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  1. Hi, I've replaced my speakers, as was said the front ones are awkward to get the screws out but with a bit of patience ( swearing !! ) it can be done. For anyone interested in replacing theirs I chose Pioneer TSG1023i for the fronts, these are 10cm & TSG172Ci for the rears, these are 17cm. Both of these fitted straight in & used the existing holes, I just had to run the cables up behind the carpet & door seal for the separate tweeters which I've mounted just below the original ultrasonic sensors for the alarm. The sound is far better than the original 18 year old clarions so I'm happy. Phil.
  2. Thanks Andy, that's good to know, I was hoping I wouldn't need to take the binnacle out, it was a right pain to refit IIRC. I'll do a search for the pioneers you've mentioned. I'm not expecting a concert hall system, when I'm on my own I'm more than happy listening to the exhaust note with the roof out & window down but my Wife likes the music on & I'm sure the speakers will have seen better days after 18 years. Phil
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of replacing the original speakers in my S4s & was wondering if the front drivers side speaker can be removed without the need to remove the binnacle ? Also can anyone confirm the size of the original rear speakers as I'm not sure where you take the measurement from, hole to hole across the speaker is 150mm ( so 6" ) but the actual speaker itself is more like 130mm ( 5 1/4" ? ) Many thanks, Phil.
  4. Hi, I think I'm correct in saying that you normally do a dry compression test first & if any of the results are low then you repeat the test with a squirt of oil in cylinder via the spark plug hole before you do it, if the reading improves it is the rings that are worn ( as the oil has helped to seal the worn rings ) if it's the same it's more likely to be the valves that are at fault. Regards, Phil.
  5. Thanks Bibs, that worked a treat. Need to test it out on my Esprit next. Phil.
  6. Hi, it's me again ! Having bought a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium after my last one gave up I'm yet again trying to get Esprimon running. At first it wouldn't open so I downloaded a program to open cfg files, this worked ok but I now need to change the Com port to 1. I'm now where at was on post 29 above which with Travis's help I managed to get it to work last time but when I right click on the lotus.cfg file this time I don't get the option to 'open with' to allow me to open in with 'notepad' The options I get by right clicking are - Open Open in new window Share with Restore previous versions Scan cfg Include in library Norton 360 Send to Cut Copy Create shortcut Delete Rename Properties If I double click it I can get to the lotus file & when I open this I can see the page with - mode=1 com=4 baudrate=8192 gpscom=0 gpsbaudrate=115200 But it will not allow me to alter the values, I presume because it's not opening with notepad, can anyone tell me how to do this ? Many thanks, Phil.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I've given up with the Netbook & bought a laptop with proper Windows 7.
  8. Ok, so no one knows about windows starter edition then ? Glad it's not just me who knows nothing about computers
  9. Hi, I need a bit of advice, I bought a Samsung N145 Plus Netbook to enable me to run Freescan & Espritmon, the problem I have is that when I try to run them it says the Com port is wrong, now I know I had this issue when using it on my old laptop but I can't find how to change the com port on Windows Starter Edition ( or even if it is possible ? ) Can anyone advise me ? Please keep it simple as computers are not my favourite thing :-) Thanks, Phil.
  10. Hi Jim, I'm not 100% sure what you mean by 'body panels' as the Esprit doesn't have separate panels but if you mean the wheel arch extensions from the S4s & early V8's then I know they are not just a straight forward swap onto an S4 & I don't know if they'll fit the SE, it can be done on an S4 but I think it needs some cutting of the existing side mouldings & obviously painting. Hopefully someone will be along with a definitive answer. Phil.
  11. Ok Derek, thanks for that. I'll pop it back in tomorrow. Phil.
  12. Hi, Just a quick question. I replaced the breather pipe from tank to tank a while ago but tonight I decided to replace the short pipe that goes from the filler pipe to the purge valve, got it all done but when tidying away I've noticed the old pipe had a metal restrictor in it, is this needed & what's it for ? Thanks, Phil.
  13. Hi, as Rich has said the fans do not run with the ignition turned off. Just start the car & leave her idling & they should come on with gauge reading about 90 although the dash gauge reading can be out so Freescan or Espritmon programs are useful to double check as this displays the engine temp reading, or as Michael has said with the engine running turn on the aircon & they should start up quite quickly. You'll definitely be able to hear then when they start up. Phil.
  14. Welcome Chris, nice selection of toys you have there :-) I can't help you with the Esprit Turbo as I've got an S4s but I'm sure there will be plenty on here who can over plenty of advice on what to look for. I live just near Redcar so I'll keep an eye out for you. Just taxed the S4s today so she's had the first run out since November, still puts a smile on my face. Good luck with your search, Phil.
  15. Hi Carl, who have they tried ? I got mine from PVL as mentioned in Darren's post ( # 18 on page one of this thread ) They took a little time coming but they were very helpful with me & when one of my switches leaked they swapped it no problem. Phil.
