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  1. On 2017-5-21 at 18:11, trcm said:

    Got back from a weeks hols and the Evora is showing a yellow spanner which persists for about thirty seconds after startup.

    Checked the OBD for faults and none showed, battery voltage with ignition off is about 12.2v so that seems OK.

    What could be wrong, only 5000miles on her so far :/

    The reason you don't see it on ODB is that you need to run the scan while the spanner is showing, if you do it after the light goes out it will show up with nothing. Discovered this when I took my own car to Lotus and when they scanned it there was nothing so they ran the scan while the spanner was illuminated and then the error showed up.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    There isn't one. The LMS/TD1.3 18" wheels and ZZR tyres are the control wheel & tyre combo for the various Lotus Cup race series.

    I've done plenty of laps around various tracks with that wheel and tyre combo and I've never had a problem with rubbing, ESP, gearing, whatever. (Except for the speedo reading - but I prefer a GPS speed anyway).

    What tyre size are you running? 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

    I've not had any rubbing from the wheels whilst on track. 

    However, the clearance for the rear braided brake hoses can be quite tight so that's worth keeping an eye on. 

    Just out of interest, if the wheels were 19 on the rear with same width and offset as these 18s would that make that less of an issue? 

    Reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of going 19 all around using custom forged wheels made by Braid. 

  4. On 08/02/2017 at 21:47, chylld said:

    Yep running Dunlop Sport Maxx Race (categorised as "streetable track and competition" on tirerack) 10mm wider all around, i.e. 245/35R19 + 295/30R20. The difference on track:

    • At my amateur skill level, 3-4 seconds faster on a 2-minute lap than the stock PSS
    • You can brake much harder before the ABS kicks in, braking distances are shortened by 10-20 metres (although higher cornering speed contributes to this)
    • In the first session my PSS would often get "greasy" as the pressures overshot the target, the Dunlops have no such problem

    I don't yet have a second set of wheels to put the PSS on for daily driving, so I only drive the 400 on cool days. Wet weather isn't a problem as I still have heaps of tread. No noticeable increase in tyre noise / ride harshness vs PSS. Also no TC/ABS errors as the ratio of front:rear rolling diameters is only 0.2% different from stock.

    The other big upgrade recommended by my dealer (who function primarily as a race team) is a custom-made harness bar and Schroth 4-point ASM harness:


    This really helps you feel the car's movements because let's face it, the stock seats are a bit rubbish. Helps massively to reduce fatigue as you no longer need to use so many muscles to hold your body in place during cornering. The harness bar uses the front and rear seat belt bolts so no permanent modification required and is super easy to remove.

    The last upgrade for my car was just made and hasn't yet been tested on track: front negative camber increased from -0.5 degrees to -1.5 degrees. This took the dealer hours to do as it was a game of chasing camber, toe and caster back and forth several times. This should really help with the mid-corner understeer.

    I'm a bit reluctant to do any more to the car as I feel I'm already at the point of diminishing returns for this chassis... so the current plan is to upgrade once I'm consistently at its limits.

    Are you running the 295 and 245 tyres on the stock 19/20 forged wheels or have you bought a different set of wheels? If you have what spec are your wheels?

  5. If you have an NA the best place to put the money is into a full exhaust system with the decat manifold, I've heard the full decat 2bular exhaust setup on the NA first hand and it sounds brilliant. I have the full 2bular on my S and it is brilliant too.

    If you do the komotec intake you'll likely need a remap to go with it.

    FYI the 2bular/komotec intake combo has given me no issues at all.

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  6. If your new tyres are the same size as stock and the load rating of your new tyres are the same as stock then you should use the same tyre pressures as stock.

    If however your new tyres have a different load rating then you need to recalculate the tyre pressures using the ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation) load inflation table. Generally if your new tyres have a lower load rating it will need a higher tyre pressure and if it has a higher load rating then needs a lower tyre pressure. This is only a general starting point but I've calculated it for lots of my friends when they've complained about handling issues after fitting new tyres and this has resolved the issue for most of them.

  7. 22 hours ago, ramjet said:

    You were away, on holiday as you said, and multiple car dealers were involved in that time.

    So explain to me how taking the front clam off would disconnect the head unit, would disconnect the 12v power socket on the replaced interior trim and would have my mobile phone charging wire stuck in the rear seat that was reinstalled during the warranty work. A bit of common sense please.

