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  1. I found it difficult to tell the difference with that video - not good.
  2. The system is about 7/8kg. Very light due to the tiny can
  3. Here is a very quick one the Mrs took with her iPhone4 (window closed):
  4. Damn, if I knew Jim did titanium then I'd have gone down that route myself (my fault for not even asking). Titanium will also sound different as the sound resonance properties of titanium is different, I think it might give a higher pitch. Here is a video from inside the car please excuse the quality, I used my Sony Xperia Z phone to do this, we did one with the iPhone 4 too so I'll upload that in a bit but here is the best I could do. Please watch it all, I did a mix or cruising at 30mph, 40mph, moderate acceleration to hard acceleration and cruise at 70mph also. Hopefully this should s
  5. The valve setup is to my specification as really I don't think I'll be hitting the track and even if I did I'm not looking for ultimate laptimes otherwise I'd have bought something else. JIm can do it the otherway around if you want but I specifically said to Jim I didn't want to have to put it into sport for it to be loud so it is built as I asked. I very rarely ever drove in sport on the street, it's fast enough for me as it is and I really don't need the extra response. If I'm definitely not taking it to the track I may just deactivate the valve in open mode anyway. Also the beauty of t
  6. Thought this would be of interest to the V6 Exige owners as the exhausts between the Evora S and Exige are the same.
  7. Yeh last time I spoke to Jim he said, "Saj I'm not sure what you've done but all of a sudden my inbox is full of enquires about the Evora S exhaust and the phone is constantly ring about it too" I didn't actually think my videos were very good as it just doesn't capture the way it is when you are actually standing there. Cheers.
  8. Have a look here:
  9. I have to admit the standard MY12 Evora S exhaust sounds good, very good in fact but I always knew when I bought the car I wanted better. I had already been talking to Jim about developing an exhaust for the Exige V6 when I had it on order until I switched over to the Evora S (still not regretting that decision ). Anyway as the systems are pretty much the same Jim started work on the exhaust to get it to me in-time for my run-in service. So back in May the headers, downpipe and version 1(I'll get to version 2) of the exhaust back box turned up at MMC for fitting: Downpipe - oem (top) 2
  10. My Europa S is my daily driver. I drive it at least 6 out of 7 days of the week. Monday to Friday i'll do about 30 - 40 miles per day. Weekend I could do easily 100 - 150 miles depending on my mood. The ride is not as hard as the Exige but it's still a hard ride, but this is something that doesn't really bother me. I also drive it all through the winter too, I bought Team Dynamic wheels so I could put winter tyres on it as you can't get winter tyres for the stock front wheels. Once the winter tyres are on you can go about in the snow no problem too. I live up a very steep hill and pe
  11. Thanks guyz. I guess i'll just have to play about with the pressures and see what happens.
  12. Hi new on here. I have a lotus Europa S and just put winter tyres on the car yesterday. Had to buy a set of TD wheels from TMS due to no winter tyres being available for the stock front wheels. So the tyres I had put on were: Front: Bridgestone Blizzak LM-30 195/55 R16 87H Rear: ContiWinterContact T830P 225/45 R17 91H I have a question about tyre pressures though, according to the tech data in the book we have the following: Front: 175/55 R17 81W (CAD) 26 psi Rear: 225/45 R17 90w (CFE) 30.5 psi Now according to the book unladen weight, front 362kg (798lbs) and rear 633kg (1395l
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