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  1. Pete, I am not sure, but may be Harry says, if M7 thread is screwed, you can try , without using a helicoil, drill 6.8mm and tap to M8 and use M8 bolts? furthermore : standard Metric coarse thread size : M7 is pitch 1mm, but M8 is pitch 1.25mm of course you could start using fine thread sizes. then M8x1 Geert
  2. Dean, You should see it on a car , close up first. The "real raised white letters vs tyre paint... I assure you ,the look of "real" raised white letters is different opposed to letters coloured in with a tyre pen . Even after both become "older" . You could try mailing [email protected] I got 8 GOOD YEAR rubber letters, incl superglue and shipping for about 51GBP. Since I used 1 GOODYEAR word / tire, I can do 8 tires. (6.38GBP/tire), so I have 4 left for the next tires 😀. The chap was real helpfull. He had the more modern italics version of good year, but I wanted the old font of the seventies for my esprit, so I sent him an example in picture. He made the exact fontstyle I was looking for without raising the price. I think he is not supposed to do this anymore , because is giving him a hard time..... Anyway, can't hurt to ask, I guess.... Now applying those tirestickers is a bit fiddly. You should do it very carefully, that is the key to succes and a lasting result.
  3. gvy

    Sudden loss of oil S2 - Advice needed

    I had the exact same incident , years ago, after rebuilding the head of my S2.2 engine ( 912) . Apart from a lot of cleaning and swearing ( that engine and engine bay was just immaculately clean before installing), all was fine afterwards.
  4. I have had GENERAL tires and COOPER COBRA tires , those were genuine white letter tires. I could keep those clean with just the use of brown soap and a kichen sponge. They became perfectly white again after each clean. Now regarding the glued rubber ( or is it neoprene ?) white Good Year letters I have on my Esprit, I can see that after driving the car, they are becoming "brownish" but not evenly, more on spots. It is difficult to clean, and I have to use a cloth with a bit of acetone and although not bad , they never become evenly white after the clean. I feel that it is actually not road dirth, but the oils from inside the tires that push through the white rubber letters. And I think it is in spots, depending on where the superglue sits and forms a barrier for those oils. I think driving makes the oils press to the surface and brown the letters a bit.
  5. Thanks Mik, This is not to bad , never thought it would hold that good. Paints must have changed Can you tell us exactly, what pen you have used ? Geert
  6. Hi, By now MIK's tyrepaint should already been vanished , crackled,or become brown for a long time. Unless things are changed and new products exist, I would never use a tire pen. It takes hours to do it good, but it takes weeks or days to turn it ugly . Still , I am curious how long it lasted? I have had factory tyres with raised white letters in the past and those lasted without a problem for the lifetime of the tyre. You could keep them clean and white with just regular scrubbing handsoap or also brown soap. But not much around anymore these days, apart from trucktires. The next best is glueing raised white (or other coloured) rubber letter tire stickers. They are pretty permanent, but they are way to expensive . Tredwear being the most known. This becomes a hype in the custom scene. But watch out with low profile tires, The letters keep up well, if applied good, but still, no rubbing against anything on the street, while parking the car. That will make a mess of your expensive tireletters. Anything else, they will be fine. Still not suited for a daily, I think. I did it to go back to the seventies/eighties look with my lotus esprit, SAM_7518 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr SAM_7520 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr
  7. In drying mode, the carcoon simply extracts air from outside and let it pass through the vehicle and out in the back. By ventilating it dries. In storage mode , apparently it circulates air inside. My experience with an indoor self build carcoon is that it perfectly dries the car within hours by just ventilating from front to back. It works great.
  8. This is about how well a carcoon works
  9. To be honnest, I am not a fan of carcovers either. Long time ago ,I had a damp wooden garage , so I decided to make my own carcoon, something like this: I used on the floor a piece of old vinyl. Then i bought a roll of strong transparent building plastic and with the use of strong ducttape , I made the carcoon. In the back I taped in 3 small computerfans ( out of an old desktop) and in the front I made a small opening in the plastic. The carcoon was sticked to the vinyl using velcro all around. It worked unbelievable. I could drive a complete wet car in the garage, put the carcover over it, switch the fans on and within the hour the car was completely dry. It was strange that 3 small fans blew up the carcoon within seconds. An added bonus was that the coon didn't touch the car and that the car was protected against all sorts of "falling" things in that small garage.... The fact is that just the presence of a constant airflow, will overcome all moisture. It is used in the army to protect electronic devices and also companies use it to store and preserve antique wooden furniture or valuable oldtimers in big unconditioned warehouses
  10. That is because they are way better isolated. An esprit is not really leakfree... You could of course start with the use of an electric dehumidifier ( the type used in campers/boats) wich will be way better to really absorb all moisture in the cabin. Let it run for some hours over an extension cable or buy one on rechargeable batteries Small units are able to take as much as 10l moisture/day and work way more efficient then the passive ones. Ones dry, have a look if you can maintain the situation with a passive one. That should get the car dry
  11. John, I think a carcover will worsen the problem. start trying one of these : I never needed them because The cars are garaged, but it should help in the small cabin of an esprit.
  12. I welded myself a new one made out of more ridgit stainless steel. I have the old one in the shop; The plate lenght is 33cm The U shaped mounting profile length with the 2 bolts welded on is 24cm Greets Geert
  13. My S2.2 had standard white bulbs ( no green filter ) and was to dark. I first installed blue leds in the instruments. I still found it to dark I recently opened up all my instruments and the inside is now clothed in kitchen aluminiumpaper ( using sprayglue) . The difference is massive and instruments are now nicely blue. For the purist you can of course use the same technique and use white or amber leds
  14. gvy

    Dumb Question

    The S2.2 was the ultimate S2 with, for the esprit the first 912 NA 2.2l motor and for the first time a hot dip galvanised (S2) chassis and was launched februari 1980 - march 1981 The esprit S3 ( NA) arrived in april 1981 to succeed the S2.2. It had the new chassis of the turbo esprit but the 912 NA 2.2l of the S2.2 The massive media event at the albert hall to debut the essex turbo esprit was februari 1980 and overshadowed the start of the S2.2 (NA) completely. Geert PS In essence there never was a S3 turbo esprit.
  15. Hi Steve, In 2017 , I have asked some quotations for reupholstering the chairs of my Esprit S2.2 in leather ( So not the whole carinterior. ) I know , it isn't of any use in Vancouver but I can give you some examples : excl transport, removal and installation of the chair and excl taxes 21% VAT ( Belgium) : Eca : : 1290€ for the two chairs (excl 21% VAT) full leather choice out of 28 colors. This is without renewing the foam ICT nv - Interior car tuning : http:// : around 1200€ for the 2 chairs ( excl 21% VAT ) Deca : : 425€ ( excl 21% VAT) / chair so 850€ for the 2 ( without renewing foam) In the end I still didnt decide, because my interior still has the original connolly and I did redye it broken white. It is beautiful when just cleaned but the leather shows its age and becomes difficult to maintain. But it IS the original leather so ....????? undecided. All other panels are redyed too and are in a very good condition. The foam in the seats is also still very strong. This must have been quality material , they used in 1980 Geert