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  1. Update. I disconnected & cleaned the connection on the oil pressure sender & the spade connector. Haven't had much chance for a long run out but managed to have a quick spin yesterday & problem seems to be ok. Oil pressure reading seemed a little higher as well but maybe that's just my imagination. Hopefully having a trip to the caravan & run out to the Lake District next weekend so should confirm then if problem definately fixed. Phil.
  2. Hi, There's a classic Mini show ( including classic cars ) on at Saltburn by the Sea on Sunday 1st July. There's also apparently an air show on as well along with stalls & things for the kids to do, here's a link. Only up the road from me so I'll be popping along. It's free as well :-) Phil.
  3. As title says, mine is missing & I'd like to replace it if possible. Drop me a PM if you can help. Cheers, Phil.
  4. Hi Derek, So if the oil pressure had actually been that low the light would ( should ) have come on ? ( the bulb definately works ) The revs were certainly above 1500rpm, more like 6500 rpm I'll check the wires etc tomorrow, sounds like it could be a bad or loose connection. Thanks, Phil
  5. Hi, Just been out for quick spin tonight & noticed ''while giving it some beans'' that my oil preesure gauge goes from it's normal reading of between 2 & 3 bar to below zero ? This only happens on full throttle / boost & only for 3 or 4 seconds & then it gradually rises back to normal. I have no CEL or oil warning light on ( does the oil warning light work on same circuit ? ) Not noticed it prior to tonight. Any ideas ? Many thanks, Phil.
  6. We should all watch clips like this & remember them the next time we're moaning about trivial things that happen in our lives. Most of us couldn't even begin to know what Lance Bombardier Parkinson & millions of people like him have endured & continue to endure every day of their lives. Things that most of us take for granted. Truely inspiring !
  7. Anyone going to Hardwick Hall classic car show tonight ? Hoping to have a run over if it stays fine. Phil.
  8. Hi Jim, The number of the level sensor to fit the bottle is 1306 24. Hope this helps. Phil.
  9. Hi Jim, I've asked my mate at the motor factors for the part number of the level switch, shouldn't be a problem, hopefully I'll know by tomorrow. Regards, Phil. Hi Adrian, the one in mine is like a tube that slides up & down past the switch. It was siezed solid but all working now. I had to cut the end off to get it out though & glue it back on once is was clean, it didn't look like it was designed to be taken apart & put back together unless the cap was also seized on. Working now anyway. The cost of the bottles listed on ebay meant it wasn't worth buying second hand, plus I figured the second hand ones would probably be as old as mine seeing as the 205 has been out of production for some time now. Cheers, Phil.
  10. Thanks Andy, I understand this better now. OP - did you find what the problem was / is ? Phil.
  11. Hi again, thanks for the replies. I don't want to hijack the thread but I am learning all the time about how my engine works & have another question if I may. If the ECU doesn't limit boost due to high MAT readings why does it have a MAT sensor, what does it need this information for ? Many thanks, Phil.
  12. Phil ''with Freescan'' was leaving as you were arriving ( again ) That's twice now, I'm begining to think you're avoiding me ( only joking ) I did manage to plug it into Mark's car to confirm the TPS was correctly set though. Glad you traced the fault Martin & got it sorted though, it's usually the simplest things that take so long to trace. Mark, I think you put the 'mockers' on my car asking if my coolant hoses where ok, drove home with no problems but once parked on the drive I could hear a 'hisssssss' & water dripping onto the driveway Looked under the engine cover & my coolant bottle had decided to split ! One new bottle & all back together again, I did find the low water level switch was gunked up & stuck in closed circuit though so I stripped that & managed to get it working as well. One of these days we may all be in the same place at the same time Phil.
  13. Hi Derek, Can you confirm what ACT is ? It states in my freescan manual under MAT that if this goes over 70 degrees then boost will be limited by the ECU, I presumed this is mainly why you loose so much power when the charge cooler isn't working correctly not just because of the density of the air being less. Is my understanding incorrect ? Regards, Phil.
  14. Also check chargecooler temperature, if your chargecooler pump impellor has failed the ecu will limit boost due to high inlet air temperatures, it made a noticable difference when mine had given in. Best way is to check with Espritmon or Freescan but easy way is to take her for a good run, stop & quickly open the engine cover & feel the chargecooler, it should be cool to touch, be careful it may be hot ! If it is there is a problem. Phil.
