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  1. I totally agree. I do the same, search Lotus Esprit & you get multiple listings for things like mudflaps & even recently, roof-racks WTF !!! In my opinion it reallt spoils Ebay for me, looking through endless listings of items that have nothing to do with the article you searched for. They should stop multiple listings of anything, Ebay are not short of sellers but they are short on buyers & to me they are putting buyers like myself off using it, no buyers, no ebay ? I also think there is too much new stuff listed, you used to be able to change the search parameters but most prople seem to list things in all catagories so often it makes no difference. Rant over. Phil
  2. Hi Martin, I'm no expert but from experience on other cars if the solonoid is clicking & all connections are good then it sounds like fault with your battery, starter &/or solonoid. What voltage have you got on the main connection when trying to start it as your battery may be on it's way out. Do you use the Esprit much ? It could just be sticking from lack of use or gunked up with oil / dust off the clutch. Other thing is worn ring gear so it will not engage, I used to have a car that did this & a rock back & forth while in gear would free it up for a while but it needed a new starter. Maybe worth taking it out & giving it a clean ? Hope you get sorted. Phil.
  3. Just registered for this, hope the weather's good
  4. I'll second checking battery terminals. I had the clicking noise soon after I'd finished changing the thermostat on mine, cleaned & tightened the battery terminals & all ok since. I suspect I may have disturbed it while sat in the boot when replacing the thermostat ( & hours spent fishing a nut from the water pump )
  5. There's about 6 of these parked at our local BMW dealership, not my cup of tea at all, seem a bit pointless but the world would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things Each to their own.
  6. Sorry to hear about alternator dying. Do you not fancy having a go yourself ? Shouldn't be too difficult ( says the bloke who dropped a nut into the water pump while carrying our a 'simple' thermostat replacement !! ) I must admit Wolviston isn't the most ideal location. I went last year ( or maybe the year before ) & there wasn't a huge amount there & it was spread out. They usually have one in Elton Village & Sedgefield as well, they're are better locations. Hope this weather starts to pick up. I was going to try Fastlane as it's a nice run up from here but not sure if the Wife is coming & the flower show is on at Newby ( I think ) so it's easier to presuade her if there's something else to do ;-) Phil.
  7. Hi, I'm hoping to get to some of these shows, work & weather permitting. Probably go for - CITP on 13th May Ripley on 4th June I've got Silverstone Classic weekend booked. Hoping to get to Croft Nostalgia this year & will try & attend the Butterwick Hospice shows, there is also one of these at Wolviston Village ( listed in Morgans yearbook ) on Tuesday 8th May from 5.30 - 9.00. You need to pre-book to show your car though. Hope to see some of you out & about this year. Didn't get my Esprit until late July last year so missed most of the shows due to other commitments. Got first decent run planned this weekend ( hoping weathers ok ) off to Whitby / Scarborough then over night in hotel on NY Moors then back home via either Helmsley or Fylingdales. ( Tractor run on in Helmsley on Sundy so probably Fylindales !! ) Don't know about elsewhere but our local council seem hell bent on having us all drive at 20mph everwhere, they are obsessed with speed humps ( that my totally standard height S4s will not go over, what's the legal position with these ? surely if you buy a road legal car you should be able to use the roads without having to scrape the front on these humps whilst driving on them ! ) & now the latest scheme is reducing a number of NSL roads to 40mph, speed kills aparently although I've driven fast quite a few times & I'm still here ! Rant over, drive safely. Phil.
  8. Hopefully now sorted. Fitted new genuine O2 sensor & been for 20 mile run out, no CEL, no mis-fire & exhaust tip does not seem anywhere near as sooty as before. I don't pretend to know how they work but suspect the first non-original sensor may have been giving incorrect readings to ecu regarding fueling as the exhaust tip was always very black ? Anyway, just glad it's sorted, running like a dream today with MAT at 19 degrees :-) Many thanks go to Peter ( Mr oogieboogie ) for the loan of the O2 sensor, much appreciated. Phil.
