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  1. Une voiture pour choper de la morue
  2. Original beige leather as well ! 🙃 this picture make you want jump into
  3. Haaaaa, Turtle Wax, the friend of old paints
  4. Red Yellow Red Yellow Red Yellow A f*cking weekend under storm and sun
  5. before/after Yellow/grey paint with Khumo 225/60r15 VS gold/polished with Vitour 235/60r15 (and missing center caps)
  6. Maybe ? Have a look to page 9 of this topic
  7. Quite impossible to spray homogeneously inside the center wheel holes and sticks... I gave the wheels to a specialised compagny for wheel restoration (acid, sandblasting, unveiling, epoxy powder electrostatic paint, oven hardening...) Finaly they said BBS gave them the color (they said bbs doesn't give the color to individual person, but they give it to compagnies) So let see saturday...
  8. Subaru or clio williams gold, yes, but it is quite different from the classic gold bbs. Gold bbs is more white cream and shiny. BBS give me this answer : "Sorry, BBS Gold colour is no RAL-coded colour as it is a special effect colour using special pigments. BBS never published a code for it. It is not available as single product. BBS Gold colour only is used in the factory wth newly built and revised used racing wheel centres." Then, they don't want to communicate a RAL-like bbs gold. Do you have the real original color three-parts wheel bbs ? Ca
  9. Hello guys, Does anyone knows the color chart for this gold ? gonna to restore my BBS wheel and don't find any info.. Luc
  10. Luc


  11. Thanks. just need to clean up the windscreen Not my house (not a house in fact)
  12. This past weekend in french Ardennes (better to watch it in HD on vimeo)
  13. Does Beyonce is also a member of The Lotus Forum ?
  14. To have something to do during my free time on weekends It's because lotus esprit turbo RHD in good conditions for sale are very rare in France (and in Europe, even in UK). So LHD are even rarer. And because RHD in France are less expensive (and i don't have lot of money). Thank for your comms
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