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  1. Hi Bibs, Yes I reset the ECU. Where is the IAC located ? Phil.
  2. Hi, I've just replaced the exhaust & O2 sensor on my S4S. Now when I start the car although it starts ok the idle soon becomes erratic, hunting between 400rpm & 1200rpm. Sometimes it stalls. It will start again ok but within a few seconds will do the same again. It will do this whether cold or even after been stood for 30 mins from hot. Within a couple of minutes it settles down & is ok ? I have re-set the IAC as described in Freescan manual but still the same. With ignition on the IAC is showing as 170, once started this goes up to 240 before eventually settling down to 40. I presume it is the IAC that is causing the problem but what can be done with it ? Any help appreciated. Regards, Phil.
  3. Hi, I'm in the process of replacing my exhaust & cat pipe & have purchased a new O2 sensor form SJS, I'm sure I read somewhere but can't find it now that when replacing the sensor you need to reset the ecu, can anyone confirm this & if required is it best to disconnect the battery or reset if using Freescan ? Many thanks, Phil
  4. Hi, Well, having had a play with Freescan whilst driving it became evident my charge cooler pump was not well ( 78 degrees MAT !! ) I thought the car was down on power but thought it was just me getting used to it. Stripped it down on Thursday & at first it looked fine, impellor in good condition Further investigation though showed the centre brass part had come away from the rubber impellor meaning it just wasn't spinning, a common problem I understand. Ordered refurb kit from SJS ( didn't want to go down the electric pump kit ) & these came next day delivery, very good service. Spent Friday night refitting it all & yesterday drained the radiator & replaced the coolant. System bled I took it out for a drive, what a difference !! MAT nown down to 19 degrees while taking it steady & never went above 17 degrees after lots of boost. Power now back to how it should be Must say it was a pig of a job with limited access & will be tempted to fit an electric pump if ( when ) it goes again but would advise anyone to get an ALDL cable & Freescan to make sure the performance of your Esprit is what it should be. Next job is fitting exhaust & cat bypass which should be here tomorrow Bye for now, Phil.
  5. Glad to help I know some kit cars makers advise the use of jubilee clips on the steering rack to limit the lock so there are no issues with tyres catching bodywork & aparently this will satisfy an MOT test ? Totally agree about forums, I've learnt a huge amount about my S4S on here & various other sites in the last few months. Hats off to all those clever people who set these forums up & allow us all to keep our cars running Phil.
  6. Hi, I had this on a previous car & it turned out to be the tracking, this was out cuasing the tyre to catch on one side. If the clearance is close anyway, the tracking can move the wheel just that little bit closer. Worth a check. Regards, Phil.
  7. Hi again, I'm hoping to get to specialist cars of Malton on 16th October, they have a breakfast meeting twice a year. There's always a good selection of cars turn up if the weathers ok & they do bacon butties & coffee as well, anyone else planning on going ? Hopefully my new exhaust & cat bypass pipe will have arrived & be fitted by then :-) Phil.
  8. Hi, David Walters did this conversion on his V8, please find link - Hope this helps, Phil.
  9. Hi, I got my ALDL cable today so downloaded Freescan & had a play. Initially it wouldn't work, kept comig up with error message about com port 12 or something but although I'm not very good with computers I managed ( with the help of this forum ) to find the problem. ( went into device drivers & changed com port to 1 as advised. This sorted the problem out & I got it to communicate with my ecu. I tried it with igintion on but engine not started & then with engine running & can't wait to have a proper play tomorrow. I didn't have time to take too much notice of all readings & parameters but good news is there were no fault codes stored :-) I'd just like to thank Andy Whittaker for the time & efffort in producing this program & making it freely available. Also big thanks to all members of the Lotus community who contribute to this fantastic forum, keep up the good work. Thanks also to Dave Walters ( Superdavelotus ) for his invaluable help in not only finding my Esprit but answering questions & sharing his huge knowledge of all things Esprit since I bought her. I've only owned my Esprit for a month or so but I've learned so much already. Kind regards, Phil.