  9. Hi, Quick update. Steve ( SJS ) was true to his word, refunded cost of non-original O2 sensor I returned & replaced with genuine Lotus one ( Delphi ES 10057 ) which arrived yesterday. Hopefully get it swapped on Saturday & get a run out to test it. That's if it ever stops raining :-( Phil.
  10. Hi Bibs, The sensor I bought form SJS has 4 wires. He has two listed on his website, the one I bought which is listed as 'non Lotus' & an original Lotus item so I have no problem with what was supplied just the fact that it appears to be 'faulty' The sensor had been in the car for about 1000 miles before any aparent problem although since replaceing the sensor, back box & cat bypass in September the engine seems to run a bit richer than it did before. I have nothing to back this up though other than the exhuast tip seems very 'sooty' I've never checked the MPG or know what the ommissions where before. It was only recently that the CEL has been coming on & an initial miss-fire. Both faults pointing to the O2 sensor or wiring loom to it. Since fitting the original Lotus sensor I have loaned there has, so far been no more issues. I haven't had a good long run out yet though so my findings are far from conclusive but it does point to the O2 sensor. This has been returned to SJS to test & I'm awaiting his response. Will let you know what happens. Either way I'll be replacing the sensor with an original Lotus part. Regards, Phil. Just spoke to Steve @ SJS & he has agreed to refund cost of the O2 sensor from purchase of a genuine one which should be here next week. Fingers crossed. Phil.
  11. Hi Peter, I've just replied on the original thread in Freescan / Ecu forum. So far so good, been out three times now & no faults or CEL. Original sensor now gone back to SJS so just awaiting response form them before ordering a replacment. Regards, Phil. P.S. looks like you've been busy. Boot floor project looking good :-)
  12. Hi, Just a quick update. There is no part number of the O2 sensor & it's definately not a genuine Lotus one. I am very grateful to a forum member who has loaned me a genuine Lotus O2 sensor to try. I fitted this one Friday, disconnected the battery to re-set the ecu & have now had three trips out in the car since then with no problems or CEL so it's looking likely that it is the sensor at fault ? I noticed that the genuine one has a much larger sensor head & looks better quality then the one I bought. I got in touch with SJS & they have agreed to test the one I've removed & if faulty I'm hoping they may offer to refund against a genuine sensor. Either way I'm going to replace it with the correct Lotus one. I'll report back & let you know how I get on. Regards, Phil.
  13. I'll be keeping an eye on this post with interest. The brakes on my S4s are far better than when I bought her last year but could be better & I'd far rather keep the standards set up if at all possible. Many thanks for spending the time doing the write-up, looking forward to pics & update when ABS re-connected. Excellent work. Phil.
  14. Hi Peter, So it didn't fall apart whilst in transit !! That looks fantastic in white. Enjoy Phil.
  15. I always thought it best to have newer tyres on the front. The general advise now though is that if you are replacing only two tyres is to have the new ones fitted to the back. I was told this is due to the thinking that it is better ( safer ) for a car to understeer & go stright on than oversteer where the rear of the car swaps ends with the front. They say you would have ore control over the car. I think things have changed now as well due to mast cars having anti-lock brakes ? Still seems 'wrong' to me somehow but I was brought up on RWD.
  16. While I agree it would be a shame if values put this type of car out of reach of most people but if values don't go up they get to the point where the cost of a rebuild or any major work exceeds what the car is worth & therefore more get broken up for spares leaving less around for people to enjoy. Then prices go sky high on the remaining cars due to their rarity. I justify the cost of keeping what is basically a very expensive toy ( my S4s ) by telling myself ( & the Wife ! ) that's it's as good as money in the bank ! I know it isn't & it costs me more to run it than any increase in it's value but it makes me feel better. It would be hard to justify spending near 20K on a more modern car as a replacement knowing that if I kept it 3 years it would be worth less than half that when I came to sell. Phil.