  8. 23 hours ago, ramjet said:

    I don't know why you used MMC for some work and then had the car transported to Craig for other work? Probably doesn't matter.

    My car was already booked in for the following Monday with CMC to have the front clam removed so that Autoglass could fit the windscreen for me. MMC was supposed to have completed the warranty work on my car for the Thursday so that I could pick it up and take it to CMC on Friday morning before I went on holiday. However MMC told me they wouldn't be finished for Thursday so they said they'd drop the car off to CMC once they had completed their work. MMC dropped the car off to CMC by 9.00am on the Monday.

    22 hours ago, tim_marra said:

    But you cannot be certain MMC completed it, as you collected the car from CMC before any opportunity for MMC to do otherwise. , but still you blame them full stop. It just does not make a good story. Maybe you fooked up too?

    MMC told me they had completed the work!!! Honestly why don't you just go and troll some other thread.

  9. I've currently no plans to do anything drastic and I don't really expect MMC to do anything now. They've ignored me up till now, I don't really see that changing hence why I'm working with Lotus Customer Services with the remaineder of my issues.

    No love for the actual car has been lost - I do love me car :)

    Having CMC looking after my car means I don't have any real worries of finding anything else, if I do I'll just get it fixed. The point of the thread is to warn others that the service from MMC is not what it used to be, I could never trust them again - that's the most important thing.

  10. 19 minutes ago, TBD said:

    Unfortunately cracks in that trim panel are very common (had it twice on my former Evora S), there being at least two known issues for it:

    1. Thermal - the panel expands and contracts with every engine cycle, causing strain that can lead to the fracture you showed
    2. Trunk lid adjustment - there is an incredible freedom in adjusting the trunk lid to properly fit and alihn with the body, including the sail panel.

    In your case, I'll go certain that it was the adjustment, which is also what the pictures show. The lid was obviously off, so there is no question on that. If the clam was removed an then adjusted poorly, that would be further aggravate things. First the clam removal has to be aligned to the body. Then the Sail Panel to the clam and roof. The trunk lid is the last item to adjust.

    Before you read on, I have to first of all say the sceptics are probably going to think I'm at it now. I think if I was reading onwards about someone else I'd be thinking that but honestly not a word you read next is a lie, I swear it is the truth.

    So I had one of the dash lights come on and since the weekend my clutch has felt like it has been ready to give up on me, the bite point is practically not there now and the pedal now requires a fair amount more force that it did just a few weeks ago. So on Monday quick message to CMC and was booked in first thing this morning to drop it off before going to work. So it's about 7.15am and for the first time fairly cold so I get in the car, start her up and stick on the front and rear demister (first time i'm using the rear demister after summer). Wait about a minute and then set off. A few minutes into the journey I notice in my rear view that the demister isn't clearing the rear window. At first I think maybe it just needs a bit more time as it was quite cold and as the car is getting on a bit maybe it just isn't as quick as it used to be. So another few minutes into the journey and still no joy so now I'm thinking yep it is definitely not working. No big deal I'm dropping the car to CMC I'll get that checked out at the same time as the clutch.

    So get a message from CMC this afternoon:


    Lead to the rear window demister and the rear centre brake light isn't connected. So clearly it hasn't been reconnected when the car was reassembled following the paint work. Now I know what you're thinking CMC must be at it now. Craig even said to me he thought Saj is going to think we are at it  :lol: and for a moment one might have thought that but then I remembered that when I was driving home the other day a member of the public took a picture of the back of my car on the motorway and posted it up on Rev Limits you'll see below:


    Now that was posted on Rev Limits on October 10th, but the reason for showing it is because the picture is of me braking and if you look at the centre of the spoiler no brake light working truth be told I forgot I even had a brake light in the spoiler until today. So the point i'm making is that the rear brake light wasn't working before it went into CMC. Now I had no idea my rear brake light was not working at all, the only thing I was originally going to CMC for was the dash light and the clutch. Again for any sceptics out there here is my original message to get my car booked in, nothing to do with any rear demister or rear brake light.


    Honestly you can't make this stuff up  #damnfunny

  11. 11 hours ago, Bibs said:

    What's your end game here mate, what outcome are you hoping to achieve?

    No game plan, no planned end game. I'm just annoyed and frustrated at the treatment given my past loyalty to MMC. I've sent so many people their way and given them plenty of business myself so to be treated the way I have been feels like a kick to the googlies followed by a slap in the face.

