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  1. The reason you don't see it on ODB is that you need to run the scan while the spanner is showing, if you do it after the light goes out it will show up with nothing. Discovered this when I took my own car to Lotus and when they scanned it there was nothing so they ran the scan while the spanner was illuminated and then the error showed up.
  2. Just out of interest, if the wheels were 19 on the rear with same width and offset as these 18s would that make that less of an issue? Reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of going 19 all around using custom forged wheels made by Braid.
  3. I've read on Lotus talk that the 18x10 wheels rub in part of the suspension underload on track.......
  4. Are you running the 295 and 245 tyres on the stock 19/20 forged wheels or have you bought a different set of wheels? If you have what spec are your wheels?
  5. If you have an NA the best place to put the money is into a full exhaust system with the decat manifold, I've heard the full decat 2bular exhaust setup on the NA first hand and it sounds brilliant. I have the full 2bular on my S and it is brilliant too. If you do the komotec intake you'll likely need a remap to go with it. FYI the 2bular/komotec intake combo has given me no issues at all.
  6. If your new tyres are the same size as stock and the load rating of your new tyres are the same as stock then you should use the same tyre pressures as stock. If however your new tyres have a different load rating then you need to recalculate the tyre pressures using the ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation) load inflation table. Generally if your new tyres have a lower load rating it will need a higher tyre pressure and if it has a higher load rating then needs a lower tyre pressure. This is only a general starting point but I've calculated it for lots of my friends when t
  7. So explain to me how taking the front clam off would disconnect the head unit, would disconnect the 12v power socket on the replaced interior trim and would have my mobile phone charging wire stuck in the rear seat that was reinstalled during the warranty work. A bit of common sense please.
  8. My car was already booked in for the following Monday with CMC to have the front clam removed so that Autoglass could fit the windscreen for me. MMC was supposed to have completed the warranty work on my car for the Thursday so that I could pick it up and take it to CMC on Friday morning before I went on holiday. However MMC told me they wouldn't be finished for Thursday so they said they'd drop the car off to CMC once they had completed their work. MMC dropped the car off to CMC by 9.00am on the Monday. MMC told me they had completed the work!!! Honestly why don't you just go and trol
  9. I don't get you, what are you trying to get at here. Car went to MMC for all the warranty work. MMC completed it and sent to CMC. Why are you trying to find some sort of out for them - you are looking for something that isn't there.
  10. Not on this occasion. I even said to them that if after the paintwork it was going to be a rush to do the interior trim to just send the car to CMC for the windscreen and then get it back to finish off the work on the interior as I was on holiday anyway, but they chose to do all the work first and then send it on to CMC.
  11. I've currently no plans to do anything drastic and I don't really expect MMC to do anything now. They've ignored me up till now, I don't really see that changing hence why I'm working with Lotus Customer Services with the remaineder of my issues. No love for the actual car has been lost - I do love me car Having CMC looking after my car means I don't have any real worries of finding anything else, if I do I'll just get it fixed. The point of the thread is to warn others that the service from MMC is not what it used to be, I could never trust them again - that's the most important thi
  12. Before you read on, I have to first of all say the sceptics are probably going to think I'm at it now. I think if I was reading onwards about someone else I'd be thinking that but honestly not a word you read next is a lie, I swear it is the truth. So I had one of the dash lights come on and since the weekend my clutch has felt like it has been ready to give up on me, the bite point is practically not there now and the pedal now requires a fair amount more force that it did just a few weeks ago. So on Monday quick message to CMC and was booked in first thing this morning to drop it off be
  13. No game plan, no planned end game. I'm just annoyed and frustrated at the treatment given my past loyalty to MMC. I've sent so many people their way and given them plenty of business myself so to be treated the way I have been feels like a kick to the googlies followed by a slap in the face.
  14. Sounds like you are exactly the type of employee Murray Lotus is hires these day - maybe you should send in your CV If Murray's had acknolwledged the issues from day one and responded to resolve the at that point then they wouldn't be getting a bad wrap about it now. Instead they would have got a glowing report of how well they handled the situation in light of issues.
  15. If I get a chance I'll take some pictures of the rear clam so you'll be able to see the gap difference between the driver door and the rear clam when compared to the passenger side.
  16. It hasn't come to light now, it was weeks ago I'm now just updating the thread on where things are at the moment. I said at the start of the update I had issues getting my pictures across to Lotus which contributed to the delays. The grill along with the rear panel hasn't been put back on properly. As a result of it not being on properly the grill is not attached correctly which has caused it to crack.
  17. They were given the opportunity to resolve this when all the original issues were highlighted to them, they just chose to deny fault for the workmanship so the relationship went sour from that point. Stupidly they chose not to even try and fix things now, instead they could have attempted to salvage the situation when Lotus got in touch but they chose not to because they forgot I had evidence to disprove what they told Lotus and as a result get away with it. I'm now just highlighting based on the recent situation and their original denial of fault they can't be trusted.
  18. I'd have updated the thread sooner but wanted to see if MMC would change their ways but they haven't. If there are still any sceptics out there about how utterly crap MMC are now this should probably cement everything that has been said before. Part of the delay in updating the thread is because when the issue I'll describe in a moment came up I had struggled for a week to get in touch with Lotus Customer services as all my e-mails kept bouncing. A quick call to Neil Turner (Lotus Customer Services) problem resolved with the e-mail - the images I was sending were too large. Anyway so the
  19. If Craig wasn't around the Evora would be up for sale now.
  20. Yep still my favoruite colour on the car although I do like the new 400 in Black and Orange. They remain radio silent.
  21. I'm highly doubtful that anything will be sorted by MMC - still no response since Thursday but I honestly want nothing to do with them now, so much so that I'll pay to rectify the issues I've been left with. Thanks for that, I'll defintiely be doing that, I've already left them a 1 star review on Facebook.
  22. I'd agree, only reason my car was in there was for the warranty work which is well overdue given my warranty actually ended in April, it is only because the centre tunnel took months to get from Lotus that this work has only been carried out now. I've been using CMC since Craig opened up, in fact I think I had all my brakes replaced before Craig had properly opened up. The biggest issue with Murray's is the attitude of the service staff, it is just shockingly bad. I won't be buying anymore cars from Murray's either. They lost all my business along with my families business which ok i
  23. So i'm done with giving Murray Lotus anymore business from this day forward. Some of you might be famiiar with the start of my issues from back in March - backgorund in this thread But what has been going on in the last couple of weeks really takes the biscuit and all I can say is I'm glad Craig Moncrieff is about otherwise I'd have gotten rid of the Evora just so I didn't have to use the Murray service department. So the story goes as follows: 1. After months of me (not Murray's) chasing Lotus for the centre tunn
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