  17. Hi Peter, Sorry if my reply was not the advice you asked for, I just read that you were 'thinking' of trailering it home & just wanted to offer an alternative although as you have now pointed out, being self employed it will probably be cheaper than taking a day off. ( I'm self employed & in the same position but considered it money well spent, or lost ! ) My experience of driving an Esprit prior to purchasing my S4s was little more than a couple of short test drives but I fall into the ' it's just a car ' catagory & would be quite happy to get in anything & drive it anywhere. I do understand where you are coming from if you would rather get to know your new car in familiar surroundings & in your own time. though. Good luck with the purchase & hopefully those that have offered experience & contacts for companies that provide transport will get your Esprit home safely for you to enjoy. Looking forward toi some pics. Regards, Phil.
  18. Hi Peter, Drive it home When I bought my S4s I got a flight from Newcasle to Exeter to go & view it, did the deal, sorted insurance & drove over 300 miles home ! I loved every minute of the journey even though it was mostly motorways & due to it been a Friday the traffic was horrendous & what should have taken 5 hours took me about 7 hours. I didn't even have a contingency plan if I hadn't bought the car ! I'd have just had to try & get a flight home or hired a car from the airport. All part of the adventure, why waste money on transport when you can be driving your new Esprit with a big grin on your face ? Phil.
  19. Hi Derek, Not sure if it's the same, the part number on SJS site is SJ918E0008 ? I'll check the wiring loom though as you've suggested. Regards, Phil.
  20. Hi, My Engine light came on briefly the other day followed by a bit of a mis-fire. Stopped the car & checked plug leads & O2 sensor lead etc. Re-started & car ran fine for rest of journey. When I got home I plugged in Freescan which showed Code 13 - O2 sensor circuit. Cleared the code but when I went out for a run last nights again the CEL came on briefly although this time no mis-fire, car was running fine. Just checked with Freescan & now Code 44 - O2 sensor lean showing. Question is, do you think this is likely to be a fault with the actual sensor ? This was replaced last year with pattern one from SJS. Your very knowledgable thoughts would be appreciated. Kind regards, Phil
  21. Hi Martin, I went for a run in my S4s on Tuesday & about 5 minutes after setting off my check engine light came on for about 10 seconds ( first time it's happened ) soon after travelling at a steady 70 - 75 it was mis-firing slightly although it would tick-over ok & light did not come back on. I pulled into a layby, switched off & checked plugs leads & lead to O2 sensor etc. Set off again & drove about 70 miles with no further problems. Checked with Freescan last night & code 13 was showing which is O2 sensor open circuit. I checked the plug again but think I may have disturbed it last weekend when I re-fixed the plate that the wire is fastened to. Will see next time I have a run out. If you want to use my Freescan you are more than welcome to have arun over or I could meet you somewhere, I live just near Redcar. Regards, Phil.
  22. Hi Emlyn, I fitted the exhaust back box & cat bypass pipe so no need for EBPV. If you were only fitting the back box you would need the EBPV or a spacer as it the cat bypass pipe that is longer. PM sent. Regards, Phil.
  23. Hi Emlyn, I bought the option one for my S4s complete with a cat bypass pipe. Had a few issues with the cat bypass pipe not lining up with flange on the turbo but the company found out what was wrong ( bend was too obtuse ) & supplied a new pipe FOC which lined up no problem. Quality is very good & it sounds superb. Not too loud when just pottering about but fantastic once past 4k rpm ! I wanted something that sounded good but wasn't too loud that it was annoying whilst just cruising. Not sure on power increase but it does feel faster, although it always does when it's louder ! Phil.
  24. Hi Kimbers, just wanted to add my thanks for you bringing up what can be a subject that can be very personal & most of us would not like to talk about. If it helps only one person who reads this to seek medical advice & possibly early diagnosis it will have been worth it. I hope the treatment goes well & send my best wishes to you & your family. Regards, Phil.
  25. Hi, This one just listed on ebay ?
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