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  1. No worry. The gt was on the other side of the garage sectional door. I had been using it. So I had the opportunity to take this picture.
  2. It is striking to see how little lotti I see @ vintage car shows. The season is there for oldtimer trade shows so today I visited the interclassics Brussels. Again half the halls were filled with porsche 911's. A lot of mercedes too. Of course ferrari's and some lambo's. But there were also quite a few maserati bora and meraks ( love them) These are rare beasts, but present, some detomaso , A nice series of three generations ford GT40 in white and blue ( lovely) and there was just 1 lotus esprit......( And that happens rarely, because most of the time there are none). The esprit was marked S2, but it was a bit of everything. It didn't have the ears ( S2?????? or S1). It did however have turbo style bumpers, slats at the back, turbo ductailspoiler and so on. So a turbo look alike. Asking price was 34500€. I guess, in the UK a lot more lotti are present at car trade shows, are they? Geert
  3. So here is a garageshot of the S2.2 with my recent new toy , a triumph street triple. ( hooligan bike with stylish car, both UK products) The light in this picture is weird. A lot of backlight from the window behind the car SAM_8074 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr
  4. But anyway, We were discussing that the possibility in swapping my springs to Lez's springs would be a solution to lower Lez' s car. I am sure , with all specs known , it will not. Both springs have the same overall diameter, Both springs have the same wire thickness , Both springs have the same height , My new springs have 8.75 rotations, Lezs have 12 rotations. In the end my springs will be the stiffer ones and set his car even higher. No need to make the shipping costs to send them from Belgium to the UK , I think. Geert. @GIWI I think, seen the construction of both our springs, they are fixed rate so the formula does apply. @Lez and drdoom I think , seen the construction of the springs, it is safe to say that you can cut a piece of the upper part of the spring. Only one remark : in this picture of your car , I dont think your car sits high. Watch out, dont make it to low, it is not nice to drive . believe me I know, I did all sorts of things to make my s2.2 sit a bit higher. Geert
  5. Lez, A bit strange, Watch this video: Now in the formula, you can see that the more coils a spring has , the less stiff it will be. ( That is what I always learned in the past also). Very important is the diameter of the actual springwire. Mine are 11.4mm. so: d=11,4mm OD=112mm D=OD-d=100.6mm n=8.75-1= 7.75 (only one closed end on my coil) = 21.22 N/mm Could you do the same math on your spring before shipping, because it looks like yours could even be less stiff then mine depending on the d? I guess your spring will be: d=? OD will be the same as mine? n = I count 12 - 1 = 11 (yours has also 1 closed end as mine) Geert
  6. Pete, Do you mean , the hight of the standard rubber blocks? And I think left and right are the same. The block , I have in the garage measures 4.5 cm t That is the one I send a picture in the other topic Geert
  7. Hi George. You are considering to make the muffler repackable? I did that to my S2.2 muffler recently. It works out great. Instead of chains I like using hoisting straps to remove the engine. It is strong flexible, no metal on metal etc... Of course I can loan them from my work, where they use them all day.
  8. It looks as if the car sits at the right hight, isn't it? Shouldnt be any lower in my opinion.
  9. Jean, I dont know them, but they are not available in 205/60 R14 for the fronts, so why bother?
  10. According to the SJ sportscars website, They make no difference in the frontsprings for the S1 and S2 cars, so I think they are good. I have only the spare fronts, since my rears are fine . As I explained, I have my original frontsprings reinstalled and the car is in perfect condition, with the extra rubber donuts. I am just curious, if I installed higher federal ones, maybe I could just remove the donuts on mine Maybe you could measure yours first and compare to mine, to prevent making shipping costs for nothing. this is no hurry, My spare springs arent going anywhere, so take your time to decide. Thickness of the spring is 11.4mm, total height is 34.5cm shipping weight of two springs is 4.5 kg Geert
  11. Lez, Years ago , I bought a set of brand new front springs from SJ sportscars for my UK esprit S2.2. The reason , my car sat to low and I thought new springs would solve this. After installing these new front springs, I had the feeling the car sat even lower???? So I decided to change again to the former ones. Since then I solved the problem by adjusting hight to my likes with a stainless steel ring ( made to an exact fit) and the right thickness of rubber ring in the spring seat. All is fine since. However. Maybe these brand new SJ springs ( never used in the corner of my workshop) will sit right on your car ( lower it) and your higher springs sit right on my car ( that is without the rubber donuts). Your S1 should lower and my S2.2 should lift...... I have no idea about what shipping would cost between Belgium and UK, but we could just change out our springs to give it a try. I can send mine to you, so you can try them and then you can decide if they are ok, keep them and send me your higher ones in return, if not ok , just send them back to me. Geert
  12. Magnus Walker goes Lotus????? This man is a real and true Porsche addict....and he goes Lotus. I will be very interested to see what he will make of the heritage of Colin Chapman and the design of Giugiaro. Fact is, he will restyle the car. That is what he does with 911's . His work is kinda interesting.
