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  1. I have two green classic sportcoupé 's. Somehow , I just like green on a sportscar. First is the esprit S2.2 in the carlton's very dark empire green. I bought it this way....and kinda like it a lot. The other one is my 1970 Opel GT in some nice VW corrado pearl green with BMW white stripes. This one I did spray in a self made paintboot in my garage. People thought I was nuts, but in the end it became beautiful. I did however use professional PPG automotive paints and with a lot of elbow grease, it was coloursanded and with a rotary polished in multiple stages to highgloss. Look also at the "OPEL GT" logo, airbrushed in the bottom of the doors and I let it sink deep in the green colour, by spraying a last thin coat of green over it, before finishing the doorpanels with 3 layers of clearcoat. No wrapping or stickers on this one. All details are painted
  2. Crazy Idea. You have 7V at the fuelpump? Are you sure that the positive wire to the inertia switch , or to the fuelpump isn't coming from the + of the ignition coil AFTER the resistance wire? Because in that case you will get about 7V instead of 12V. The resistance wire is there to provide the ignition coil with a lower voltage (7V) with engine running . On starting, that wire is overided by a normal wire coming from the startermotor, to have a bigger spark (12V feed), but once the startermotor stops working, voltage on the coil falls back to 7V (over the resistance wire). If your + feed to the pump was taken by mistake on the coil after the resistance wire, you get the same voltages to your fuelpump. That is 12V on startup and about 7V while running. Anyway. You already tried adding a jumpcable to negative. Just try if the pump works normal having a jump cable to the positive .
  3. You can not put all poly bushes on one heap. Simply because poly bushes can be made in any grade hardness. That makes it difficult to choose or to compare. and I quote from a website: All polyurethane is not created equal. The material itself can be as soft as fat suit flubber rubber, to hard as an Ikea desk chair. The beauty of modern man-made chemical polymers is that the manufacturer can control the hardness and color by the mixture (the color of the bushing is denoted by pigment added, not hardness). The downside is that unless it’s published up front, you never really know what you are getting, and performance varies greatly based on hardness. the rest is here:
  4. OK, Endurance test for both the bearings and non greasable DANA SPICER 5-1310X U-joints ( so maintenance free) goes on..... I just don't drive the esprit around a lot any more. The past years, attention went to the opel GT and the past half year , I started driving a motorcycle. Anyway : 1350 miles after installation (2200km), all is still fine. So , others don't have to worry to clean,repack and rejoin a rear bearing, that was separated during removal of the axe out of the alu hub. Just check it good . Do not reuse a worn bearing. But you can reuse a good one one that came apart during dissassembly and use the opportunity to clean and regrease it. These bearings have now become difficult to find and are expensive.
  5. If I was in his position, I would not consider webers. choise 1 : the search for a dellorto . Should be possible choise 2 : convert it to trottle bodies and a modern progra:mmable ecu with lambda. That should convert the 912 in an even, more refined engine, with good starting and running in all condition.
  6. I have met the owner several times in the past, but it has been a while ago. I am not sure if he still owns the car. I can search for his mailadress and send him a mail, asking to check out this topic.
  7. Since this is about decal vector files. I recently made myself new decals for my esprit S2.2. Nose decal and 2 side decals are the same : esprit22 The fcm file is a format that is used with all brother scan n cut plotters ( I made them with a brother) The svg files are also included.(scalable vector graphics)esprit22_1x.fcm Endresult looks like this : SAM_8030 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr espritlogo2VV-01.svg esprit22_1x.svg
  8. Well, I installed this and only weeks later, I needed it. I was really happy I did.You can try if it is hooked up. Simply pull it and the hatchlock should unlock.
  9. gvy

    Compression test

    EDIT : I didn't mention that I find the measured values low. I have no information on the Turbo Engine and it is logic that turbo engines have a lower compression ratio than the NA, but still... You are sure that you had the trottle WIDE OPEN, while doing the test,because if not, that would explain low and wrong readings.
  10. gvy

