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  1. Ditch this useless system and go servo with vacuum assist and you'll never look back.
  2. the S4s 's flywheel is also stepped by about 1-2mm this is why you have to be careful if your going to get the face of the flywheel machined....and thats why the bolt pattern is different.....there's no reason why the friction plate and pressure plate can't be refurbed.....
  3. davevr6car


  4. Ian, I've probably cursed myself now..........although my car hasn't been running since 2012!
  5. Like Ian, when I was rebuilding my S4s......I got the original rad re-cored locally with a triple core for €150, fitted some spal type fans from ebay for £15 each and I've no shroud either. I fitted the silicone hose kit off ebay.....I think they came from issues with leaks. I haven't had any issues at the output from the spal fans is probably double the original fans. I used Pirtek for my oil cooler cross over pipe circa €40. Most expensive parts are the oil coolers from Setrab at over €220 each and I'm sorry I didn't go aftermarket and got lar
  6. funny how he puts up a picture on an S4s at the start of his video
  7. Ian, mine were a pain to remove too...when I was rebuilding my S4s engine......some came out using a larger torx fitting......I used a dremel with a small cutting disc to square off 2 sides so I could get a grip on it with a spanner for the non recessed ones and small vice grips on the recessed ones. if memory serves me right...I replaced them with cap head bolts. cheers Dave
  8. if you can afford to buy an esprit you shouldn't penny pinch on vital parts.......just buy yourself new alloy tanks...and you'll never have to worry about them again!
  9. S4s has a different head and larger inlet valves with some miner porting.....also has a different turbo......different flywheel and clutch plate and housing. S4 engine is basically the same as the SE engine.......but yours has the S4s chip. Have a look at the head as Ian suggested and also the number stamped on the Garrett plate on the turbo. cheers Dave
  10. Thanks Dave on your very helpful reply, I'll give them a buzz this week. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi Dave, I've completed (after 4 years) my engine rebuild (s4s) with a lot of upgrades. Gas flowed and ported head and inlet plenum , high lift inlet cam from Garry Keep, large Alunox charge cooler and high flow pump with S300 CC rad set up. AC removed. 400l/H high flow fuel pump with new larger supply and return fuel pipes (as per your advise), adjustable fuel regulator, RC primary and secondary injectors, adjustable vernier cam pulleys so timing is adjusted spot on, Alunox exhaust manifold and decatted exhaust, uprated helix clutch (from yourself), new uprated coil packs and 8mm l
  12. Hi, Does anybody know where I can get a CF intake for my S4s. I don't think they're made anymore. Cheers Dave
  13. Hi DC, When I said I fitted an earlier type vacuum pump, I didn't fit it where the steering pump is, but I removed the AC pump and fitted vacuum pump on a custom bracket in its place. There's no much need for AC here in Ireland anyway. The problem is if you fit an electric pump is that if you loose electric power you'll loose servo brake assist. I'm very happy with my system and wouldn't got back to the old system.......ever. My next step is to fit a proportioning valve so I can adjust the amount of brake bias between the front and rear breaks. Cheers Dave
  14. The only problem with the Alcantara is that it marks too easily, and can start to look very grubby. I'll be getting my seats re trimmed fully in leather and the centre section will be ribbed / quilted. Was thinking about getting the binnacle covered in magnolia leather or even getting it covered in real carbon fibre.
  15. Ian, you are correct that the binnacle is a dark grey along with the dash pad in front of the windscreen. My red S4s came from the factory with magnolia leather door cards and centre console, but the seats were the rare option of light weight racing seats with the bolsters in magnolia leather and the centre section in magnolia alcantara, with the binnacle in dark grey. It also came with red carpets. In my opinion its the best colour combination and especially the seats. Go to and car models and under S4s there's a photo of the interior your looking for,
  16. Ian, I removed the entire Delco ABS system except for the abs computer. Nissan Patrol servo, new SE vacuum pump located where my AC pump used to be.
  17. I used an accumulator from an Audi A6, it looks like 3 blue spheres stuck together. I removed the AC pump and fitted the earlier vacuum pump in its place on a custom made bracket....All works just fine..... proper vacuum power and if the engine dies or stalls ....I still have a reserve of vacuum in the accumulator to continue braking.
  18. Jayus. .......that was some rant.....made very good reading and some nice mods to your car too.
  19. Are you running the s300/ S4s cylinder head which has larger valves and better flow? Also most S300 out of the factory had the AC removed and the AC rad was plumbed in line with the CC rad to give better cooling. Just because you bolt an S300 turbo, fuel pump & regulator will not make it go like an s300
  20. has Boris thought about the border between northern Ireland and the republic? It's the only land border the uk has now. If he reinstates the border it will definitely threaten the existing peace treaty.
  21. For a nation of wealth and natural resources you've a lot to learn!
  22. so you wouldn't buy your own car?
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