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  1. Hi Paul, According to my notes fault codes AO52, AO53 & AO60 all point to an ABS control internal fault. It says these fault codes are set when the controller detects an internal malfunction & the ABS controller will need replacing ? I'm no expert though so hopefully someone will be able to confirm this for you. Hope you get it sorted. Phil.
  2. Hi Vanya, when I had the gearbox out of my S4s I had it supported on axle stands using the points on the sills where the lotus jack fits. I just used some rubber blocks on top of the stands to protect the jacking points & I did leave the trolley jack under the hoop just to provide a bit more support. Phil.
  3. Hi Peter, sorry, I meant you could cut a slot in the carpet so you can get the carpet out without having to disconnect the cable ?
  4. Might be worth cutting a slot in the carpet, it won't really show & would be a lot easier than disconnecting the cable ? Phil
  5. Well that's the new cable fitted. Installation was reasonably easy except I haven't got a lot of room in my garage to allow me to open the door wide enough to permit better access into the foot well & the fact that on the first attempt when fitting the cable at the engine end the cable had come out of the bracket in the foot well - Doh !! Still, it only took 1 & 1/2 hours, just need to check throttle is opening 100% with freescan & road test. Was hoping to road test it tonight but it's a bit late now & I don't want to disturb / annoy the neighbours :-) Thanks again for advice, much appreciated. Phil
  6. Thanks for the replies & advice, new cable on order. Might carry out a temporary repair to get me by until I have time to replace it. Cheers, Phil.
  7. Hi, I've just been playing Russian roulette with the throttle cable on my S4s ! We went for a trip to our caravan & the Lake district on Friday & when we got to the 'van I noticed the throttle cable looked a bit frayed ! closer inspection revealed only 2 strands of the original 7 or so left. Anyway I've managed a 175 mile round trip without it braking ( taking it very easy ) but have just been looking into replacing it & after a search I found some posts saying just slide a new inner through the original outer ( I was hoping to do this rather than have to replace the whole cable ) but I also find posts saying you can't remove the inner cable on the new one ? Can anyone confirm whether it is possible to just replace the inner ? Many thanks, Phil.
  8. Hi, I've fitted a PMN clutch to my S4s ( I think they said it was their own uprated friction plates ) had no issues with it but to be fair I've probably only done 2500 miles since fitting it last year.
  9. Is that the one from Scarborough that was front ended by a driver who ''fainted'' at the wheel ? Sorry to see it in that state !!
  10. Just watched this on catch up & IMO teams should not be allowed to ask one driver on the same lap to allow his team mate to pass just so the team can potentially get more points. It's not racing & it's not good to watch, especially as Hamilton came from a pit lane start to get up to 3rd. Personally I watch F1 to support a particular driver, at the moment I support Hamilton but I would feel the same if I was supporting Rosberg. I couldn't care less who wins the manufactures title ( & lets face it Mercedes are so far ahead it's hardly going to matter over a few points ) It's supposed to be racing & if Rosberg couldn't get passed Hamilton on driving ability alone then tough !
  11. Hi Owen, the low pressure switch I bought from PVL also started to leak soon after I fitted them.I got a replacement from them under warranty which they said had a material for the diaphragm. No problems since ( fingers crossed ) but If I do have any more issues Darren has obviously spent a lot of time & effort sourcing a better alternative so this is the route I'll be going down.
  12. My mate sent me a picture of this Esprit on Friday, he'd spotted it all smashed in while driving around Scarborough killing time waiting to pick his Wife & Daughter up from a McBusted concert. Real shame, suspect that will be another Esprit written off. I feel for whoevers pride & joy it is !
  13. This is the problem with advertising anything for sale, you will always get the idiots & timewasters, just had the same selling my Son's Astra. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but what does bug me is people telling you what your car is worth when they haven't even bothered to come & see it ! Not worth getting chewed about Phil.
  14. Hi Travis, I've read when they crack they cause problems, is that due to water ingress through the crack or because the case is the insulation & the spark can 'track' ? Phil
  15. Hi, I just bought a second hand coil pack with genuine plug leads from a well known auction site as spares for my S4s, the leads look fairly new & are in good condition, end to end resistance readings are all good but one of the coils has a small hairline crack at the base where the mounting bolt goes through, is it likely this is knackered as I read they often crack here. I suppose that's the risk with buying second hand & I didn't pay a lot for them. Phil.
