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  1. I never said you said same price. For me it doesn't make it even a bit more palatable especially as it provides no benefit over existing setups on the market.
  2. The cat delete pipe for an Evora is between £150 and £200 to buy. The y-pipe about double that so doesn't make the price more palatable to me at all to me considering a valved exhaust is £1400 and the Alunox is £4200. The weight claim doesn't say it includes the other bits so would need to get that clarified having looked at the brochure again. The titanium system price is £6000 which is also steep. I can buy an Inconel system which is far superior for less than that.
  3. That's a seriously steep price just for the exhaust. You can get a full 2Bular exhaust, downpipes and manifolds for less than the cost of the stainless. Larini also significantly more cost effective too. This system seems quite heavy too. I'm sure the stock MY12 Janspeed exhaust is about 14.5kg so there is little or no weight saving with this system. 102db is not track legal at quite a few UK tracks unless on a 105db noisey day. The stock Evora S exhaust was 104db from memory with the valve open so if this exhaust isn't lighter or significantly quieter I'm not quite sure why you would swap to it.
  4. I sure did and I've started raking it in - how else was I going to pay for the car. Awk I wasn't taking anything to heart especially from Andy, we sat down together on more than one occasion having these sorts of conversations. I haven't driven the car enough on a proper A or B road yet to see how much of the Evora I miss. I can say though that steering feel is no match for the Evora but that was something that I knew would be the case and accepted before I purchased the car. As a daily driver on my morning commutes though the benefits of the S-tronic gearbox are fairly apparent. Fuel consumption on my commutes to and from work are roughly the same as the Evora from what I can tell so far, must be due to the cyclinder deactivation as cruising in motorway traffic rarely sees the power guage going over 10%. Just so everyone knows Andy secretly loves Audi, he just doesn't want to publicly admit it. He also loves Porsche even more but again won't publicly admit it - only off the record You are correct Andy, there is no chance of the car being a garage queen, it will be used as it was designed to be and everyday for that matter in all weather conditions - the winter tyres are on route. The other potential car for me would have been the new Aston Martin Vantage, that is a lovely looking car, tuned by Matt Becker, RWD and has a manual option coming in 6 months time but again the pull of that NA V10 just couldn't be ignored. It would definitely be good to see Lotus moving up another level with Geely's help. Maybe we'll eventually see the Esprit make a come back in the not too distant future but probably for the next 5 years I'll be making my way around in the R8. blame Andy, he asked what the replacement was. He's just a trouble maker. You're wrong it is super yummy, lick the paint when you see it in the flesh - I know you'll like it
  5. ? Not the criteria by which I decide on the purchase of my cars. In an age of turbo charging the V10 is hard to beat for sheer drama and the noise it makes is so intoxicating. Not quite sure how you can claim it drives as boring as it looks without having driven the RWS. If it wasn't RWD it wouldn't have been a consideration. My criteria for my Evora replacement had to have at least 2 of the 3 following boxes ticked: 1. RWD 2. Normally Aspirated Engine 3. Manual Transmission The V10 RWS covers point 1 and 2 and in this case the engine makes up for the lack of manual transmission. My thoughts exactly ? Probably, it is a Lotus forum after all ?
  6. It is RWD Good job i'm easily pleased I wasn't really defending the choice, it was more just that the 430GT and any other Lotus wasn't even on the radar for me at this price point. I'm on a total high with the new car
  7. I never actually compared the R8 RWS with the GT430, not the same target audience as the GT430 wasn't even a consideration for me, it is aimed at cars like the Porsche GT3. I wanted the R8 for the NA V10 and the fact it was RWD. That V10 really is an experience to drive and when it al goes to the rear the car feels wild and it gives you an unbelievable buzz. Some may say it looks like a TT (I don't think it does) but then the Exige and Elise look much more similar than the R8 does to the TT. The GT430 is a seriously impressive car but I moved away from Lotus because I was tired of waiting weeks and weeks for parts that were always on back order. My car was off the road for a month just becuase one engine mount was n back order, I only managed to get it back on the road after sourcing it from one of the tuners who happened to have one spare other wise I would have been waiting much longer. My steering rack was leaking fluid and I again had to wait 3 weeks for that to come off back order so again my car was off the road for a month. I loved my Evora still do but £120k for the GT430 are an overall package including being able to keep it on the road isn't worth it. Performance wise it is great for the money, but at £120k I want the relevant support to be there too which means not having my car off the road for months at a time because a single part is unavailable. I am and always will be a Lotus fan but there are areas Lotus can't compete on at the moment one obvious one is the build quality, the R8 compared to the Evora is on another level and at this price point that matters alot. The dealer network for support is significantly better, another reason given how horrendous MMC's service was for a long term customer with no other local offical dealer to work with. With Audi I have a decent choice of where to take my car to whether it is to buy or get it serviced.
  8. Oops sorry totally forgot. Was having too much fun in it ? It's an Audi R8 V10 RWS (Rear Wheel Series). 540bhp to the rear wheels, 50kg lighter than Quattro models and limited to 999 cars globally.
  9. It sure was, Nitrons set, fresh Cup 2s and it was fantastic in the corners. I didn't actually ask him if he was on the forum. He seen the advert on Autotrader. He owns a McLaren 570S aswell and had an Evora NA in the past.
  10. That's my car sold and gone as of yesterday morning. Went to proper enthusiast who plans to regularly track the car. Pick up the new motor tomorrow
  11. Yes I agree with you both, I've added more pictures but will take some proper pictures when I get a chance with some decent weather.
  12. All done: Probably out of everywhere I've advertised the car that has been the best for formatting the advert. Autotrader is actually quite rubbished and overpriced.
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