  10. Hi Martin, Don't think I can make tomorrow, been away at caravan & Lakes all weekend ( In Esprit ) & going again on Friday for long weekend but I will try & get to the next one, nice run over to York from here. Phil.
  11. Hi, I tried this yesterday & it took me to a fileshare website that stated it had been downloaded too many times as well. Tried it just now ( right click & open in new tab &) it opened the freescan manual straight away. Excellent ;-) Phil.
  12. Hi Martin, Saw your car, I think ( love the colour ) but no sign of you. I didn't stay that long as there wasn't as much to see at the show as I had hoped & my Wife had a migraine so she ended up going to sleep in the car. I'll give you a shout if I get chance & have a run over your way one weekend. Cheers, Phil.
  13. Hi Martin, I'll look out for you. Phil.
  14. Hi, Many thanks for the warm welcome. I've been busy sorting a few problems out since I bought her two weeks ago. Cleaned ABS sensors & new brake pedal switch has (90%) sorted the brake problems, they're still a bit wooden but that would appear normal ? Aircon re-gassed & now working. Tracking adjusted ( this was miles out ! ) Cleaned seats & headlining / carpets etc. Fitted new CD/MP3 player. Although it was advertised with a CD it turned out to be a radio cassette :-( Replaced some bulbs on the dash ( getting the binnacle off is fun isn't it ) Removed & re-sealed cam covers. Changed the oil. Still need to sort the tyres, the back ones are different tread pattern & near side is well worn, I was going to buy a part worn Michelin to match the other side which isn't too bad but I found that one has a screw in it right near the side wall & can't be repaired so I need to replace both. Fronts won't last much longer as they are worn on the inside ( due to the tracking ) I love driving her & can't wait until she's fully sorted. May see some of you at Donington on Saturday ? Phil.
  15. Hi, I've been busy again ! I've drained the engine oil this afternoon & replaced it with Millers CFS 10w 60 as recommended by Opie oils. I checked on the invoice from the service carried out in January & all it says is ' Fully Synthetic Oil ' no mention of the grade. I'll keep an eye on the leak & see how it goes but at least now I know it has a good quality oil in her. Phil.
  16. Thats definately a bad leak somewhere ! I'll keep an eye on mine, I did wonder about changing the oil as I'm not sure what oil it has in. I once owned a Cobra replica with a RV8 and that leaked like a sieve until I replaced the oil, again I'm not sure what was in initially but it had just been replaced by the dealer just before I bought it so I would imagine not the best quality ;-) Anyway, after chaging it to a good quality of the correct grade the leaks reduced drastically ? Regards, Phil.
  17. Hi again, Well I've been into the garage tonight as oil had started to drip onto the exhaust manifold so i took off the cam covers, these look as if they have been leaking as both gaskets were very wet. I dont think they had cleaned the mating surfaces very well either as there was evidence of old gasket / sealant on them. I cleaned them all up & put a thin smear of gasket sealant on as well just to be sure. While I was in there I have cleaned as much of the engine as I could & started her up, a small drip off oil was starting to drip form the bellhousing & it looks like clean oil so I'm fairly sure the crank shaft seal is leaking :-( Question is, will it be ok to leave it for now as I'd rather tackle a job like that in the Winter when I won't be driving her ? As I said it's not really bad & I may have reduced some of it by re-sealing the cam covers. Thanks, Phil
  18. Hi Martin, I will no doubt need to do something with my brakes but at the moment they are 90% better than they were when I bought her. I had problems with the brake lights staying on ( another common problem it would appear ) & had a go yesterday at adjusting the brake switch, this was replaced by the dealer recently with one of dubious quality, anyway I managed to break it ! I've bought another more substantial one today & have fitted that but think I'll need to fit a return spring as well. I've also taken off the cam covers tonight & re-sealed them as oil had started to drip onto the manifold ( please see my other post ) I'll look out for you all on Saturday, I'm planning on getting there about 10ish but as I said I will be in the X5 not my Esprit :-( Regards Phil.
