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  2. Aw, I'm missing her now I'm glad she's gone to a good home though & hope you have as much fun driving her as I have for the last 4 years Time for a change for me & have put a deposit down on a TVR Cerbera speed 6, never owned a TVR so had an itch to scratch. Another one to tick off my bucket list. Enjoy. Kind regards, Phil.
  3. Well I've taken a deposit on the Esprit & she's ready for the new owner to collect her Thursday. Sold to a new forum member who I'm sure will be along to introduce himself ( if he hasn't already ) Still got mixed feeling about selling her but as I said previously life's too short & feel it time for a change & it gives someone else a chance to enjoy her. Having said that it's going to be hard to watch her being taken away to her new home but I'm sure Stephen will take good care of her. To all the people who told me not to buy a Lotus ( I won't repeat the acronym ) & said I'd spend more time fixing her than driving her, you're missing out on one of the best driving experiences out there !!! She has given me over 4 years of pleasure & put a smile on my face every time I drove her, never let me down other than a few niggles & regular maintenance.​ It's been a privilege to have owned such an iconic car. I'd also like to thank The Lotus Forums & all its members who have helped me immeasurably in sorting out the few issues I ever had & for all the advice & information contained on this brilliant site, it's more than worth the full membership cost. I wish you all the very best for the future wherever you may be. Kind regards, Phil.
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    WANTED Esprit V8

    Having seen David's Esprit I can honestly say it is without doubt one of the nicest I have ever seen, my favourite colour too. If I had over £ 30k to spend I would snap it up ! Phil.
  5. Would love to go but would also struggle to take another day off work as well at the moment
  6. Hi Bibs, Shame the factory is 4 1/2 hours away from me, that & the fact I've got it up for sale, but they don't come much brighter than Mica yellow !! Phil.
  7. Sorry Jonny, already had a prior weekend away planned. She does look fantastic & gets admiring glances & complementary comments whenever I take her out which is why I'm torn about selling her. Phil.
  8. Hi Vanya, I would love to keep her as well but unfortunately I can't afford another toy without selling this one & if I could I only have a single garage so nowhere to keep two. I'm really torn but I do get bored keeping the same car for too long & want to try something different to add to the Ducati 748, AC Cobra replica with a rover V8 engine & a Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera I've owned before the S4s. So that's a 4 cylinder, flat 6, V8 so far so maybe a straight 6 is the next one to try ? Phil
  9. Hi, Could be interested in a V8 but also looking at TVR Tuscans, would love to keep her but just fancy a change, life's too short ! Car no listed for sale on :-) Cheers, Phil.
  10. Classifieds are listed at for free - Bibs
  11. I would totally agree regarding the later V8 spoiler being better for visibility, boot access etc but personally I just don't think it goes with the lines on the Esprit like the S4s / early V8 spoiler ( just my opinion ) Interesting info about the transom, where did the one or the other bit come from because since it's been mentioned I've been looking at pictures of Esprit's & almost all have both ? Phil.
  12. Well it is loud enough to wake the dead
  13. No idea but we had a recent trip to our caravan & into Scotland & my S4s was still showing 1/4 tank after 300 + miles. This was mostly steady driving with the odd spirited run. I filled up when my mate stopped to fill up his 4.3 TVR Griffith but his tank is also smaller ( plus the V8 won't help ! ) Like Ian said, who cares ? I fill her up, drive her till she's down to 1/4 tank & fill her up again :-)
  14. Ha Ha, I'll give it a go, hopefully this works. Mmm, missed the front off, I'm not very good with computers !! And another, I'll get on eof the interior next time she's out. To be honest the monarch green doesn't look good in photo's & I nearly discounted going to look at this one because of it but I'm glad I did cause it looks much better in the 'flesh' & I think it goes with the yellow well, plus she's unique :-)
  15. Hi, some lovely looking V8's there. With regards the 'transom' are we talking about the little raised section on the tip below the spoiler because my S4s has this along with the spoiler & as far as I'm aware this is how they left the factory, at least all the pictures I've seen of S4s have both, did they change this on the V8 because of the slightly higher top speed ? ( I've just checked a V8 brochure I have & the pictures of the early V8 in that have both ) To be honest most early V8's I've seen have both ? Even Matts V8 has one albeit with the later type spoiler. Phil.
  16. Hi, thanks for the replies, I've certainly seen a few early V8's fitted with Futura's but as you've said they could have been optioned or retro-fitted. I'm really torn as I still love my S4s but I always seem to get an itch for another new toy after a few years, 4 years for me is quite a long time compared to how long I usually keep my cars ( daily driver excepted ) I have looked at TVR's etc but for the money I don't think anything can compare with the Esprit, they just look so fantastic. Unfortunately V8's seem thin on the ground at the moment. Not that I'm in a hurry when I can still enjoy my S4s in the meantime. Cheers, Phil.
  17. Hi, I've owned my S4s for 4 years now & after briefly hankering after an Aston Martin V8 Vantage ( now decided to put on hold ) I'm contemplating whether to change her for a V8 Esprit, the trouble is I love the Oz wheels & rear spoiler on my S4s but prefer the dash of the later V8's, can anyone tell me if the V8 was ever available with the early style body ( spoiler ) but later style dash ? The wheels are not a major problem but personally I just don't like the rear spoiler on the later V8 models. Also would anyone have an idea of what an S4s registered in March 1996 would be worth ? She's in mica yellow ( only 2 made in this colour & the other one is in Australia ) with monarch ( green ) leather ( only S4s made in this colour combination ) Excellent condition although bumpers could do with re-spray due to bad colour match ) & only 43k miles. Thanks, Phil.
  18. Hi Tony, that's the one but make sure it's from a reputable source as there are a lot of copies of dubious quality & also the 0805 was updated towards the end of last year so make sure it's not the older spec one. Phil.
  19. I bought a Mini 0805 for my van in February from the Car Camera Shop & I've been really impressed with it, so much so that I've just ordered 2 more for the daily driver & my Son's car after someone wrote off his last car by pulling out of a junction, the other driver initially said it was his fault & apologised but apparently has now changed his story & said my Son drove into him ! so I'm concerned they may go 50/50, having a camera, whilst not covering every eventuality would have proved beyond doubt who was at fault. They cost about £ 100 with GPS. The one in my van just plugs into the cigar lighter & I bought another lead so I can use it in the Esprit but I've ordered the others with a fixed wiring kit so they are neater. Basically you just attach the mount to the screen, plug it in & go, it turns on when the ignition is on & off when you stop so you just fit & forget it. I'm running it with a 32Gb micro SD card. Highly recommended for the price.
  20. Unfortunately I'm away for this although I'm hoping to get to the Wolviston Village show tomorrow ( 12th May ) if I finish work on time. Phil.
  21. Hi, I'm no expert but I had the same problem once, as Travis has suggested you'll probably need to uninstall / reinstall the driver. This worked for me. Hope you get it sorted. Phil.
  22. Hi, would the VHT paint work by spraying some into a lid & applying it with a brush ? I just want to touch in some small chipped areas on my S4s engine. Cheers, Phil.
  23. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has had this done to their Esprit ( or daily driver ) & if so what your thoughts are. I'm considering getting my S4s done but wondered if it could do any harm ? It seems to be getting good reviews from various forums. Phil.
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