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  1. No idea to be honest but all the cars I go out with are running MPSS and none have ever seen more than 10k out of a set.

    I don't know what kind of durability tests they have been doing but 40k I just can't see it happening, not even 20k if I'm honest. Great tyres though and would highly recommend to all existing Evora owners.

  2. Thoughts on 'That' badge had been fed back to some very senior people at Lotus.


    Here's a kicker for you - In durability testing, Lotus have seen 40,000 miles from a set of the rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres. Bosh!

    Hate to break it to everyone but you'll not get more than 8000 miles out of the rear tyres .

    Unless the compound is different I've been running pilot supersport on my Evora S in the exact same size as those on the 400 and I only got 3500 miles out of them. That's with no track work. They were K1 spec which come only with 6mm from new so hence me saying no more than 8000 miles.

    I have the non K1 spec on the rear now so hoping I get more like 7000 this time.

  3. my italian lotus dealer god me that on tuesday lotus will talk about the new esprit (not a new evora) and the evora mule sawn in those pics was a tester car for the esprit engine....


    I'm assuming when you say Tuesday you mean Thursday? Was the dealer guessing or is that what they've been told?

  4. No plans for what to do after, but not opposed to it if there's a decent planned route?

    I think the plan is not to leave Hermiston Gait until 9.40am, it should only take 15 mins or so to get from there to Grassmarket if we go via Calder Road and then past Sainsbury's Murrayfield and up onto the Western Approach Road, Lothian Road and left into Bread St, West Port and down to Grassmarket. Dunno where the sat navs will suggest but I think that's a decent route...


    Probably worth asking around when everyone is together to see who would be up for it. I'm easy with regards to routes if anyone knows a good one to take.

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  5. My 2bular setup wouldn't have a chance on track with the valve open, but closed it might.

    As I don't go to track I've had the valve disabled so open all the time without having to be in sport.

    Also Jim has a new version which he managed to get built for my brothers Evora S in a matter of weeks, you could call it version 3, I'll try and get pictures so you can compare.

    The good thing about 2bular is when you order it Jim can tailor it to how you want it.

  6. Full 2Bular Exhaust with Decat Manifold, this was at the Scottish Supercar Breakfast meet this morning.


    Not sure it is obvious in the video but it drowned out the C63 and M5 behind it which were reving at the same time. I only found out bout the AMG and M5 after everyone surrounding the cars told me they couldn't hear them.


    Of course Jim is able to adjust the volume to personal taste and mine happens to be ASBO loud :)




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