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  1. Well, it's quite a bit more tasteful than an LF1 at least. Wonder if it's a dealer special?
  2. It was for sale privately on Ph and Seloc I think for a few days at £24k. Owner (can't remember who) is on seloc and had owned it for 7 years I think. Seemed like a well looked after if questionably modified car.
  3. 5 or 6 is 4 or 5 more than a few weeks ago. I don't think you can compare to the Emira, a new car that's so far sold in much higher numbers? That's as much my paranoia as a non football fan as anything. In blue and red, Celtic fans would consider you highly unlikely not one of them then add in what what many would take to be an expensive car. That said, the other Persian car lives on the street, albeit in a very quiet dead end.
  4. There's another Persian car a few streets away from us 😄 and a friend had one too. I really like that colour, though it's a bit Rangers FC to leave in some places here, especially with the red calipers.
  5. He's just added about the spoiler etc after I asked He's just added about having original parts after I asked. I'm on the fence. Lots of S1 Evoras coming up just now.
  6. Short MOT too, not a lot of info in the as. I've messaged anyway, thanks for sharing. Not sure that was listed when the black in one went on, it was there about 2pm today.
  7. The bird strike wasn't the one that wrote it off 😱
  8. That car definitely needed some due diligence before committing. What do you mean approved source? I can't imagine many turning up at Lotus dealers now and at 12+ years old history is everything.
  9. Yeah, I've both set up, thought I'd post here incase anyone is thinking of selling. Unfortunately the Cat D one was exactly the spec I'd like, so compromise will be needed.
  10. It sold this morning unfortunately, I'd been trying to get a hold of the seller for a week. Looking for an NA Evora, not much out there so pointers appreciated. Cheers.
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