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  1. Thanks for that, yes I should have checked that and now I’ll crack on and do so! Kind Regards Paul Yes Giniw a reboot of the laptop resolved the problem! kind Regards Paul
  2. Thanks for that, yes I should have checked that and now I’ll crack on and do so! Kind Regards Paul
  3. I’m struggling to get this update to work on my laptop running Vista. I’m using the serial to USB converter supplied by one of our forum members and I’ve had the earlier versions running ok! But I’m getting a can not open com port error during start up. my lotus.cfg file looks like this. mode =0 com=3 baud rate=8192 gpscom=0 gps baudrate=115200 Any thoughts or advice on my stupidity will be much appreciated! kind Regards Paul
  4. I’ve ordered one thanks from SJ. postage amounts to £6. kind Regards Paul
  5. Thanks guys, SJ have them but I don’t need anything else at the moment so their carriage charge makes a big difference when you are buying a single item! I have seen numerous potentially compatible single wire sensors but it’s hard to confirm that they will be genuine alternatives. kind Regards Paul
  6. I’m looking for a Thermal Transmitter that fits under the thermostat housing. For my S4 the part number is A91236739F. Has anyone identified a replacement other than the one offered by SJS? Thanks all. Kind Regards Paul
  7. Thanks Tom! will give them a try! kind regards Paul
  8. Some years ago I bought a set of new struts but have only recently fitted them. They came from SGS and are the correct length and rated at 450 n - the same as the old pair. However, these are so powerful that the tailgate comes open at a hell of a lick! I’ve removed them for now in case the enthusiastic movement does damage! Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any other thoughts? Kind Regards Paul
  9. Hi Barry if they are surplus to your needs, could you let me know what you would want for them? kind Regards Paul
  10. Hi Tom could you let me know the part number for these Daewoo abs sensors and where u got them from? many thanks! kind Regards Paul
  11. Hi Tom Are u doing a Cambelt change? If so the triple pulley needs to come off. I would have a machine shop put it on the lathe and remove the burring. Then need to assess the extent of out of balance because of the missing material. If you have any one local who does general engine balancing, I would have it rebalanced before refitting. good luck with the project! Kind Regards Paul
  12. Hi Tom im sure your plan to clean and then monitor is a good one. In my case when I got my S4 the oil was coming from the seal between the cam towers and the cylinder head! I hope you end up with a better outcome. happy New Year Paul
  13. Hi Rob so very sad to hear your news. Let’s hope it proves to be incorrect. Ive admired your “how hard can it be?” approach to your projects and the superb engineering you brought to bear on all tasks! With very best wishes from us in Southampton. Paul G
  14. Hi Mike is this still available? if so please let me know the costs? kind Regards Paul
  15. Hi Chris no free samples sadly, and initially a min order requirement of 100! But I managed eventually to get an order of 6 units agreed. May I send you a pair to try next time u do the drive shaft seals? No cost but I’ll need an address to post them to you - however we arrange that? Kind Regards Paul
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