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  1. In no way carry out the repair by using jubilee type clips....I did this and it cost me an bottom end engine rebuild on my S4s.....and I used heavy duty bolt clips, 2 either side of the joint. Get Pirtek to come out and do the joint properly. I was travelling at about 90mph on the motorway and the joint came apart dumping most of the engine oil all over the road.....I did well not to loose the car.....and they had to close the lane way to clean up the oil. I ended up spinning a big end bearing, and nearly destroying the crank. Hand to get the crank re-ground and as it was using oversize bearing from the factory it was a nightmare to find the correct over oversize bearings to suit. Now I'm running braided hoses from engine to coolers.

  2. You could just search for the centre pieces and then buy new polished outer rims and inner barrels from this  I'll be rebuilding my wheels soon replacing my outer rims with new 1/2" wider rims this company.

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  3. The standard lotus rides too high and looks strange, even odd with so much air between the top of the tyre and the wheel well......I lowered mine 25mm all round and it looks so much better and gives it a wider stance on the next setup will be the Nitron racing shocks.....the best out there....LOTAC are overpriced for what they are. I think the standard height is 160mm measured from the chassis to the road.

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  4. from memory my S4s flywheel didn't look like that......has that flywheel been lightened? I don't remember my flywheel having a radius step on it like yours.....I have heard because of the big difference in price...people swapping out the S4s flywheel and clutch assembly for the earlier SE and S4 assemblies. 

  5. I really do think people are over thinking this conversion.......the best thing is to find the biggest master and servo that will fit in the current location....the rest can be adjusted thru....pressure switches or bleed valves......and you can install a brake bias valve to control the pressure going to the front and rears...this will give great adjustment to your type of driving.  This is why I fitted the Nissan Patrol mater and servo.......if its good enough to stop a 2 ton 4 x 4 then it'll stop an Esprit.




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  6. I agree with Mike, in regards to the correct amount of vacuum been supplied.  When I did my conversion first on my S4s I used the Mr2 servo connected to an original SE vacuum pump. It made shite of the servo....too much vacuum. On my 2nd attempt I used a nissan patrol servo unit with a manual turbo bleed valve and an inline vacuum gauge.....this let me adjust the amount of vacuum going to the other words I could adjust the amount of servo assist going to the brakes. The other thing to remember is to have a vacuum reservoir... if you loose engine power you'll have no vacuum....the same with an electric vacuum pump....if you loose electrical power, you'll have no I fitted an Audi A6 vacuum reservoir. Its not the hardest job to do to an Esprit.....but it's a completely different car once'll never look back........probably the best upgrade you can do to an Esprit!

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  7. I did this up grade years ago.......removed the ABS system.......removed the aircon pump and in its place is the earlier type vacuum pump from an SE. I'm running a nissan patrol servo and master cylinder. I also installed an audi vacuum accumulator with a couple of non return valves. The vacuum supply system also has a turbo bleed valve and vacuum gauge fitted so I can adjust the amount of vacuum assist. I have the S350 callipers and discs up front, S350 rear discs using the original brembo calliper as the handbrake and a set of 4 piston callipers for main rear brakes which are mounted on the S300 brackets. Its a great set up which changes the car completely. 

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