  12. 13 hours ago, tim_marra said:

    Will that be before or after further adjustments? Looking at the chronological reporting of your issues, and particularly the most recent one together with all the timing between each, if I were Lotus I would be telling you to FRO.

    Sounds like you are exactly the type of employee Murray Lotus is hires these day - maybe you should send in your CV :P

    If Murray's had acknolwledged the issues from day one and responded to resolve the at that point then they wouldn't be getting a bad wrap about it now. Instead they would have got a glowing report of how well they handled the situation in light of issues.

  13. It hasn't come to light now, it was weeks ago I'm now just updating the thread on where things are at the moment. I said at the start of the update I had issues getting my pictures across to Lotus which contributed to the delays.

    The grill along with the rear panel hasn't been put back on properly. As a result of it not being on properly the grill is not attached correctly which has caused it to crack.

  14. They were given the opportunity to resolve this when all the original issues were highlighted to them, they just chose to deny fault for the workmanship so the relationship went sour from that point.

    Stupidly they chose not to even try and fix things now, instead they could have attempted to salvage the situation when Lotus got in touch but they chose not to because they forgot I had evidence to disprove what they told Lotus and as a result get away with it.

    I'm now just highlighting based on the recent situation and their original denial of fault they can't be trusted.

  15. I'd have updated the thread sooner but wanted to see if MMC would change their ways but they haven't. If there are still any sceptics out there about how utterly crap MMC are now this should probably cement everything that has been said before. Part of the delay in updating the thread is because when the issue I'll describe in a moment came up I had struggled for a week to get in touch with Lotus Customer services as all my e-mails kept bouncing. A quick call to Neil Turner (Lotus Customer Services) problem resolved with the e-mail - the images I was sending were too large.

    Anyway so the day before the last Rev Limits track night I picked up on another issue with my car. I went to open the boot of my car only to discover I couldn't open it. This I think was actually the first time I went to open the boot since having my car back but I can't be sure, however I was unable to lift the boot open more than a few inches. I gently lowered and raised it to see what the issue was only to find a crack on the drivers side of the top grill where the heat escapes from the engine bay.

    I closed the boot to inspect it further and on closer inspection I could clearly see that the grill section hadn't actually been put back on the car properly following the paint work that was done by MMC. You'll see from the picture the large gap between the grill panel and roof panel on the driver side and from the other picture the passenger side so that you can see clearly the difference and how the driver side should be. I've also now inspected the panel and to my eye the actual panel itself doesn't look to be correctly fitted either as the gap between the panel and the drivers door is larger than the gap between the same panel on the passenger side.

    I can open the boot when the car is cold and not driven, but once the car has been driven and the grill panel heats up it is expanding/moving and preventing the boot from lifting open. I have to get someone to push down on the grill panel slightly so that the boot can then fully be raised.

    Crack in grill panel and gap between it and the roof panel - driver side


    Grill panel - passenger side


    Now given MMC decided to ignore me I decided I was done trying to deal with them and went directly to Neil Turner with my issue. I have to say when I spoke to Neil on the phone I got the level of customer service and understanding that you should expect - so a big thumbs up for Neil on this occasion. Neil took the pictures I sent and took over communicating with MMC.

    Neil got back to me yesterday with the following:

    "Dear Sajid.
    Murrays have provided me with photographs taken before and after their repair which confirm that they have not removed or adjusted the rear clam during their paint repair and because of the public negativity shown towards them, they decline to assist further in relation to this specific issue as they feel they have carried out their repair to the best of their ability.

    I can do little to influence their stance, so all I can do is to supply you with a new rear cosmetic panel directly to replace the cracked one. If you choose to have this fitted by Craig then so be it, butm I cannot accept any charges or costs in relation to this work, I am sorry.
    Would you like me to send you a new panel with our compliments?
    Please let me know."

    So first off given the response from MMC back to Lotus I'm glad that Neil offered me a new panel even if I do have to fork out for fitting it myself.

    However what I don't know is what pictures MMC sent to Neil for MMC to claim the rear clam hadn't been removed or adjusted. MMC have clearly forgotten they sent me a ton of pictures of all the work including this one below which I have sent on to Neil. It clearly shows the rear clam was adjusted to allow the paintwork to be done:


    What I don't know yet is if MMC sent the above picture to Neil, I doubt it and they probably sent the one below or similar where you can't really tell the clam has been lifted off. At least you can see the top grill was removed.


