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  1. I got them from QED motorsport. They take a bit of setting up. I'm also running a high lift inlet camshaft from Garry Kemp. Here's a couple of photos of me setting up the timing using a dial gauge Pic1: QED cam pulleys. Pic2: Setting up the inlet cam, using the dial gauge to find the centre of maximum lift Pic3: Setting up the exhaust cam, Pic4: finding the true TDC
  2. Hi, I'm delighted with my new manifold. I have just order the chargecooler from Alunox. This will bring my long engine build closer to completion.
  3. Hi, I'll let them go for £40 plus postage.
  4. Hi, I'm having a garage clear out, so I've list some items on ebay such as: Uprated secondary bosch fuel injectors (from Dermot O'Hare's S4) V8 rear valance S4s Rear valance Air con pump Green DOT 104' pair of cam pullies Items not list yet are: S4s inlet camshaft S4s low mileage (less than 3k) exhaust manifold New front discs (will need to be cleaned up) New front pads Nearly new rear shocks Coolant hoses (used but in perfect condition) Uprated ECU chip Turbo wastegate actuator (good condition) Throttle actuator Radiator fans x 3 Please let me know if any of you
  5. I'm currently rebuilding my S4s engine after spinning a big end bearing. I've done all the work myself except for the head rebuild and porting. To date I've easly spent £9.5k, with my recent purchase been the stainless Alunox manifold. Parts to date: Reground crank balanced with conrods, pistons, flywheel and clutch housing. New piston's and liners new main, big end and small end bearings Full gasket set Oil feed to head reducer up grade Piston rings rebuilt and ported head with new guides and valve stem seals High lift intake camshaft Reshimmed cams QED adjustable vernier c
  6. Is the bosch pump a standard flow rate or uprated as I'm looking for an uprated replacement for my S4s.
  7. I took the air con off my 95 S4s and it was in good working order. I was about to put it up on eBay along with other esprit parts. You will have to check if its the same. Dave.
  8. Hi, I have just put my Delco brake system up on ebay for sale. This includes the master cylinder and booster pump and resevoir with pressure switch. All was in good working order when I removed it. If interested click here
  9. I rebuilt my turbo with no issues at all on my S4s. While I was rebuilding it I upgraded it to a T4 on the induction side. I replaced the bearing and seals with genuine Garrett parts, this included 360' bearing, T4 housing, T4 compressor wheel, T4 back plate, new forge waste gate. There was no wear on the shaft or on the exhaust turbine wheel. I got the whole unit balanced for 50 quid. All in for a S300 spec T3/T4 turbo, I paid out around 300 quid which included the actuator for 100. There are some photos in my profile. If you can remove the turbo yourself, you can rebuild your turbo.
  10. I wouldn't pay 500 quid to Turbo Technics. Its not all that hard to rebuild it yourself. Theres only about 10 parts to the whole turbo. The most improtant thing is when you rebuild it with new seals and bearings is that you get it balanced. Thid will cost around 30 - 50 pounds. If you where able to remove the turbo yourself, you'll hhave no problem in rebilding the turbo. I rebuilt and upgraded mine in a couple of hours. These turbo rebuild companies are rip offs, charging 500 quid. Cheers Dave
  11. Yeap, Sounds like the turbo alright. I rebuilt mine on my S4s with a service kit and you'll have to get the turbo balanced. there are some photos on my " garage" page. Remove the air intake hose from the inlet side of the turbo. Then you'll be able to see the intake impellor. Check for damage and also see if there is any play in the impellor by moving it from side to side and in and out, If there is any play in the shaft then your bearings and seals are worn. this will allow the oil under pressure to escape into the inlet or exhaust side of your turbo. You could also remove the hose between
  12. Hi Dave, I'm still interested in one for my S4s. I'm in Ireland. cheers Dave
  13. Travis, On my S4s I got my rad rebuilt locally to a 3 cord type and with some repumbing work joined it to the AC rad to increase capacity as per S300. Easly up grade and with the 3 cord rad even has more capacity than the s300. I have removed the AC compressor as I'm running an S3 type vacuum pump in its place to feed my Nissan Patrol brake servo.
  14. I used something similar to this type of airbox using alloy pipe work and silicone joining hoses. I am running a larger pipe than standard because I have a T4 cosworth housing on the compressor side of my turbo.
  15. Ditch the original airbox and tubing. The air has to travel a long routed way from ouside of the car to the turbo. Inlarge the entry hole at the rear window, run a silicone pipe to an inline viper airbox and then straight into the turbo. I have done this on my S4s, way better than the standard setup. You will have to move the coolant expansion tank to where the original airbox is, and by doing this it shortens some of the coolant pipe runs as well. cheers Dave
  16. Is this photo taken from the gearbox end looking forward? Should the phot not be taken from the other side of the cam sprockets where they are timed from?
  17. I replaced mine with one ball joint been left hand thread and the other been right hand thread, these are joined with a RHT and LHT bar and locking nuts. This means that I can adjust on the car without disassembling one end... very simple and accurate.
  18. A very good right up on the delco brake system, but I'm afraid I think your flogging a dead horse. The system is very old in design, and with better options out there, I decided to upgrade my brake system on my S4s to the standard and performance you should expect from a sub 5sec 0 - 60 car. I understand why people want to keep their cars original, but if there are upgrades that make the car run better and smoother and stop better then I think these upgrades should be performed. I'm currently running a Nissan servo and master cylinder, which is feed by a lotus vacuum pump attached to an Au
  19. The ID size of Gary's are 1.500" the same diameter as the cam. Dave
  20. Giorgio, Skimming the cyclinder face makes no difference, to the shim size, if it was just a light skimming. I'd say your shims are too big. This happened to me after getting my head re done by getting the valve reground into their seats. The valves sit deeper in the head so your won't need as big a shim as before. The protrussion on the the tappet is bigger than the depth of the valve head below the spring retainer, so remove all the shims and tighen down the cam carrier again and the try and rotate the cam. it should now turn with only the resistance on the valve springs. you can now m
  21. Hi Girogio, The reason I fitted two different types of seals is that I'm rebuilding my engine at my brother in laws garage and this is where I install Gary Kemp's seal to the inlet side. I had the exhaust cam housing back at my house with the ebay seals in my own garage. The measurements on the ebay seal are: ID = 1.375" OD = 2.250" Width = 0.375". I will get the "Gary Kemp" seal measurements and post them up here later today. Cheers Dave
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