    Compression test

    When you performed the compression test, did you stuck the trottle open to allow for good airflow while cranking? This is often forgotten. I prefer to do a cylinder leakdown test. You need a compressor for that. It gives a better evaluation of your engine and it allows for good detection of where a problem occurs. Is it inlet valves/outletvalves/cylinder rings/headgasketproblem ... You can evaluate the loss in % and by listenng to the hissing, you can detect where the loss happens. If you never did one , google cylinder leakdown test, and you will find some good youtube videos. furthermore : 3 down , 1 high seems odd ??? Not sure if the measuring is accurate here. 1 cilinder down ( can be valve seating or piston rings or bores 2 ajacent cylinders down, can be head gasket problem or tear in the head between the two cylinders all cylinders down is a worn out engine., or stuck pistonrings But 3 cylinders down or one cylinder high ????? no clue and not logic EDIT: There is one theory that could explain one cylinder high. : If that cylinder has excessive carbon build up on the top, compression will be higher. The reason for carbon build up in one cylinder can be to much oil in that cylinder due to f.e. leaking valve seals or other? There is a way of cleaning carbon build up in your cylinders. I have used it on all of my cars in the past, but I will not recommend it, it's at your own risk . For me it works fantastic. Take a bottle of tapwater in a spraycan. Let the engine run at about 1500rpm. Open the filterbox and spray a continued mist of water in the inlet trumpets. The water gets soaked in and on a warm engine , it will form steam in the cylinders. Steam does an excellent job in decarbonizing the inside of your engine ( valves, cylinder top....) . Be carefull , It also highers your compression, so empty the bottle , but do it with care, dont just pull the water in and let the engine stall. You will see white smoke at the back, that is normal. If you look at an open engine that had a leaking headgasket, where cooling water has been sucked in, you will almost always see that the cylinder that got the coolant is brand clean without carbon, while the other cylinders are dirty and black. Also, engines with waterinjection stay clean inside, because of the same principle. Geert
  11. Jean, Please don't.... I have seen it and I just don't have the space left to park it and to work on it. I have pressed in a motorcycle between my two oldtimers in the garage and that is more....
  12. Nice, To be honnest, Although my esprit is running great and I have reconditioned my two dellorto's when I got the car years ago, I have always been curious about an EFI conversion. I have my opel GT 2.2 running on a vintage Bosch L-jetronic EFI system and winter,summer, cold ,hot, weeks of no use..... don't matter. It just starts almost first turn. I admit, that old L-jetronic is not as accurate as a modern EFI with lambda. So I sometimes imagine my esprit with throttle bodies and 4 injectors, LSU4.2 lambdasonde, TPS sensor, VR sensor, airinlet temp sensor , wasted spark ignition with DIS bobin ..... In the past I had a look at KDFI V1.4 system ( This is based on megasquirt) and I looked at about 900€ on materials and a lot of fun in the conversion. BUT: It would almost certain reduce the value of an S2.2 That S2.2 is running as good as an engine with 2 double carburators can run when new. It Idles stable, pulls without any hesitation with a lot of grunt and quick, redlines in high revs if asked and sounds like only a double carbed 4cyl can. I have those dellortos syncronised all the time. With KDFI and wide band lambda and DIS : It can be finetuned for almost spot on fueling , lower emission and higher gasmileage., with a self adjusting loop . More accurate then playing with jets ... It will start better in all conditions and can be made running the same in all conditions. ( carbs never do , because they don't take outside conditions into account) I can get that high tension from below the carbs (fuel fire risk reduced) If tuned good, it is also healthier on the engine mechanics. ( I know if can destroy the engine quick f.e. lean conditions....)
  13. What year is that black Turbo Esprit en what is her condition? I just love black turbo esprits with gold decals and cream interior.
  14. Hi George, In 2017 I had a broken radius arm bolt, while driving the car. Trust me You don't want that.... topic: So after I repaired it I decided to measure and set Toe in/out in the rear and in the front .....this topic After setting Toe in the rear, I can confirm that on my car the number of washers is not the same right and left. I really had to measure and adjust both sides to get the settings right. so I don't think you have to expect that the esprit is perfectly symmetrical. Just use the washers , do a good measurement, take some time and it will be fine. Geert
  15. I recently became a biker @ the age of 52. At that age you would imagine I choose a cruiser or an adventure but nono. A first class street fighter rebel bike it became. A triumph street triple and it is just fun to ride. Small, agile, light,nimble,quick, ( Hey didn't I just describe a lotus ) SAM_8074 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr SAM_1174 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr Geert
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