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  1. I'll let you know in the morning, although it is a bit dearer than milk so it may not be a good sustitute Phil.
  2. Esprit S4s VIN - SCC082910SHA64085 Mine is number 85 of 92 Esprit S4s models made between MY 1995 & 1996. Mica Yellow Monarch Leaf interior (Green) with S4 seats. One of only two S4s models supplied in this body colour, & the other went to Australia & had a Raven interior so mine is the only one supplied worldwide in this colour combination. Registered in Feb 1996, supplied by Peter Smith Sports Cars, Hatton, Derbyshire.
  3. Hi, Just picked up some Millers TRX 75w/90. It's fully synthetic & states on the bottle it meets GL4 & GL5 so it would appear to be the same spec as TAF-X or am I missing something ? Phil
  4. Hi Derek, Thanks, I saw your post but wondered what peoples thoughts on the Millers oil that Opie Oils list for the Esprit ? It's 75w/90 but meets GL-5 so it it's the same spec as TAF-X where Syntax is only GL-4. I can get Millers from local motor factors whereas I'd need to order Castrol & pay for delivery ? Anyone used Millers ? Phil. P.S. This is also only for topping up if needed.
  5. Hi, anymore news on this ? I wanted to get some to top up my gearbox but as has been said Opie oils state Syntrans is not GL-5 so is not same spec as Lotus recommend. The do however list a Millers oil which does meet GL-5 & I can pick this up from my local motor factors ? Regards, Phil. Regards, Phil.
  6. Hi Bibs, Don't use it until you have had it tested by someone who is Gas Safe registered & is qualified to work on LPG. When burning efficiently a gas flame will burn blue & produce no soot. With living flame fires / stoves a blue flame does not look realistic so they are designed to run 'rich' this gives a more yellow flame & will cause a certain amount of soot to build up over time, mainly on the coals / fuelbed & can be reduced by running the fire on full occasionally. If the soot is excessive & building up on the glass then something is not right & it needs checking. It may be something simple like the fuelbed components being incorrectly set but it could also be something more serious. Carbon monoxide is produced when all the fuel (gas) isn't burned so if the glass is sooting excessively then there will be carbon monoxide present, if the chimney is working efficiently then this may not present an immediate danger but as you Co has no taste, odour or colour you will not know it is present, please do not rely on your Co detector to advise you of danger ! Please turn it off & have it checked out ! Regards, Phil.
  7. Hi, just finished work & off now until 3rd January Hopefully get chance to have a few runs out in the Esprit if the roads aren't covered in salt. Wishing everyone, wherever you are a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Phil.
  8. Lotus Esprit S4s (1996) Date Added: 18 December 2011 - 07:58 PM Owner: philip600 Short Description: Mica Yellow S4s View Vehicle
  9. Hi, thanks for the link but I'm all sorted now. Found the CDL module & managed ( with some difficulty working in a single garage not much wider then the Esprit ! ) to connect my alarm into it. All working now, just need to tidy up a few cables & run in the passenger side ultra-sonic receiver & cable for boot switch. At least now I can lock thje car whilst walking away. Thanks for all the input & Sailorbob for his advice. Phil.
  10. Well I've managed to locate the central door locking module so for anyone that is interesed it is in the passenger footwell bolted to the bulkhead just next to the hole where the wires run through a large grommet behind the ABS control box. Now all I need to do is figure a way of connecting two wires to the loom !! Phil.
  11. So, no one can help with that little query so I don't suppose there's much chance anyone knows where the central locking control module is located or where the best place to make the connections form the alarm to operate this ? There is a 'how to' on LEW but the plug shown in the pictures behind the drivers side dashboard does not exist on my car ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Phil.
  12. Hi, I've just bought a toad sterling one alarm for my S4s, mainly so I can lock the doors without using the key but also as a back-up to the original alarm. Can anyone tell me if the central door locking is positive or negative trigger ? Any advice on do's & don'ts etc greatly appreciated too. Thanks, Phil.