  16. I'd like to add my condolences to all families of the dead & injured, tragic news. Obviously we don't know the reasons or causes of these fatalities but I happened to be watching some classic rallying on TV the other day & commented to my Wife about the inappropriate places some of the spectators where standing. One particular chap was stood with his back to the track on the inside of a corner ( at the point where a car that had over-steered would have exited ) & to make matters worse there was a young girl of about 10 ( I presume his Daughter ) actually sat in the grass nearer to the track than him. I know part of the excitement of watching these types of events is being close to the action but unless people start being a bit more sensible on where they stand & the attention they have on the cars then events like these will be closed to the public or we'll end up only being able to watch them at organised places with grandstands & safety fences like F1, something I for one would hate to see. I attended the Roger Albert Clark rally last year & the officials near to where I was standing threatened to halt the event unless people moved behind the tape that had been put up to ensure spectators where not in danger, within minutes of their backs been turned most of these people had moved to exactly where they where told not to stand & their were quite a few young children among them, unbelievable !! Any motorsport is potentially dangerous to watch but a lot more common sense needs to be applied to minimise the dangers & people need to take responsibility for their own safety. Phil.
  17. I'm also a lover of yellow cars ( hence the Mica yellow S4s ) & I've also had a Ducati 748 in yellow too. Everyone knows yellow cars / bikes are faster than any other colour
  18. Hi, just a quick heads up there is lotus racing on motors tv right now - 19.25 - 20.30. Phil.
  19. Hi Vanya, There has been a yellow S4s for sale for £ 27000 at Hilton & Moss for over 2 years with 21k miles on it. It looks like it's just sold, not sure how much they will have got but it maybe shows values are now on the up ( or maybe just a short term blip ) I bought my '96 S4s in 2011 for just under £18k which seemed about right at the time although it did have a few issues that I needed to sort. She had 35k miles on her then, now on 42k miles but to be honest I find if I don't use her she tends not to like it & little things start to require attention especially after being off the road for winter, nothing major but she is definitely better when used frequently even if it's just a 50 mile trip, once she's had a few trips out she runs far better so I wouldn't like to keep her as a garage queen although if you were to do this it wouldn't matter is you bought one with 50k / 60k miles as within a few years with little use she you be classed as very low mileage. Personally I bought mine to use & although I don't put a lot of miles on her I don't hesitate to use her whenever I gat chance. Good luck with your search. Phil.
  20. Hi, My Wife & I are thinking of doing this in a couple of years for my 50th with friends in their TVR Griffith but we're looking at taking a scenic route down ( maybe via Italy ) & auto-routes back. We drove to near Limoges in the X5 a few years ago but I can't remember the cost of the tolls, It is quite boring but as has been said it is the quickest way by far, once off the auto-routes the roads are quite rural, great if you aren't in a hurry. I just remember being surprised how big France is & even on the auto-routes it took us a good 5 or 6 hours from Bruges. We flew down to South of France last year & stayed near St Tropez & we absolutely loved it so I can't wait to have a trip down in the Esprit. Hoping to visit again in September but we will be flying down again as we've only got a week off work. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Phil.
  21. Mmm, according to the diagram there is no number 5 ? Numbers 2 should be orange/blue with two wires coming from it & number 6 is orange/red with two wires coming from it. According to the book the other connections on the control unit are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12. No 5 or 10 shown. To be honest I can't remember if I checked the numbers on mine, I think I just found the correct coloured cables & connected it to them. I do remember it was a right royal PITA to access down in the footwell !! As you're a full forum member have you downloaded the service book ? this has all the wiring diagrams in. Phil.
  22. Hi Bibs' Not a problem, I got my knuckles rapped before on another forum for posting alarm / central locking wiring details but there's nothing that someone couldn't find out if they really needed to - On my '95 MY S4s the central locking is negative trigger & the cables you need are - Lock - orange / blue ( number 2 on module ) Unlock - orange / red ( number 6 on module ) Phil.
  23. Hi, sorry can't help with picture but on my S4s engine the belt tensioner can be fitted in the wrong position & if it is it is likely to slacken in use so double check yours is fitted correctly. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will be along with some guidance. Phil.
  24. Hi all, It doesn't look like I'll get to the show tomorrow, just got too much on. Hope the showers stay away for you all :-) Phil.
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