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  1. I wouldn't wanna own a Trump Street Triple . Every time I start , it would shout back "fake news" and kick a sparkplug or another part of its engine out. Anyway, If the Street Triple would be a Trump instead of a Triumph, it would only have 2 cilinders, half the horsepower, double the weight, make a lot of noise at idle , only drive on a straight road and be called Harley Davidson and it wouldn't be mine.....😎
  2. Ah I found some pictures from the first time I had the engine/gearbox out. That must have been 2011. The cast exhaust header was on
  3. In 2014 I pulled it out and in from the bottom. Engine complete with gearbox bolted on. Belt in place, distributor already static set but without carbs and airfilterbox. Not sure, but I may have pulled it with the cast exhaust header on, but it was not possible to mount it back with the SJ sportscars stainless steel tubular headers. I had to mount these once engine back in the car. I had the advantage that the car can sit just above my working table and I can drop it with an electric hoist on that table. As can be seen below, there is a good balance between engine and geabox to pull in the middle. I am not sure it will be easy to hoist the engine with the gearbox already in situ and it is more comfortable to be able to mount all parts ( head, camtowers, on the table and install an almost completely built engine.
  4. gvy

    Lockdown hair

    Now, This is proper lockdown hair Geert
  5. I didn't use the esprit much lately and because an old Esprit that doesn't drive is destined to fail, I thought it is better to start using it again, so here we go . Lets start with small neighbourhood blasts , after a proper warm up of course. What always amazes me when driving it , is how quick and nimble it steers in and out of bends on B roads at speeds between 60 and 100km/u And it is such a dramatic shape. I have it for many years now and it keeps me wanting to turn around and look at it when I walk away. Also I keep getting tumbs up. 2020 20200606_133713 by gvygvy, on Flickr
  6. It is not that I "tested" the tires. They are on my Esprit, I use them also on the highway, but here in Belgium the speedlimit is 120km/u. Of course I have done (a lot) more (+180 km/)but that must surely have been in Germany.....😎 Tbh. I don't think the speed is what you have to worry about, They are rated H (130mph 210km/h), I think they are excellent dry weather tires. I really like to drive quick on the B roads in the bends with the old lady and I have never been surprised .I cannot really rate them in the wet because I don't often use the esprit in the wet. I am sure there will be better all round tires in the premium brands,( sadly not in 14"), but those Nankang are just fine and nothing to worry about . Now , about grinding away raised letters on a tire.... Really nothing spectacular here. I work a lot with rubber (as a hobby) and you can simply use an angle grinder with a flex sanding disk. Unless one is stupid and rude enought to grind full into the tire, it is safe and plain simple to remove raised letters. You do not have to go into the tirewall. Most people who apply aftermarket raised white letters glue them over the existing letters, but it looks way better this way . Even if you look close up, you don't see what was done. Here you see the tire after grinding away Nankang and before applying the Good Year raised rubber letters Before: SAM_7514 by gvygvy, on Flickr After: S M_7516 by gvygvy, on Flickr With the letters applied: You can click and zoom in on it. Barely noticable there was something else on there before SAM_7512 by gvygvy, on Flickr
  7. Thank you Peter, I'll have a look for material. Do you still know what you used to (double side tape or glue) it in ?
  8. Hi Lez, Looks indeed very much the same. I like the fact that the engine mount is bolted on 3 points for strenght. ( like yours and mine) Not sure if they did that on the original mod? Are your engine mounts holding up? Did you have problems before that the rubber block of the engine mounts just tears of the metal plates after little time of use. Those S1 S2 engine mounts are not constructed to take radial forces and they get that when the engine starts moving forward, because the rubber mounts on the gearbox are not up to the job. I hope this construction will prevent the engine/gearbox shifting forward.