  15. Hi, Just replaced the coolant bottle on my S4s as the original had sprung a leak ( the one located in the rear right of engine compartment ) Ordered a new one from my local motor factors. I found from searching on here the Item is off a Peugeot 205 but no part number was listed. With a bit of checking the correct part number is 1303 53. Hopefully this will be usefull to someone. FYI, I was going to buy a second hand one off ebay but they were listed at anywhere between £24.00 & £ 28.00 with postage. New part was less then £40.00 so decided it was worth the bit extra. Also found my low coolant level switch was stuck so it would not have warned me if level was low, I stripped it apart, cleaned it & all now works fine. Phil.
  16. Hi, I'm hoping to get there weather permitting. Just spent last two days at our caravan in the cold drizzle so hoping for some sunshine. Martin, if you go will you be taking the Esprit ? I'll put the laptop & lead in just in case. Hopefully see some of you there. Phil.
  17. Hi, I had similar problems last year with my S4s, please find link to my post I copied on a recent thread. Hope this is of some help. Phil.
  18. Hi Peter, I had a similar problem with mine last year, here's a link to the thread. I think mine was the TPS screw. All been ok since. Hope this helps. Phil.
  19. Hi, Well I have replaced my Greenstuff pads with Mintex ( For ref the part numbers are MDB2221 fronts & MDB1445 rears ) Went out for steady run yesterday & first impressions were good, they obviously needed bedding in but there was much more 'feel' to the pedal & more 'bite' unfortunately I didn't have time to go far but today I've had a good run out over the North York moors on a good mix of roads & now they've had chance to bed in the brakes are far better then they were with the EBC pads :-) I now have much more confidence in them as although they worked before the pedal just felt dead. Now when I press the pedal I can feel the pads working. Brake dust seems a little worse but not excessive. Time will tell on the wear rate but I'd rather replace the pads at £ 25.00 than the discs at £??? I'm not sure how long the greenstuff pads have been fitted as they were in when I bought her last year but I've done 3k miles & they look hardly worn at all. I have to agree with Darren & feel that the EBC pads just do not suit the braking system fitted to the Esprit. Maybe on the track the Mintex pads may struggle but I have no intention of doing track days so this isn't a problem for me. Whether I find problems with them fading whilst driving on the roads remains to be seen but I have had Mintex pads in various performance cars in the past & have never had any problems before. Maybe the Mintex pads are compensating for my braking system not operating as well as it did when new but I'm now happy with them & it has cost less than £ 50.00. Coincidentally the handbrake now works better as well but this maybe because I've cleaned & lubed the caliper sliders & cables. Many thanks again to Darren for his time posting his findings & for giving me the push to do something about my brakes, keep up the good work :-) Phil
  20. Hi Darren, Many thanks again for taking the time to not only get your brakes sorted but also to post your findings on here. It has given me hope that the original brakes can be made to work, I did read a few road tests forom the time when the S4s was launched & both journalists commented how good the brakes were. After reading your last post about changing the pads I have today ordered new front & rear mintex pads for mine to replace the EBC greenstuff pads that are fitted at present. Hopefully I'll have them in by the weekend & will report back. Thanks again, Phil.
  21. My 95MY S4s has a factory alarm / immobilisor fitted, not sure what make it is but it is armed when locking the door ( no fob ) it has interior sensors & is connected ( I think ) to the boot & bonnet. I recently ( with help of a friend who is an approved installer ) fitted a Thatcham Sterling One alarm. Mainly so I have the convenience of being able to lock the car by use of a fob rather than the key but also as people have said, technology has moved on since the original was designed ( rolling codes etc ) I have left the original alarm in though. Phil.
  22. If we want good weatherI think it may have to be a lot further South, Spain for instance !? I've given up with our weather, sat here typing this it sounds like November outside with the wind howling & it feels like October temperature wise
  23. Hi, yes it was me :welcome: Sorry I missed you all, I was hoping to catch up with Martin as I had my Laptop & Freescan with me but unfortunately I had to leave a bit earlier than I thought. I had been there since 9.30am ( set off at 8.20am ) though & I was out last night until 1ish Really enjoyed the show but it was bloody cold in that wind ! Hopefully catch up sometime in the future. Phil
  24. Will do, but not sure what time I'm staying until, probably set off home about 1ish ? I'll PM you my number if you want to call me first. Hope to see you there. Phil.
  25. Nice one, hope it's sorted. Could be the switch has broken down inside. Will you make it to Fastlane ? Phil.
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