 7 months to go.....And by participating on this event the Lotus mens drivers are gaining/scoring some extra points...
  5. [url=""][/url]
  6. @ Bibs... thkns.. re:History.. Our first Lotus was a 2002 Elise s2 111s with a gull wing rooftop... we sold the car, because we, my wife Catherine and me, felt that we at our age could use somewhat more comfort in travelling, we use our Europa also for long distance travelling ,and went even on a wintertrip to the south of Spain with it...just a fantastic car. And.If we really are in the mood for a relax short drive with open top we have for this reason an 32 year old Morgan 4/4 2 seater... My hobby is also creating meetings/and tourruns for Lotus drivers and others... see in events Belgium: the LOLA. Lotus Ladies tour run in Belgium... -- enclosed is a picture of our first Elise s2 111s.-- grts ...
  7. LOLA lOtus LAdies Run. Sunday july 3 2011 Flanders Belgium - 3rd.Jul.11 (Sun) 3rd.Jul.11 (Sun) LOLA LOtus LAdies Run. Sunday july 3 2011 East Flanders Belgium- A true premiere for Belgium... A beautifull Lotus afternoon run in wich the ladies will be full in the picture.. either as driver or navigator-- Program shedule: Start sunday 3th July. around. 14.00 hr- for a beautifull aprox 120 km drive..circling Antwerp... around 16.00 hr apero/coffee/tea break. Arrival : 18.30 hr at a cosy restaurant for a delicious 3-4 course dinner... Dont mis this one!!!! All information and participation form @ Herman Tavernier.... 0032 (0)475-461017 or pm "Grumman"
  8. Hello, new to this forum... was intoduced to this Lotus Forum by means of e-mails received from good Belgium friends... -LIving in Flanders Belgium.. 60 years Young --Owner of a Lotus Europa S 225 hp. Titanium. ... and a Moggie 4/4
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