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  1. Hi, What size? Kind regards, Arno
  2. Hi, I 've wheels and 4 stud drivingflanges. [email protected] also visit , there is a marketplace Kind regards, Arno
  3. Hi, I think I have a new wiperblade, it takes only a few weeks before I'm back in Holland. If interested please mail me at [email protected] I also have a new arm. Visit there is a marketplace. kind regards, arno
  4. I might have some visit and look there
  5. ArnoCaterham

    elite bodyshell

    Look at in Holland Then go to auto onderdelen and than to lotus onderdelen you find there 2 body's
  6. Is it this?
  7. I 've a few original caps , these are indeed Revolution. just mail me at [email protected] So you see I'm in Holland Arno
  8. This one? Or have a look at Kind regards, Arno mail me at [email protected]
  9. Visit , there you find a marketplace for older Lotus parts. You can also place a advert if you want someting. Kind regards, Arno
  10. Hi, One of those? Kind regards, arno
  11. Do you mean the partslist??? Kind regards, Arno [email protected]
  12. Hello, I might have 15" Compomotive wheels, with 4 stud 108PCD. Kind regards, Arno
  13. Hi I have a 100% new glas, [email protected] Kind regards, Arno
  14. I have a complete unit. If you are srtill interested let me know. Arno [email protected] Also visit our marketplace at our website
  15. Hi, I 'n very sure that I 've a set new ones. please mail me if you still want a set. Kind regards, Arno [email protected]
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