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  1. Apart from the headgasket, you can also have a leak at the bottom of the liners
  2. You are so right, That is why I spoke out in the "I" modus. So please carry on
  3. Hi, To be honnest. There is only one thing on that car that should not have been on there and that is the V8 logo. I don't have a problem with the rest of the modifications. I would not have done them, but that is another thing. The Julian Thomson bodymod is done on other Esprits such as S4's or SE , so why shouldn't an NA car get it . Wheels are somewhat of a personal choice. Lots of cars get aftermarket ones. OK, The exhaust and intakes are a bit over the hill. The colours, well it is referring to the lotus colours, isn't it? Anyway, many of us , me included , can get enthousiast of an esprit turned into a race replica like a GT1 with bodykit and all. and here we are complaining about an NA esprit, that is changed to look like a later V8. At least it is proud of its origins LOTUS and they didn't want to turn it in a fake Lambo or Ferrari. So, I do not have a problem with this car and I want to keep the owner or buyer or car in its dignity.
  4. Is this for real????? So what about all those beautiful lancia's,ferrari's,alfa romeo's....the complete Italian motor heritage....they can not be driven anymore in Italy?
  5. fantastic job so far Giorgio, Are you sure about sandblasting the speedlines. Those are, may I say,delicate aluminum rims and you should be carefull with sandblasting. If you do not want to use chemicals and sandpaper ( this is a lot of work) then at least consider some other type of mediablasting ( not sand) Inform very well with your specialist about this. I did restore and spraypaint mine myself and I even did polish the outerparts to aluminum highgloss (without paint or lacquer on it) and only painted the centerpart in aluminium spraypaint with a final coat of automotive 2 stage lacquer. they came out very nice. It did took me a lot of scuffing with different stages and grits of sandpaper. IMG_20151013_214633 by gvygvy, on Flickr
  6. I know, ive seen it. Same goes for pirelli P600 BUT tbh. I was trying to list all options of matching front and rear tires available. And for the turbo esprit there still are options if you count in the 225/60R15 instead of the 235/60R15 Less so for my 14" s2.2. The continentals, the uniroyals, the falkens , two types of federals all come in available matching pairs, so not to bad. There is still choice. And then there are also the Barum Bravuris 2 For the rear you have Barum Bravuris 2 225/60R15 96V There are no 195/60R15 available for the front but there are: Barum Bravuris 2 205/55R15 88V or 205/60R15 91V : both of them are less then 2% different so usable and within acceptable tollerance So here you go : I detected a choise of 6 available tires with matching pairs
  7. Yes they do: Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun 195/60R15 88V Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun 225/60R15 96W
  8. other possibilities : Federal formoza GIO 195 60 R15 88H Federal formoza GIO 225 60 R15 96V or Federal SS657 195 60 R15 88H Federal SS657 225 60 R15 96H and for those that fancy raised white letter tires Vitour Galaxy R1 G/T 215 60 R15 94V ( sadly this one is 639mm, so 3,76% or 24mm bigger in diameter then the oem 195 60 R15 (615mm) I would recommend to stay within 2%) Vitour Galaxy R1 G/T 235 60 R15 98V (This one is spot on) picture of these :
  9. Hi Buddsy, Mine are turning brown also and I see that on my Opel GT this is less the case then on my Esprit, so I think this has to do with the tire brand that is used , I guess. In the old days I had original white letter tires from cooper cobra and from General and these were easy to keep clean. From time to time a fast scrub with a sponge and some handsoap or greensoap did the job. Now I found this is not the case with these white rubber letters we glue on. Mine turn brown not evenly but more in spots. I think that the oil that is pushed out of a tire ( always has a brown colour but is less noticable on a black tire) pushes through the white rubber and make those stains. Possibly, the CA glue in between may help to not let this oil get to the surface and that may be the reason it is in spots??? Anyway this is not filth from outside but from within the tire and it is harder to remove, I am afraid. I had succes with acetone ( this is also mentioned somewhere on the tredwear website , but I can't find it ) : Just be aware that acetone is also used to desolve CA glue . I also had succes with dasty degreaser ,wich is a very strong and effective detergent, that is used in household but also in garage. I spray it on , scrub , let it work in for some minutes and use a lot of water to rince off, because The dasty is so strong in degreasing that it would not be good for the rubber tire to leave it on. The letters clean up well although not completely perfect. Unlike other detergents, Dasty is reallllly strong, but as with all miracle cleaners , be carefull and always rince off thoroughly. For me this works miracles on engines and on all stuff that is really dirty . Online it has become a myth for about every cleaning job, and it just does the job costing no more then 2,5 €/1l bottle in the wibra here in Belgium. I always have multiple bottles around ( floor, engines,cloathing.....) Finally, Yours are tredwear letters? , mine are cheaper ones from classicspeedshopusa and if I understand the tredwears have the same problem of turning brown ?