  9. I use the nankang Ultra sport NS2 205 60 R14 on the front of my Esprit s2.2 and I am actually really pleased with them. On the back I have nankang Toursport NS 215 65 R14 You are right that they do not have a 70ties tread pattern, but I don't mind. Since my esprit needs different tires in the back and front and in 14" it becomes impossible to find a matching pair, I solved it by drawing the attention from the tread to the wall of the tires. Fake, I know , but even the lettertype is 70ties And I did a thorough job. I grinded away Nankang, before applying the goodyear letters. I would not do this to a modern car, but a seventies / eighties sportscar can have this sort of details. There are actually official pictures around from 8ties esprit with these white letter goodyear tires. If I could buy proper good years , I would, but they do not exist in 14" anymore. SAM_7518 by gvygvy, on Flickr SAM_7521 by gvygvy, on Flickr
  10. And again , an engine mount had teared off. They really don' suffer from the exhaust because since long I have made and installed a pretty good aluminium shielding plate. It is just the fact that the engine wants to move forward and the mounts on the Tranny are not doing a good job preventing that. I havent done many miles, so I thought it was time to do something to prevent the engine to move to the front or back to take the strain away from the engine mounts. I found that there was a modification on the S2 cars in the form of an engine stay rod kit and I decided to fabricate one myself. It wasn't easy and took me all day. A lot of measuring and searching for the right materials I have lying around in my workshop. Most of the brackets and tubes are made from stainless steel. I cut my own rubber bushings. I decided to use the existing crossmemberbracket and weld an extra piece to it. I also welded a stainless steel tube and tapped M10 thread in it: 20200604_152635 by gvygvy, on Flickr 20200604_152724 by gvygvy, on Flickr And this is how it looks reinstalled: 20200604_220556 by gvygvy, on Flickr Next I had to make a bracket to attach to the engine/gearboxhousing I used rubber I had lying around to make a rubber bushing so there is no direct metal to metal contact . The M10 bolt will fit into the stainless steel tube and can be adjusted lengthwise. 20200604_205335 by gvygvy, on Flickr And installed it looks like this: 2020 604_214545 by gvygvy, on Flickr 20200604_214643 by gvygvy, on Flickr I couldn't do a testdrive yet. I hope it wil do its job and it will be strong enough to cope with the forces . Geert
  11. Peter, Could you do me a favour and take some detail pictures of the extra rubber strip on your car.
  12. I have to add to this topic my own experience. I have two boys, one 21 and one 19. I own 2 cool oldtimers : a 1970 Opel GT ( yes a mini corvette) and a 1980 Lotus Esprit ( doesn't get any cooler lookwise) and on top since one year I have a 2010 Triump street triple (so no fat lazy old daddy motorcycle) but a really crazy light loud fast black hooliganbike. But my 2 boys never ever look at them, don't ask me if I take them with one of the sportscars (I think they even prefer not to and take the normal car) and even worse they do not have a drivers licence yet. The oldest one started about 2 years ago, without any interest, and will may be do his test this year. The youngest hasn't even started his theoretical test. Petrol/cars/bikes is just not interesting anymore and I don't think it has anything to do with todays cars. To be honnest I find most new cars boring too, but we still have porshes,lotus,alpine,even Mx5 etc... and there is a choice of funny second hand cars. On the other hand I have some neighbourhood boys, that were since young passionate by this crazy lotus in the street. Their dad did"n't want them to buy an old vehicle and work on it,because not safe, but they kept on pushing and disobeing dad. ( I may have something to do with that 😎 ) I tried to persuade them that may be an old lotus wasn't the most ideal starter to learn, so they got into toyota MR2 (second gen) and let me tell you, some years later they have about 5 MR2 in different state of restoration on the driveway. They do crazy stuff. They open the engines, put a turbo engine in NA car, learned how to weld, they are now working on a 6cyl lexus engine to transplant in one of the MR2. They used one of the MR2 to go on a European Rally as "technician" They learned so much. So there still is interest in cars and engines in the younger generation. But there are less of them around then my generation I guess.
  13. Hi all, I opened this topic to see if there is knowledge or experience on the forum regarding conversion towards distributorless ignition on an early 907 / 912 engine. There are some very good reasons to do this kind of conversion to an older 907/912 engine being: * Get those high tension sparks away from under the carbs : This diminishes the risk of an engine/car fire to a great extent in the case of a carb leak *The timing of a distributorless ignition is way more stable and accurate and will be better on high revs. *Less moving parts involved that need maintenance and can go wrong, no worn distributorcaps/arms, less loss of energy, higher sparkenergy. This should create a more smooth running engine. I have a good working pertronix system in my distributorcap, combined with a more then capable flamethrower coil and I made my own sparkplugwires out of hightension copper leads. but I thing there still is a gain in making a distributorless system, for the reasons above. I think I know what's involved, but I do not want to reinvent the wheel, because often a reconversion comes with trouble when done the first time so.... If anyone can come up with information regarding : * What triggerwheel can be used and from where ( another car ? a supplier ? ) and is it easy to bolt it on the crankshaft pulley * What triggersensor is used and how is the best way to make a stable bracket * Is a ford EDIS system the best choice ? * Any information on a free programmable unit that is really stable in all condition + a map that suits my 2.2 912NA engine ? anyway, lets gather some usefull information here. Greets Geert
  14. "Ghost in the shell" (2017) starring Scarlett Johansson and of course a futuristic rebuild version of an early esprit. Ithink there is also an excel somewhere in the movie. On the other hand, my attention mainly went to Scarlett Johansson as a cyber enhanced soldier Major Mira Killian. This is pure manga played by real actors. 1024 × 768 450 × 600
