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  1. Have you got a pic of the PRV? This is how mine looked after a similar failure.
  2. Just having a look at the UK stats (VEH0124/0125) shows 2 "Lotus Model Missing" on the road and one SORN'd. Will have a look for the full EU numbers when I'm back in the orifice next week although obviously all of those numbers are based on real registrations. Edit: Year of first reg is 2017 for those in the UK. MCN had a ride in 2016.
  3. Is this a typo or are Elan +2 prices really reaching this high?
  4. CharlieC


  5. I could be interested. Depends on whether mine survives or not. Thought I saw one listed on the SJ site tho.
  6. The idea of a multinational Esprit meet sounds great but I think something more central would be better. The Spa idea sounded really cool. Central France also. Anywhere with a nice backdrop!
  7. Hi Peter, I've got that set although when I bought it it wasn't sold as being developed for the S-350. The springs are from KW who are considered to be pretty good. Here's their site - I don't recall the spring rate off the top of my head but will take a look and update this post over the weekend. Important to know is that one of the shocks was shot shortly after the 3 year warranty expired. I wouldn't re-buy this set for that reason. Its not like I'm doing silly miles, track days or weigh as much as Günter. I think Bibs comment about the retailer is also worth taking into account. If I were re-newing now I'd go for absolute quality rather than adjustability. They are fun to mess about with but I'm not sure the longevity is there. In fact with this set I know its not. HTH Charlie
  8. Bibs. It has images from lotus apparently. I've seen them but can't share. Someone in blighty can though. Or just wait till someone else scans it... PS I was right about the motor
  9. The bike is shown in todays MCN Those of you near a UK newsagents should get the first story before breakfast.
  10. That sketch is from Luca Bar, its just a "hypothesis" as the text says so I wouldn't get hung up on it. Here's a similar article from Visordown but its not clear who their source is. Could be they're just reading another story themselves. Whats most interesting is the hint at the motor, A V twin tuned from 170 up to 200 PS. Definitely not from BMW then. Ducati are already at 195PS with the Panigale so it suggests its not that. If I were a gambling man (which I'm not) I'd put money on it being the 1198 KTM RC8 motor.
  11. Good question! If they're talking supersport with 200hp then thats going to be the BMW S1000RR engine. The fact also that Kodewa are not a million miles from Münich is also helpful. My personal "big question" is "why are Lotus letting someone build a motorbike in their name?" Could Lotus be using it to "flirt" with BMW themselves? Are they using it to show off technology that BMW might buy for their bikes? But thats just me spiffballing as the yanks would say Very interesting story Bibs!
  12. Will anyone be going to this event? I heard from another forum member about this and the target to get over 350 Lotus cars on the H-ring to set a new world record. If this is being discussed online else where please share the link here SG Charlie
  13. Hello all, I'm doing a favor for a friend of mine. He's a car and motorbike designer (among other things). He's ex Bertone, Peugeot/Citroen and Honda. He's offering to create a sketch of your car or motorbike based on a photo you supply. You can get yourself included in the sketch too if you want. Here's his website, the rates are super reasonable, starting from €30 up to €100 depending on time and detail requirement. My car is currently on the front page albeit the sketch is not quite finished. (I'm still rather pleased with the result so far tho) An ideal gift,,, yourself or a loved one
  14. Hi Udo, You want one of these? Don't worry about your English - Es gibts nicht schlimmer als mein Deutsch. Schöne gruss aus raum FFM. Charlie Ps viel spass mit dem neuen auto!
  15. I'm looking at the SJ muffler too. Has anyone tried it yet? Hows the sound? The Quicksilver bits look ok (and weight saving) but I'd like something that gets through an MOT/TÜV without having to swap back to stock for the day.
  16. I saw this car today heading in the direction of the Geneva Auto Salon maybe 10 km away at around 2pm. I was driving in the opposite direction and saw what I thought was a Lambo - last second glimpse of the wing gave it away - Looked gorgeous
  17. Hello Peter, Paul just answered your question for me R&B said the kit is very good quality. cheers Charlie
  18. Updated with images of my recent Turbo replacement by R&B with PNM hoses...
  19. Have just had my turbos replaced and had the hoses done at the same time. Engine in situ. turbos from R&B. The hoses I got from Pete at PNM at the Lotus Donington event and paid a very VERY reasonable price. Here's the finished article... and the kit...
  20. Lotus Esprit V8-GT (1998) Date Added: 19 November 2009 - 10:52 AM Owner: CharlieC Short Description: More details about the car can be found here: View Vehicle
  21. Just had mine done (Recons) by R&B Wiesbaden at a very reasonable cost. Additionally new oil and water pipes from PNM (300GBP) and also new actuators. Very pleased with the result so far. The "shove" is now markedly improved! Will upload pics to my "garage" shortly.
  22. I finally met Günter yesterday at the Lotus Club Deutschland summerfest. As you may know he has quite an intimate knowledge of Esprit and is a on his way to his MSc in Engineering so knows what he's talking about. In a nutshell we (1996 on Esprit) don't need to worry about parts corrosion as there are no susceptible parts in the fuel system. The key issue is that due to the extra consumption the cost benefits are lost. Only running issues will be the ECU and the injector settings may not be so compatible resulting in less smooth running (Günter explained in German which is not my mother tongue so I may have missed something in translation). Anyway, Ramjet, from this conversation the conclusion was the car certainly wouldn't run better. :/ Not too sure about the "holding water" tendency of E10 so best not to leave it over winter with a full tank. Also the handbook information was confirmed by Colin Brown at Lotus Cars. I have seen a story in this weeks (31.08) issue of MCN where the panic is starting about E10 introduction in the UK so I'd expect the same kind of panic back home there as here in Germany where, for a short time they started hiding E10 as no one was buying it.
  23. Turn the bike over so its on its seat and bars. Put it in top gears front and rear. On the rear deraillieur there are two screws. One of these will be stopping the deraillieur body. Turn this screw to either stop the chain coming off top or the other way to make it sit in top correctly.
  24. Oops - forgot about this thread! Well you'll all be glad to know I've tried it and it didn't do any harm so far. I'm alternating each fill-up tho (as suggested by Holger). Its strange how the handbook says "if driveability problems are experienced as a result, it is recommended to use gasoline" as I had also heard the terminally corrosive characteristics once E10 comes into contact with Aluminium. Basically it starts and won't stop. Anyway since the addition and sometimes retraction of E10 from the market the prices of Super Unleaded are even higher. Oh joy... Perhaps its BP/ARAL trying to get there balance sheets in order...?
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