  10. Toyo have good grip, but I wouldn't change measures that big: A 235/60R15 versus a 235/50r15 is 7.63% difference so 100km/u is 92km/u and so on. For me this is a nono The engine has to turn higher revs , the speedo will be way off and it may look odd because the tires will not fill the arches
  11. Hi , In 2018 I bought a set for my Opel GT (FEDERAL) and a set for my LOTUS ESPRIT ( Goodyear ) You can see the pictures in this topic. I got them from a shop that advertised on ETSY, but they are not there anymore. Since I had their Emailadress I asked and they explained the following: hi,Geert yes we do not have etsy store because; (owner keith) he constantly reported us over etsy complained and shut down our store all brands and models,size available if you wish to buy you can pay us directly with PayPal,and we send you the tire letter you want In 2018 I got 8 sets GOOD YEAR ( see pictures in this topic) + a gluebottle : I payed 65 dollar incl shipping via paypall and they arrived quick . I used 4 sets on my current tires and have 4 sets spare for my next tires. On my request he made them 1" high and with the classic 70ties layout instead of the current italic letters, but you can see them on my pictures in this topic If someone is interested : [email protected] and the guy is Ozer Karaman. You can mail him and ask if he is still in business. Quality wise I cannot compare with tredwear, because I only had these. For those that used tredwear are the letters black in the back or also plain white rubber? They are cut out of 1mm thick white (neoprene?)rubber. The cutout is very good. They are delivered with a backing and front plastic protection, but I prefer to glue each letter individual. I have to say, On my esprit they become brownish in spots and this can be cleaned with dasty, It must be oil that bleeds from inside the tire. It is in spots, so I think the glue may make a buffer. Next time I would use CA glue more in gelform that is easier to spread over the entire letter. The glue itself holds very well. No problem with coming loose
  12. A pontia fiero is indeed a car that has been transformed by a lot of kitcar builders. Pitty, because in almost all the cases it is so visible and cheap, and to be honnest, an original fiero is by itself a nice good looking little 2 seater sports coupé.
  13. I think those continental are worth checking. It is a German premium tire brand with the right measures front and back available in a recent model tire. They are known to be good in the rain and they are not that expensive. The reartires ( on our esprits those get the most to endure) are W rated (max 270km/h)
  14. I have an S2.2 with speedlines so other tires, but for those with an S3 or turbo esprit : rear : continental EcoContact 6 225/60 R15 96 W ( 270km/u)at 125€/pc front : continental EcoContact 6 195/60 R15 88 V (240km/u) at 80€/pc or rear : Barum Bravuris 2 225/60 R15 96 V ( so max 240km/u) at 85€.pc front : Barum Bravuris 5HM 195/60 R15 88 V (again max 240km/u) at 52€/pc I had Barum Bravuris in the rear on my Esprit in the past and they were OK tyres
  15. I wouldn't wanna own a Trump Street Triple . Every time I start , it would shout back "fake news" and kick a sparkplug or another part of its engine out. Anyway, If the Street Triple would be a Trump instead of a Triumph, it would only have 2 cilinders, half the horsepower, double the weight, make a lot of noise at idle , only drive on a straight road and be called Harley Davidson and it wouldn't be mine.....
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