  15. And they last a long time..... I use them in both my Opel GT and my Esprit S2.2 They are fine
  16. Beautiful and this is very personal but I like its livery better than the JPS esprits.
  17. Laurent, It looks a bit rough, but on the other hand, it does look pretty complete as a start. The fact that you are missing the fuelpump is not that bad. From experience I can tell you that the question is never if the original SU pump will fail but rather when will it fail, so In the end buying a new one is always the way to go. In 2017 I payed 78Bpd for a new SU pump SJ075L0001at SJ sportscars . I see it is 139Bpd now..... Those pumps have electronics instead of points as the original and that is way better. And please look at the state of the cambelt and the cambelt tensioner. Do not start and rev the engine before changing these. This is an interference engine, so you will have massive damage if that belt snaps on you or even if it shifts teeth. You named your topic "restomod" What are your plans, since a restomod involves new better technology in an old car ?
  18. Hi Laurent, I missed your first post. Welcome to the forum. I am from Scheldewindeke Belgium, with a 1980 esprit S2.2. Please post pics from the project ones started? How is the condition of the car? Geert edit: I see you starter a new topic
  19. That is so right. Injection does make an engine run more stable. Hot , cold, whatever, turn and start... No special starting procedures when cold or hot engine, also more stable when idling for a long time in some cue . My 1970 GT was changed from original carb to a vintage analogue Bosch L-jetronic system ( must be seventies) and still, that engine starts and runs so good. Now there is this direct response and a nice sound that is good fun with well sorted sidedraft carbs, but In the past I have considered throttle bodies with programmable injection and a lambda + programmable ignition on my esprit. Didn't do it for originallity sake and because my carbs are well ballanced. But once programmed it just makes an engine run in optimum condition all the time from start,idle upto high revs, so safe and stable, no lean or rich conditions , always spot on. So yes an SE is way better sorted then an S1 or S2 esprit. There is also the chapman strut rear suspension on the S1 and S2 cars. Lightweight and fun, together with the inboard discs because of the low unsprung weight. It makes these early cars so nimble. BUT again, it puts a lot of strain on the gearbox and driveshafts, uses the engine as a part of the suspension, and transfers a lot of noise into the cabin, so reliability and comfort is better on the later cars. Now the S3 and Turbo esprit, both Giugiaro, didn't have the chapman strut anymore. Geert
  20. That is my 1970 Opel GT with some classic opel mods added : CIH 2.2 engine with bosch L-jetronic, GETRAG 5 speed, bigger ventilated opel record discs in front etc.... I own it over 30 years now and paintwork was done in my garage (in a diy boot) by myself. SAM_5269 by gvygvy, on Flickr
  21. Pick your esprit. 3 main model variants on my driveway A Giorgetto Giugiaro S2.2 A Peter Stevens SE A Julian Thomson S4 Sadly I only own the S2.2. I would love to have an S4S or a GT. On the other hand, as the cars get older now,and it isn't about the sheer hp or performances anymore , since the current and coming ( electric ) cars are way faster from 0-60mph and modern suspensions and braking power have become so much better, I somehow validate the classic looks of my older S2.2 more and more. anyway, Giorgetto Giugiaro sounds more posh 😁
  22. If you can live with a V12 GT instead of a V12 sports car, the BMW 850i (1989 -1999) is an affordable V12.
  23. My car hasn't been used often this year. Reason, I bought a motorcycle and that is so much fun. Anyway, today I did a small tour around town and checked some things like water, oil and while cold I measured the cambelt tension at 30bdc. I got 118Hz, so that is fine for me . It is a GATES powergrip 5146
  24. Just for info's, We had this topic here. I remember, I went into detail about frequency tension in the past:
  25. When I got my engine out in 2014 , I portmatched in and outletports. I used the gasket between manifold and head. I Placed the gasket on the head and with a marker I could indicate the opening. and I did the same on the manifold. After that I could take material away until ports in the head, the gasket and the manifold were identical, so portmatched for optimal flow. You'd be surprised how much difference there is on the openings
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