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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. How long can I put this off...!
  2. I find that when driving around the voltmeter on the dash reads about 13v. When the engine is idling it drops to about 11v. If I use the headlamps while driving the gauge drops from 13v to about 12 - 12.5v. As my S3 is only used every couple of weeks (or less in the winter) I have invested in a trickle charger to keep the battery topped up (the imobiliser was draining it). Prior to the trickle charger, even quite a decent journey (30 mins) was not really charging the battery (post a jump start). I thought that would be enough to completely replenish it. The battery is less than 6 months old so I don't think that is the problem, although it has been drained almost flat by the imobiliser several times. Are these symptoms indicative of an alternator reaching the end of it's useful life? I'm guessing that is the problem and if so is there a reccomended replacement (more modern/efficient?) Also - how hard is that to do? Bloody tricky I'm guessing! Any advice appreciated, Scotty
  3. I'm not too worried about getting my car looking the same as when it left the factory. Like you say they're such nice looking cars I don't think a little bit of fiddling here and there matters too much. Having said that I'd like to return mine to black bumpers just because I think they look cooler! To complete the look I'd like to get new tyres with white writing on them (very 80s) and perhaps even a turbo boot lid with louvres. If anyone has a spare one hanging about?...
  4. My Y reg S3 seems to have a number of unoriginal bits then. I know it was a right off once and started life red. It is blue now and has body coloured bumpers and a sunroof. I think the sunroof must be aftermarket - I quite like it - except it leaks when it rains hard! Thanks for all the info guys - think I might look out for some black bumpers - love that reto look! Scotty
  5. Interesting. Any idea what they might charge for a C service? Esprit Engineering, also in Salisbury reckon they can do it for
  6. thanks goose, will continue to investigate.
  7. I assume you removed them - how fiddly is that?
  8. My third post tonight! Son is now 6 months and sleeping - finally had a chance to look at my poor neglected esprit! I quite fancy having a bit of a tune up and hear that rolling roads might be the way to go. I'm not after doing anything too clever - just to check that the ignition and carbs are delivering what they should be. The car is running fine but is just a bit spluttery at low revs. However - I can't help but think that if I turn up at a tuning place in the centre of town in an early 80s esprit - the people running the place are going to be more geared up for an Impreza or Citreon Saxo. Does anyone know if that is the case - and if so are there any (old) lotus friendly places in the south. (Based in Southampton) Cheers, Scotty
  9. Hey Goose, Very impressed with your spraying guide. Still not sure I dare do mine. Were your black bumpers fibreglass then and not rubber?
  10. The sump of my 83 S3 has a tiny half inch crack in the bottom. The car runs fine but is steadily leaking onto the garage floor. I continue to use it but have to top up with oil every few weeks. I am contemplating getting a secondhand sump from Lotusbits - I am praying there are not dozens of minutely different versions of the sump. If and when I get one is it pretty straightforward to drop the old one off and wack on a replacement? Is it the kind of thing to tackle on axle stands or leave to Geoff at Esprit Engineering when I get C service in a month or two?
  11. I've tried and failed to find answer for this elsewhere on the site. Did all S3s have body coloured bumpers (with plywood) and turbos have black ones or is it a mix? My 83 S3 has body coloured bumpers and I wasn't sure if they were original. I quite like the look of the black bumpers... I know that's not a very technical question but I'm sure someone must know the answer. Cheers, Scotty.
  12. On my S3 the pressure stays very high for the first 5-10 mins, up at about 75-80psi. As the engine gets fully warm (about 80c) then the pressure drops to about 30-35psi for normal driving and down to about 5psi at idle. I always get a bit worried at the start that I might blow a gasket when the engine's cold. The warm figures seem fairly textbook so I've never worried. Is the high pressure initially normal? and if so why is that? what is the mechanical explanation - my small brain hasn't worked it out.
  13. I'm with Goose on this one. I love the look of the turbo too. Unlike your car Goose mine has no rubber bumpers - they are all body colour. Not sure if that is standard or a previous mod. Would the slatted rear boot lid be a straight swap for a standard glass bootlid my 83 S3? That was the only mod I was thinking of trying - what does anybody think?
  14. I have recently had pointed out to me that my 1983 S3 has a slight sag to the right. Like a proud new parent (had it since january) I had managed not to notice this imperfection (along with numerous others). Now it has been pointed out, I notice it all the time and it's bothering me! At the back the rhd side is definitely about an inch lower than the lhd. I'm pretty sure all the suspension is original so I'm not surprised it's a bit tired. These questions might sound a bit daft, but what the heck: Which component(s) are tired? Is it the springs, shocks or both? Do springs wear out? (i assume they must do eventually). Are adjustable shocks worth it? - ie mine is a road car and not really for the track. Can anyone recomend a good road set up? (not too expensive) ps good luck with the lowering. I can't lower mine any more as the only ramps I can get access to for free are for lifting Tanks and they are a bit steep.
  15. Guys, thanks for the advice. I changed the thermostat at the same time as fixing the fans and am pretty sure it works. I tested it by having someone keep a hand on the radiator when starting the car from cold with the new thermostat. As expected it stayed cold until the temp gauge reached 80ish then it warmed up as the thermostat opened at 82. My reasoning was that this proved the thermostat was working. Either the voltage regulator is knackered or my car just runs cold?! Better than hot I suppose. Cheers again, Scotty
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