  16. Hi Bibs, my Wife had this done probably about 10 or so years ago & it improved her eye sight no end but she does find her eyes are dry first thing in the morning & has to put drops in when she wakes & she is now finding some slight deterioration in her vision but they did say this would happen as she gets older & she can still read no problem. I, on the other hand had brilliant vision until about 2 years ago but now need reading glasses, I find them a right pain but I'm such a wimp when it comes to my eyes & don't think I could get them done. I just can't stand the thought of anyone going near them, I did once try to put some coloured lenses in for a fancy dress night & couldn't even get those in, my eyes refused to stay open ;-) Phil.
  17. Bibs, that last compilation restored my faith in the human race. I'm sure there are far more decent people out there than there are low life's but we only seem to see the bad in everyone. The news & press generally concentrate on bad news, maybe it's about time we started to look at the positive more ? I'm as guilty as the next as I've never searched for 'good Samaritan' or 'good deed' etc on Youtube :-( Having said all that, I too am considering a dash cam, it would need to be easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle though as I drive 3 cars ( not at the same time ! ) I'd be interested in any recommendations. Phil.
  18. Many thanks for your replies, is there a minimum memory ( RAM ? ) I need ? I don't really know what I'm talking about but just remember reading they recommended a minimum in order for the program to operate correctly or have I just imagined that ? Phil.
  19. Hi, My Sis-in-law had an 09 Mito ( the 1.4 sporty version ) she had it a few years & no problems that I know of although she doesn't do a lot of miles. I drove it a few times & it was great fun but I found the ride really harsh, over potholes & bumps it felt like it had no springs or shocks but as you've said I'm also getting on a bit now so maybe not a problem for someone younger. I would say though that cars can be made to handle well without been uncomfortable. She recently replaced it with a Giulietta & I drove her Mito 100 miles to the dealer in Manchester & drove the Giulietta back & what a difference in ride quality. I know it's a bigger & more expensive car but they were like chalk & cheese & the Giulietta handles just as well. Phil.
  20. Hi, I need a laptop to run Freescan & Espritmon on, can anyone tell me what the minimum operating system I need & which version of Windows works best for these ? Also this is all I really need it for & wondered if a Netbook is available that would do the job, I don't really need it for much else it's just useful for fault finding on my Esprit. As you can probably tell I'm a bit clueless when it comes to computers, I'm hoping to buy something second hand off ebay as I don't want to spend too much. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Phil.
  21. The diesel in France may be only £1 / litre but when I was there 2 or 3 years ago it was crap ! At least my X5 didn't like it, it smoked like you wouldn't believe, it was that bad I thought my turbo had gone ! I didn't realise it was the diesel until I got home & filled up the tank at Hull & the smoking stopped almost straight away ?
  22. Hi John, I think you've misunderstood me. My comments where aimed at your statement that people like DC have to earn large amounts of money over a short career so they need to keep as much of it as possible & pay as little in tax as it needs to last them when they can no longer do the job they used to. Many people cannot continue to do the type of work they do into old age but do not get paid ridiculous amounts to compensate them for the fact they will need to stop at an earlier age, nor are they allowed to pay less tax so they can retire early. Most people have the tax taken at source ( & so have no choice in the matter ) & when they can no longer continue doing a particular job must find alternative employment to see them through to retirement. Lets face it if all these so called stars paid their fair share of tax they would hardly be destitute ? I'm not suggesting you tax the rich to the point where it isn't worth working hard but for people who earn in excess of £250K per week ( like footballers ) to say they have to live in tax free countries as they can only earn this type of money for a few short years doesn't wash with me. Phil.
  23. Sorry John but I can't agree with that. There are many profession's where you cannot continue into old age ( or even middle age ) but it does not mean you have to earn loads or avoid paying tax while you are working so you can live comfortably when you can no longer carry on. Most people in this position are not privileged to be able to do this & have to find alternative employment to see them through to retirement. I get sick of hearing footballers, sports 'stars' etc defending how much they earn with the excuse that they only have a relatively short working career, welcome to the real world where the majority of us live, if we can't continue doing the job we do we have no alternative than to find something else ? Rant over. P.s. Happy New Year to all :-)
  24. I'm not a big F1 fan but I've watched the replay of Hamilton & Bottas & cannot see why Hamilton was given a drive through. He didn't appear to me to deliberately swerve over & Bottas had plenty of track to move further to the right & so avoid the collision ? Bottas was not in front of Hamilton & I would suggest he could see a lot more of Hamilton than Hamilton could see of him. In the past I've seen drivers seemingly deliberately force other drivers almost into the Armco in similar situations & receive no penalty. Phil.
  25. Unfortunately I woke up with a hangover after a lttle over-indulgence last night ! Hope you all have a great day.
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