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  1. I got mine from Geoff at esprit engineering. kind Regards Paul Gibson
  2. That’s a very lovely paint job! Happy Christmas from sunny Southampton. Kind Regards Paul Gibson
  3. Mines 4.5 metres long I think. It’s tight but goes in ok. There are some cheaper versions on eBay, but the machine mart one is white on the interior which makes it pleasantly light to work in. kind Regards Paul May have missed the point in my reply! yes, for maximum access, go for the wider version. kind Regards Paul
  4. Hi Geert I've had the Clarke’s garage for two years now. Any body looking to buy one, look out for one of their vat free days to save a bit of money. Kind Regards Paul
  5. I use one of the Machine Mart garages they come with ground anchors which need to be correctly fitted. It has survived the weather here by the sea in Southampton. Kind Regards Paul
  6. I may be wrong but your first picture appears to show the cable nipple is not correctly installed in the lever cup? Which would give you one sided hand Braking! Just worth a check. kind Regards Paul
  7. Just a slight thought! Are the correct profile tyres fitted? They will influence the ride height. kind Regards Paul
  8. Just a silly point. In my S4 the heater fan must be running before the aircon will energise. Just in case. Probably a red herring! kind Regards Paul
  9. Gibbie


  10. Geoff at Esprit Engineering can sort all these issues for u. Based at Downton nor Salisbury. 07973404930. honest guy, well regarded by all. kind Regards Paul Gibson
  11. For what it's worth, I got set to do this job, cut the carpet etc.. Then I decided to just try tightening the nut and bolt at each location. No guarantees but in my case it fixed the problem. My good lady wife held the spanner in the cabin whilst I grovelled at the other end. This may be worth a try as it involves so little time! kind Regards Paul
  12. Probably not your problem but if both back wheels are off the ground and you turn one with the intention of rotating the engine - the other wheel will spin unless you restrain it and the engine will not rotate. Just a thought?! Gibbie
  13. Just another quiet vote for Geoff at esprit engineering. He's honest, knowledgable and always willing to help. Gibbie
  14. What material are theses made from please? I'd be interested in a pair for an S4 if you are able to do them? Construction looks superb! Gibbie
  15. I've recently had to repair a leaking coolant radiator on my 94 S4 of which more when I have a few minutes to update the forum. However, this is to warn everyone with the same type of coolant sensor as I have - its the Peugeot one (part no 1306 -24). You need to check this sensor now. You can probably best do this by removing it and checking the resistance in both high and low positions - see below. This is essentially a float type switch - open circuit when level good and closed circuit when level low. However, since the float spends most of its time in the high position it gets seized there by the debris in the coolant system and consequently may fail to warn of low coolant as in my case. You can either buy a new one at about £40 from a Peugeot dealer or dismantle yours for repair. From the connector end a reed switch is buried in mastic down the dip tube. The float has a magnet that operates the reed switch. In most cases the reed switch will be ok so you probably just need to free up the float. To do this, on a cold engine, remove the pressure by opening the tank cap and carefully remove the sensor (42mm socket). May be a little coolant spillage which you could obviate by siphoning out a bit of liquid before u start. The lower end of the dip tube has a blanking disk which you can remove using a lino knife to cut around the glued joint. You should then be able to remove the float. Note the orientation when you remove it - must go back the same way! Now thoroughly clean the float and the dip tube. I also enlarged slightly the holes in the dip tube outer to allow a faster float response and possibly help with preventing future seizures! Once the float can freely slide inside the dip tube you need to test the operation by putting a resistance meter across the two terminals and checking that u have short circuit at the low position and open circuit at the high. if all's, well superglue the disk back onto the bottom of the dip tube and when dry reassemble. This sensor obviously never does a self test so maybe this cleaning procedure needs doing regularly? see picture below for some clarification of my words! Gibbie
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