  19. Hi Martin, I'll do that, as I said Lotus is all new to me so I'm just getting to know the car & the forums & clubs. I've been sorting a few problems since picking her up last week, aircon, vacuum pump, tell tale bulbs & brakes but I'm getting there. It's a big learning curve but I've had some great help & advice from the forums so far & especially David Walters from over in the North West who has been a great help. I'm hoping to get to the Lotus show on the 13th August but unfortunatley we are also going to a VW show at Harewood House where we are camping on Saturday night so I'll need to take the X5 to get all the camping stuff in. You have some great roads over near you, I'll give you a shout one weekend & have a run over. Keep in touch, Phil.
  20. Hi, Where are you from ? Just bought my S4S & been out for quick run out tonight, seems that not much goes on in the NE. I don't remember ever seeing an Esprit on the roads around here ( Redcar ) & yet tonight I meet another driving towards me along the sea front at Saltburn. I'm going to have to sell it now if they're that common Not sure what model as I only saw it briefly but looked very nice. Regards, Phil.
  21. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I will have a good look at the areas mentioned at the weekend if I get time. I dried it off the other day & it's wet again on the sump but not a lot. If it's the rear crank seal I may leave it until Winter as I want to enjoy the car as much as I can. Will let you know how I get on. Regards, Phil.
  22. Hi, I am a new S4S owner ( just posted intruduction in newbies section ) My newly aquired'96 S4S was dripping oil off the sump when I bought her. It drips off the front of the sump ( nearest the gearbox ) I had a good look underneath last night but it's difficult to see where it may be coming from. There is signs of oil on the starter motor & a bit on the turbo but it doesn't look like it's coming form there. If I didn't know better I would suspect it was from to crank case rear seal but this was replaced in Janaury this year at Stocks Coachworks along with a new clutch & gearbox re-build. Anyone got any ideas where else it may be coming from ? I dried it all off last night & there was no more oil this afternoon so it must be only leaking when the engine is running. I also went for a 6 miles run out in her & there is still no signs of eny excessive oil so it doesn't look like its much. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Phil.
  23. Hi everyone, Thought it was time I introduced myself. I joined a while back as I had decided to sell my 1988 Porsche 911 Cabriolet & replace it with an Esprit. I was initially looking at either an SE or S4. I sold the 911 about a month back & viewed a few Esprit's but nothing that persuaded me to buy,I also had a drive of a V8-GT which sounded fantastic & when as well as it sounded so I then started looking at V8's as well :-) I went to see a V8-SE which on initial inspection looked promising but I had an offer of some help from a Esprit V8 owner David Walters ( many thanks David ) & when he checked the car out there was various 'issues' that started ringing alarm bells so i passed. I continued my search & David sent me details of an S4S he had spotted at a dealers in Devon. It was a '96 MY in Mica Yellow & green interior & looked really nice with only 35k miles. I managed to trace the PO who confirmed he had owned the car since 2003 & had reluctantly had to sell it, this also confirmed it was the same car David had looked at when he was looking for an S4S around 2003. It had had a new clutch & gearbox rebuild in January aloung with service & belts. The Oz wheels had also been refurbished. I decided to go and have a look, the only problem being that the dealer was over 5 hours drive from me so i ended up getting a flight down last Friday with the intention of buying it & driving home, I was hoping the car was as good as described as I had no plan 'B' to get home again if it wasn't !! Well armed with the knowledge & advice from David I spent nearly 3 hours checking over the car & taking it for a test drive. There where a few faults I found namely, brake pedal pressure was inconsistant, tyres have seen better days, oil dripping off the sump, air con not working & a few other niggles. Armed with these points I got a reasonable amount off the asking price & sealed the deal. I sorted the insurance over the telephone & set off on what should have been a 5 1/2 hour journey, problem was I hadn't banked on Friday afternoon traffic ! I eventually got home after 7 1/2 hours ! Since then I have been cleaning & polishing & when I get some time I will post some pics. I'm loving driving my new toy but have a few technical questions I will post up in the relevant section if that's ok. Bye for now, Phil
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