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  1. In no way carry out the repair by using jubilee type clips....I did this and it cost me an bottom end engine rebuild on my S4s.....and I used heavy duty bolt clips, 2 either side of the joint. Get Pirtek to come out and do the joint properly. I was travelling at about 90mph on the motorway and the joint came apart dumping most of the engine oil all over the road.....I did well not to loose the car.....and they had to close the lane way to clean up the oil. I ended up spinning a big end bearing, and nearly destroying the crank. Hand to get the crank re-ground and as it was using oversize bearin
  2. Just get an engineering shop or even an alloy wheel repair shop to weld it
  3. Currently Insurance companies and the police can download the ecu post incident....they don't need to wait till 2022. Most cars post 2016 have this facility
  4. I'm thinking of doing the same with my wheels......what size rims did you go for?
  5. Hi Barry, I be interested if you're willing to sell. What colour is your bumper and what condition? Cheers Dave
  6. Hi all, does anyone know or have a S4s or V8 rear bumper for sale. Trying to source the original type rather than the aftermarket fibreglass type. Cheers Dave
  7. Why not leave NI completly and there wouldn't have to be a hard boarder.
  8. Buy a mechanical Stack boost gauge and plumb it into the boost circuit from the inlet manifold ...this will give you a real boost figure which you can compare to your electrical dash gauge.
  9. Yeah...a good few years ago now......about 6. Removed the whole abs crap system, SE pump on a custom mounting plate where the ac was....feeding a Nissan patrol servo with an audi a6 reservoir, adjustable proportioning valve between front and rear....and a bleed valve so I can adjust the amount of servo assist....this all feeds to the s350 brakes up front and s350 rear discs with 4 pot calipers on s300 brackets for the rears keeping the original brembo calipers for the hand brake. This setup totally changed the car......would never go back. .
  10. I ditched the ac on my S4s and fitted a mechanical pump and it works a treat.
  11. Barry....I've 25mm spacers on the rear and 10mm on the front is my S4s without any issues...and really fills the arches out nicely. When I get to rebuild my wheels...this is what I'll be increasing the size of my rims by.
  12. Looking very good'll be amazed with the difference when you're finished. I used a manual vacuum pump in place were the aircon pump is......creates a lot of vacuum.....keep up the good work.
  13. Just wondering if you could remove the oil sender and attach an oil pipe line and pump oil into the engine under pressure....this should get to all the needed parts and also prime the pump.....when you know the oil has circulated....turn the motor over
  14. You could just search for the centre pieces and then buy new polished outer rims and inner barrels from this I'll be rebuilding my wheels soon replacing my outer rims with new 1/2" wider rims this company.
  15. My hub snapped while doing 80mph on the motorway on the way home from the UK on the day I collected it...the whole suspension on the drivers side collasped....fairly scary moment.....did well to keep it under control....took a while for the smell of poo to disappear from the cab
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