  13. Jean, In de US , Claudius has done and sold such a modification for the S1 and S2 esprits : Some pictures from this website:
  14. Thanks, Since I can't drive it yet ( plates) I spent a couple of hours claying an polishing the bike and rims and cleaning and greasing chain, and this bike is really well cared for. It is 7 years old but it looks showroom condition. It has 16794 km (10400mi )on the odometer. The carbon SC projects dampers are a bit loud but sound real good. Question is, who is roaring the loudest. The street triple or the esprit. I ll ask the neighbours 😎
  15. So today the midlife crisis is official.😑 The lotus got company in the form of another britisch icon. Now for a belgian, it looks like I am really appreciating your engineering skills. I bought myself a 2011 Triumph street triple in phantom black and it was delivered at home this morning. I can't wait for the plates to arrive. the problem is, I havent been driving a motorcycle in years, so I guess I need to get me a helmet, boots, protective clothing...... Couldnt wait to test it , so with my neighbours helmet , I tried it out in the street ( I live on the countryside) and well.... It is a nervous little bike for a beginner. In my 20ties I got a good training on a bike in the army ( Yes there was army duty those days), but I am 52 now, so....... I have driven occasionally , my brother in laws 800 honda vfr and a 1000cc VTR in the past , but that is a long time ago. Some pictures : SAM_7891 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr The garage is getting to small... SAM_7903 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr SAM_7895 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr Geert
  16. Hi Pete, If you say "split" , do you mean that one plate is teared of the rubber block ? If so, I had the same problem in the past with old and new blocks and I have a , well call it creative, solution that uptil now did a pretty good job. I first glued the plate to the block with some flexible mounting kit. This is in no way strong enough of course, but next I drilled 3 holes with a small drill through the plate and into the rubber . Next I put in 3 firm screws. You have to make sure , the screws sit at least 5mm away from the opposite plate. Use the right lenght, or schorten whatever scew you use at the right lenght. Strangely enough, you can really pull the screws and plate very strong into the rubber block. I did this modification as a temporary solution, but it seems to just do the job. On the picture you can see I did countersink the screws in the plate. Geert
  17. That interior turned out real nice. well done
  18. The positive thing about the clock is that it has an integrated battery to hold the memory. The leds need car battery feed to light up This is very usefull because I have a battery kill switch in the back . The car is never ever connected to the battery when parked even though I drive it very often. So It would be a bit annoying if I had to reset the clock each time 🙄 I connected the clock to the switchable power : green wire . This is the 12 V that comes alive after switching the contact. So not the permanent 12V. It is a pity that it wont dim at night, as the original does. But I love the blue color in combination with the blue dash lights and radio backlight.
  19. The clock arrived today ( china and 5€ ) I did choose blue instead of green, because my dash has all blue leds inside. I didnt bother trying to replicate and just mounted it and connected. Cheap solution, but I am fine with it. SAM_7815 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr
  20. Indeed strange? Did you regulate play with part 023 and 024 in your picture? I had this noise in the past, but it could be regulated with setting the correct play. On my S2.2 that is part9
  21. I dont know about the turbo esprit, but S1, S2 and S2.2 have a spring: Part 7 spring, between part 10 (attached to part 5 clutchfork) and the bellhousing ( see picture below)
  22. Hi Rob, Thanks for introducing yourself and the car on the forum in this topic. I am a fan of this car, maybe not a buyer. The only reason being, I have almost a twin, although mine has the connolly leather interior. Since I am doing all the work myself, none of the mechanical questionmarks would scare me . The esprit S2.2 is not a complex car. I hope this car will fetch a healty price. An owner will have little chance in crossing another one,(unless he comes to Ghent Belgium 😁) it is rare, beautiful,exotic and out of my own experience a headturner Geert
  23. Filip, may I disagree just a bit ....😉 I think the most common advice around is that "necessity knows no law". If the choice has to be made between driving with oillevel low (or to low) and mixing the wrong blend (what is available), then most specialists will advice to top up with whats available and that will do no harm. choose the 0W40 in your garage to top up. The temperatures are already getting colder, no real hot conditions anymore, so to top up with a quart of the 0W40 will make the oil mixture just a little bit thinner ( viscosity) and that will do no harm at all to your engine in this season. Or , as Filip says choose any brand of 20W50 in the neighbourhood (regular is really cheap) and that would even be better. That said, It is not recommendable to mix oils as a normal practice. Different oils have different additives and they may not always do there job when blendend. About blending regular and synthetic oils: Mixing Motor Oil According to Mobil Oil, it should be fine to mix oils. This manufacturer states it would be unlikely anything bad would happen, such as a gel-forming from an interaction of the chemicals (a common fear), because the oils are compatible with each other. Many oils are a blend of natural and synthetic oils. So, if you are low on oil, don't be afraid to add a quart or two of synthetic oil if you are using regular oil or even regular oil if you are using a synthetic. You don't need to rush right out and get an oil change so you'll have "pure" oil. Possible Negative Effects It is not recommended to routinely mix oils because the additives in different products may interact or the oils may become destabilized by the mixture. You may reduce or negate the properties of the additives. You could lose the benefits of the more expensive synthetic oil. So, adding regular oil to your special synthetic oil will mean you'll need to get your oil changed sooner than you would have otherwise. If you have a high-performance engine, it's possible it will be displeased if the (expensive) additives can't work the way they are supposed to. This may not damage your engine, but it won't help its performance. Hope this helps. Geert
  24. You are right George, Still it is possible that the BF Goodrich may be recent, but they are not in the right size on this car. BF Goodrich still has some sizes available in 14" : 205/70 , 215/60, 215/70 , 225/60 , 225/70 , 235/60 , 245/60 but all in S speedrate (180km/u) I think I can read on one of the reartyres 235/60r14 ( not sure though) In my opinion not the ideal choice of tyres. Geert
  25. Barrie, Those "awful cheap aftermarket sunroofs" don't stand out so hard on a black or dark car, as they do on a white one, especially when the glass and surround is also blackenend/smoked Furthermore, unlike the turbo esprits, an S1 or S2 never had a removable sunroof, so if you wanted one, this is what was installed (even at the dealer) those days. I dont mind having an "awful cheap aftermarket sunroof" on my S2.2, because it gives me that extra headroom I need to sit really comfortable in it AND That sunroof is tilted at almost any ride, because it is not noisy and provides fresh air and an open feel (lots of glass) to an otherwise small cabin. Because all this I would not change it on my esprit anyway. Geert
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