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  1. Hi Giorgio, Funny I was fitting oil seals to my cam carriers today as part of my S4s engine rebuild. I have a head gasket set from Gary Kemp and fitted the Inlet seal no problem, a bit of oil and a large socket. But when I was fitting the oil seal to the exhaust side, I used a seal which was part of a kit I bought off ebay. Had some trouble in getting the seal over the cam and when installed, it was hard to rotate the cam. I've remove this seal now and will compare sizes with Gary's seal and the one from ebay. The seal from ebay is way too small to fit properly over the cam. Cheers DAve I
  2. Em, not sure where your looking. Click on the link below to ebay and you'll see that every kit from the far east includes the radiator hoses. They are the two longest ones. On the bottom of the pages are kits available on ebay America cheers Dave
  3. There are loads of them on ebay. Search around and don't pay silly money. I fitted a set to my S4s some time ago and they fitted really well. I think I paid around £140 for the set in blue.
  4. Hi Dave, I will get a few photos and post them on here.
  5. I had a look at doing the same to my S4s, because the brakes were so crap. I then test drove a V8 with the later type ABS and I didn't think much of the brakes for such a high powered car. My work Ford Fucus car has better brakes. I stripped my entire brake system outand replaced it with: AP 4 pot calipers up front with larger S350 drilled discs 4 pot calipers mounted on s300 brackets with s350 rear drilled discs Kept the brembo calepers for the handbrake. I using a Nissan Patrol servo and master brake cylinder mounted on a custom made bracket which is connected to the original pedal box. I
  6. Thanks for the info, I can still see the original honing marks and there is no evidence of lipping towards the top of the liner where the top ring would stop when at TDC. So Travis and Dave, do you reckon I just install my new piston rings on my original pistons and reasemble? I was thinking of getting my piston crowns ceramic coated. whats your opinion on this. Cheers for your help. Dave
  7. Hi all, I'm starting to put my S4s engine back together are spinning a main bearing. While I had the engine apart I've decided to replace the piston rings as well. The question is hone the liners, in order to give the new rings a better chance of bedding in. Cheers Dave
  8. Hi everyone, I'm currently rebuilding my S4s engine. I'm reassembling my oil pump with new seals, rotor and annulus. The rotor and annulus have a tiny notch / marked on one side of them. Can anyone tell me the orientation of the rotor towards the annulus. I have gone thru the service notes and it doesn't mention this only mentions if you reusing the same rotor and annulus. Both parts are brand new, so does it matter? Cheers for any info / help . Dave
  9. Honda S2000 engine will give you 242bhp in standard trim and revs on to 9000rpm. Supercharge it for a reliable 350 - 360bhp. Gearbox is the problem Dave
  10. Hi Gunter, The hole is that big you could fit your fist thru it and the plastic around the hole has deformed sligthly. Do you think this is repairable? Are you intrested in selling your spare bumper?
  11. Hi Dave, You can put one down for me as well. I'd be mad after rebuilding the engine and not go for this option. The reason for the rebuild was, at high speed the oil cooler pipe to give way, emptying the oil all over the road. By the time I got the car into the hard shoulder I had sun a big end bearing. So a full rebuild was in order. Reground and polished crank, rehoned conrod. Balance crank flywheel and clutch housing. Ported and polished head. High lift inlet camshaft. Ported plenium. t3/4 cosworth upgraded turbo. Straight thru exhaust pipe with centre exit with porsche cayman exhaus
  12. Hi Dave, I'm currently rebuilding my S4s engine at the moment with some upgrades. When would you expect to have these available? I'm would be interested in one, but depends on the above. Cheers Dave
  13. On the bottom of page 37 in section EF of the Lotus service notes, it says the torque for the bolts for the bell housing to the sump is 41nm. Dave
  14. Hi John, Kemp High Performane Engines, on ebay ebay is Gary Kemp as ment5ioned earlier. He doesn't have / can't get the 0.015" OD bearings. Dave
  15. Yeap, the old guy said he recognised the crank, and said it was exactly the same as the old magnum cranks
  16. Derek, Even by getting the caps and block machined, how is this going to make the bore smaller. It will reduce the vertical height of the bore, but not the width. I might have had some luck. I have located some bearing from different sites on the internet. Why would lotus sell individual shells/bearings. You would think that they would come in matched pairs / sets, up and lower. When I was getting the crank reground, the engineer smiled when I told him it was a lotus crank, he said you mean a crank out of a Bedford! According the 2.2 crank is identical to the ones in the old bedford!!
  17. I would have to replace the block and bottom end. If I got the main bearing housing casing skimmed and then the block and casing align bored to accept the standard outside dia bearings, would this not alter the stroke of the crank, ie would it not bring the piston closer to the head? Dave
  18. Cheers lads for the help. Andy I tried Gary Kemp, but he doesn't stock them and the same with QED. 1 in 100 engines of this guise that lotus manufactured had to have the main bearing carrier honed out to correct themanufactoring errors. The mains are therefore oversized or made larger by 0.015" outside dia. I got my crank main bearings ground and polished so they are now smaller by 0.010" so I need "thicker" bearings by 0.010" or -0.010" internal dia. So my problem is, and which maybe a problem for a lot of people on here, is that if you want to rebuild the bottom end of your engine
  19. Hi, I'm rebuilding my S4s engine after a spun big end bearing. I had to get the crank reground to +0.010". So i need a full set of main bearings, 0.015"OD 0.010" ID. I have tried the usual dealers but they have none in stock and Lotus have none either and say they are obsolete. Does anybody know where I can get a set from. Cheers Dave
  20. Cheers Travis for your in depth reply. The problem I have is that I want to replace the standard timing from 110' mop on the inlet and 100' mop exhaust to both 104' mop by using the oil pump pulley and another another 104' pulley i purchased from the internet, but the one from the internet does not match up with the oil pump 104' pulley. I'm working on rebuilding my S4s engine at the moment after it spun a big end bearing and was hoping to carry out this cam up grade as part of the rebuild. Would I be correct in saying that the green dot 104' pulley was used on the 2.0L turbo exhaust as well
  21. Hi, does anybody know how to tell the difference between a 110' inlet, 100' exhaust and 104' cam pullies. The marks have worn off, ie Blue & red dots. cheers Dave
  22. Hi Nigel, I have just uploaded a few photos onto my Gallery. I have plenty more step by step photos if needed of the entire rebuild
  23. Rebuilt my T3 to T4 compressor specs with 360' bearings
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