    I highly doubt though that they sent Neil the first one otherwise I can't see how Neil would believe that the rear clam wasn't removed or adjusted. I am waiting for Neil's response on this so let's see what he comes back with. I suspect he has gone back to MMC with the first image I've given him that counters MMCs claim.

    Once Neil gets back to me, I'll provide another update but as it stands this really isn't looking good for MMC's honor and integrity. Even if Neil gets them to fork out for the repair now that he has the evidence of a crap job I don't think I could give my car to them anyway as I simply can't trust them anymore.

    It just gets worse...........

  16. 13 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Really sorry to hear this Saj. I've never had a problem with MMC to be honest but tend to use CM because of his reputation and that of his guys who are superb.

    I hope MMC turn it round. I've driven past twice recently but never see any Loti through all the Mitsubishi trucks on the forecourt.

    Hope you get it all sorted.

    I'm highly doubtful that anything will be sorted by MMC - still no response since Thursday but I honestly want nothing to do with them now, so much so that I'll pay to rectify the issues I've been left with.

    8 hours ago, ramjet said:

    Pretty unfortunate chain of events Saj. Maybe put your review on here?

    Thanks for that, I'll defintiely be doing that, I've already left them a 1 star review on Facebook.

  17. I'd agree, only reason my car was in there was for the warranty work which is well overdue given my warranty actually ended in April, it is only because the centre tunnel took months to get from Lotus that this work has only been carried out now.

    I've been using CMC since Craig opened up, in fact I think I had all my brakes replaced before Craig had properly opened up.

    The biggest issue with Murray's is the attitude of the service staff, it is just shockingly bad. I won't be buying anymore cars from Murray's either. They lost all my business along with my families business which ok in the grand scheme of things probably isn't a big deal but I've bought 3 cars from them in the last 6 years and betwen my brothers another two and we've had 6 cars go to them for all servicng work too during this time.

  18. So i'm done with giving Murray Lotus anymore business from this day forward. Some of you might be famiiar with the start of my issues from back in March - backgorund in this thread

    But what has been going on in the last couple of weeks really takes the biscuit and all I can say is I'm glad Craig Moncrieff is about otherwise I'd have gotten rid of the Evora just so I didn't have to use the Murray service department.

    So the story goes as follows:

    1. After months of me (not Murray's) chasing Lotus for the centre tunnel replacement it finally got delivered last month
    2. Car was booked in for getting the tunnel replaced along with the passenger floor carpet and getting paint defects corrected on the driver side rear panel
    3. Car handed in at the start of September with agreed completion date of Friday 9th so that I could hand the car into CMC on the Friday so the front clam could be removed for a new windscreen to be fitted while I was away on holiday
    4. Due to Lotus questioning the paint defect (thinking it had been repainted, when it hadn't) there was a delay in the work getting finished so the car wasn't finished until Monday so MMC had to drop the car off to Craig first thing before Autoglass turned up - so no big deal here.

    The problems occured when I picked the car up after the windscreen had been fitted.

    1. The headunit wasn't working, no power going to it
    2. The red airbag light was on
    3. The yellow spanner light was on
    4. The new floor carpet hadn't been replaced and was just left on the floor
    5. Inside of the car had not been cleaned following the mess left over from removing the whole interior and putting it back in
    6. The lighter/power port on the rear of the tunnel doesn't work anymore
    7. They had somehow managed to get my phone charging wire lodged into the rear seats when putting it back into place

    So I got in touch with MMC on Tuesday 13th via e-mail in the morning, got no response from MMC on Tuesday, heard nothing back on Wednesday and so I followed up with another e-mail on Thursday this time copying in Lotus customer services and funny enough a response came back from Damien at MMC where by there was total denial of the airbag light, head unit and yellow spanner light. No acknowlegment of not cleaning the car or the charging wire. The only thing accepted by MMC was about the floor carpet.

    I responded angry and annoyed on the Thursday back to MMC via e-mail to include point number 6 as I only discovered that after my first e-mail. But you guessed it no response from MMC at all.

    All I can say is a massive thank you to Craig and his guys at CMC (, as Craig has kindly rectified most of the issues with the car for me.

    It will cost me to get the interior back out to rectify the power socket but I am so hacked off with MMC i'm not going back to them for anything!

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