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  1. You could strip the veneer off, clean it nicely and then hydro dip it walnut. Finish of with a clearcoat and it will be as new. Or carbonfiber or snakeskinn ..... endless possibilities. Google the proces if you don't know it. I don't think it is that expensive and if you are the DIY type you could try it yourself in your bathtub....I would. I never tried it yet
  2. Andy, I guess you are right. Anyway, SJ sportscars has them in their online catalogue.
  3. The one you will need is SKF BA2B 417308. Good luck finding one. I once saw one available on ebay and bought it , but I keep it as a spare, because I am sure I may have to replace one in the coming years may be here???
  4. You are right. Mine was intact.... I don't know.... tbh, In that case I would replace it, but I remember this has become a difficult to find bearing and expensive. that collar is there on both inner race halves, so that the black clip hold them toghether
  5. but you have to remove the halve innerrace of your axle of course. Did that with a puller.
  6. I remember , I just left the outer part of the bearing inside the hub, never tried to remove it. I cleaned and greased it and put it all back toghether inside the hub. Did it on both sides I wrote this about it : Have you looked closely how these double row bearings are made? It is a double row angular contact ball bearing The outer ring is one cilinder piece. The inner ring is a two piece split innerring, hold together in the center with a thin U shaped metal piece that fits in a small groove in each of the two inner ring parts. To make the bearing, they have pu
  7. Hallo Whiskybob, The same happened to me in 2017. I pulled the axe out and the inner part of the bearing stayed inside, the outer part came out. We had a nice discussion on the forum about the fact if that bearing could be reused. Some were certain this was unthinkable, Some ( I ) thought it would be no problem. I cleaned and inspected the bearing and regreased and put everything back toghether and uptil now all has been fine. Here is the link to that discussion. May be interesting for you: Please go directly to the post of 2 january 2017 and the following posts . The first earl
  8. Not that I noticed, but as you can see it is plenty fast. tbh. I think your 3 seconds is fine, no need to actually do the mod, but on the other hand, the mod does give your switches a longer life. It is just the way lotus should have done it in the first place. It is in another thred, but since it is relevant here, I post some pictures explaining how I did it:
  9. Hi , Good work there. Still it can be better I beat you with 1 second in the go up.... Yours is around 3 sec, I got it to 2 sec Seriously, I had the same problem some years ago and I did the relais mod, meaning I inserted 2 relais in the door so the current does not need to flow through the lucas switches ( they are really bad). The difference was shocking. The window flies up with a lot of power. You can even hear it when it seats in its upper position.
  10. I love the picture with the BMW M1. Since childhood ( and I am 54 now) I have always admired the looks of that car. Not a Porsche, not a ferrari, maybe a countach, but always an M1 has been my favorite supercar those days. And it still is. And it ressembles the esprit a lot.... Same timeframe....Giorgetto Giugiaro....fibre glass body....
  11. Nigel, I know what you mean. Me to, I like the wheels to stand wide and to be just within the wheelarches. I looks really good on the picture Geert
  12. So here we go? Is this enough info to replicate?
  13. Or, maybe this piece can be 3d printed .... If it can help people, I have a bad habbit of dismantelling my car. So I could take the engine cover out, take maesurements of this piece with the 2 holes and make a quick drawing that can help others to replicate with glasfibre or 3d print
  14. Apart from the headgasket, you can also have a leak at the bottom of the liners
  15. You are so right, That is why I spoke out in the "I" modus. So please carry on
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