  13. My mate once owned a Ducati 996 & whilst he was working on it his friend managed to drop a stainless steel nut into the spark plug hole !!!!! Oh how they laughed as they spent hours trying to fish a non magnetic piece of metal through a hole no larger than than the nut itself !!!!!!! To add to the insult, not long after his same 'friend' ( yes he was still talking to him ) decided to put my mates roller shutter lock pins into the hole the wrong way round so the slot for the key was inside the frame. These locks are designed to push in & the bolt springs out to lock them in place. The had to drill a hole in the frame from the inside & then cut key a key down & weld it to a thin rod to enable them to release the lock. He still laughs about it now, NOT Happy days. Phil.
  14. Hi Ian, No, the SJS kit is just that, a black rubber impellor on a brass shaft. The one I took out didn't look that old but the rubber impellor had come unstuck from the brass centre. So far so good with mine but I've probably only done 500 miles since I fitted it. I must admit that if it went again I would probably replace it with electric because as you say it's a pig to fit. Having said that surely you have some come back if the part is not up to the job ? It should last more than 1500km ! Have you got decent antifreeze in the system as I did think if it was running in water it may not lubricate it enough & I suspect because some of these cars are stood for long periods the rubber impellor may stack to the housing ? Hope you get it sorted. Phil.
  15. Hi, Aparently the other Mica Yellow one that went to Australia had a raven interior. I was a bit unsure about the green interior when I saw pictures of mine at the dealer I bought her from but it looks better when you see it in real life & it suits the colour of the car. Nice to know its quite a rare combination too. Phil.
  16. Hi, I've just got my certificate back for my S4s. Very interesting. It states it is one of only two Esprit S4s produced in Mica Yellow & the other was sent to Australia ( anyone on here ? ) so it's the only one in the UK in this colour, furthermore it is the only S4s produced with Monarch Leaf leather interior :-) Aparently it was number 085 off the production line. Interestingly there were only 67 1995 UK models produced & 25 1996 UK models so 92 UK car in all, wonder how many are left ? Only thing I don't understand is that the build date was 30th June 1995 but it wasn't registered until 1st March 1996. Did these hang around in the dealerships that long or could it have been used as a demonstrator ? Supplying dealer matches the logbook. Nice information to have all the same. Regards, Phil.
  17. Hi Martin, Apologies but I'm not going to make it tonight. I've just got in & have heaps of paperwork to do & also my Father needs me to call round later to help move some furniture as he's having new flooring laid tomorrow. It's typical as I was finished at 3pm yesterday. Hope it goes well, it would be good to get a regional meeting going. Kind regards, Phil.
  18. Hi, the tyres should have a date code stamped into the side soemwhere, it's usually 4 digits giving the week & year of manufacture i.e. 51/09 meaning the were made in December 2009. Worth checking if they haven't been fitted too long as they could have been old stock. Regards, Phil.
  19. Hi, Just a heads up about Specialist Cars of Malton breakfast meeting on Sunday 16th October. Basically if you haven't been its a twice yearly meeting where Specialist Cars open their doors & put on tea/coffee & bacon butties etc. All proceeds to Great North Air ambulance. They always have a nice selection of cars in stock to look at & their workshops are open to look around. It's usually well attended by like minded people in alsorts of cars & bikes. You need to get there fairly early as most people have left by around luchtime. I'm hoping to get there as long as the weathers ok. Please find link to their website with details & direction - Hope to see some of you there or at the meeting at Durham on Tuesday 11th, work permitting. Regards, Phil.
  20. Hi Again, Search button is usefull. Try here as well - This suggests the PCD is 5 x 108 & has some info on centre bore changing form 58mm to 60mm for the S4 model onwards. Regards, Phil.
  21. Hi Nicola, I've just been looking on for you but couldn't find the information you're after. I'll have a look in my owners manual to see if it's in there. Give me 10 minutes. Phil. Hi Nicola, Just replied on your orignal post. Phil.
  22. Hi Nicola, It doesn't tell me much in the handbook. The best I could find was - Front 8.5 x 17 ET 19 Rear - 10 x 18 ET 17 Please find following ling which has some more information on fitting different wheels. Otherwise I'm sure someone will be along with all the sizes you need. Good luck, Phil.
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