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  1. Really sorry - been in the back of beyond for a few days and off the grid! Thanks Chris - will pick the parcel up tomorrow. Cheers, Ian
  2. Anyone know where I can get a suitable ALDL cable for the S4 Esprit? I have a decent serial to USB interface so can be a RS232 version. Kato's site says they are out of stock...
  3. Thanks again all. The good news is, I'm in. I can't say exactly what the problem was but it was definitely mechanical rather than electrical. Glyn wins the prize because I got in via the sunroof and then = with some persuasion - was able to trigger the door lock. Once that was done the locks on both sides operate on the key or the key fob... The car used to be in great nick but I am afraid to say is now in pretty poor shape (long story involving an ex-wife) so I am at the beginning of a restoration of the vehicle for the second time. Hope to have her back on the road in a year or so but the full restoration will likely be a much longer project. Thanks once again.
  4. Thanks again for all the replies thus far. My big idea was to put 12v across the "open locks" wire leading from the CDL module so I tried that last night but to no avail. I will do some more checking of the wiring around the module with a multimeter to ensure that everything is as it should be, but it is looking like it's a mechanical rather than electrical issue. Tried graphite powder on the keys / locks but also to no avail. I'll continue to explore the electrics while I wait for some trim levers to arrive at which point I will try the sunroof option mentioned by Glyn and if that fails I'll be calling in the pros!
  5. Thanks for the advice re: WD40... I'll source some graphite powder instead. Have disconnected and reconnected the battery with the deadlocking engaged and then again disengaged but no joy... I still have an avenue to try before attempting to get the sunroof off! If that fails there is always the AA or a hammer!
  6. That's a good question Michael. I had always assumed that the remote central locking was factory fitted but in hunting around here searching for a solution before posting this thread it became apparent that it is almost certainly an after market addition as I now understand that remote locking wasn't included until much later. Allegedly the car was the 10th off of the production line (can't now recall why I believe that to be the case) but it was owned by a Benetton F1 race engineer who presumably had the remote CDL added... Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions so far! Ah yes I think I see what you mean... that hadn't occurred to me. Might be worth a shout, thanks!
  7. It's funny but I can't really remember what "normal" feels like! Nothing much happening though so I would say it feels as if they aren't doing anything. As I say, the internal release handles are out but the lock buttons are in the locked position...
  8. Yeah... the inner door handles are sticking out as they would be were you opening the door from the inside. Not sure how this has happened and very odd as it's on both sides. Perhaps it's a clue... It feels from the action of the key that it's more than the lock barrel, but I will try the WD40 / graphite powder...
  9. Hi all, Been a long time since I've been on here (long story) but I'm back needing help please! Last time I moved my S4, I closed the door, somehow locked it (not sure what I did), and now I can't get the doors open. When I turn the drivers' key anticlockwise I can trigger the deadlocking (satisfying noises of something locking), but turning the key vertical again doesn't unlock the deadlock and I can't turn the key much beyond 12 o'clock. I can unlock the deadlock using the remote central locking, but this doesn't trigger the actual doorlocks. Passenger side is the same - key won't move much beyond the 12 o'clock position. I have access to the front and rear boots as fortunately they weren't shut. Also the drivers door card has been removed (immediately prior to this I was having some trouble with the electric windows). As she sits, the internal door lock buttons are in the locked position but both of the internal latch levers are extended, as it were. Car is a 1993 S4 located in Oxfordshire. This model has the CDL module in the front boot, I believe, so I should have access to it. I have the service & parts manual. What is bugging me is the inability to turn the key. I've read some similar posts on here where there were similar symptoms where power has been lost to the CDL due to a flat battery - it seems restoring power solved those issues so I am hoping this is an electrical issue rather than a mechanical one (that removed door card has me worried). I can hear a faint sound like a relay twitching when I turn the key clockwise in the lock. I realise that there can be sensitivity over security information on the open web but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction or PM me. My current thinking is to supply power direct to the CDL mechanism from the wiring serving the CDL module, there is a hint in the service notes but it's not absolutely clear... Any help gratefully received. Cheers.
  10. Well I'll settle for 6th given the start I had and since it means that Alsono didn't win the drivers' championship! Also good to have been out of sight of MPx! I echo the thanks to Gordon - I've really enjoyed it - and also to Stratton Motors for sponsoring - kudos. Cheers, Ian
  11. Iconic black and gold back in F1... but not on a team using the Lotus name. Much as I like Tony Fernandes, Mike Gascoign, Heikki er al, and I will continue to follow the team and want them to do well, it won't be Lotus and therefore won't be quite the same...
  12. I'm sorry but it has to be JPS. It was that and The Spy Who Loved Me (in roughly equal measure) that started the love affair (although tonight I was reminded that TSWLM wasn't the first film that James Bond drove a Lotus in....)
  13. Looks to me like we are violently agreeing with one another... Lotus just need the right mix. The Elise meant that Lotus was an aspirational brand but once again with a model that was within reach. It didn't sell in the same numbers as an MX-5 but that's kinda the point... and it's done okay. Lotus have a bad rep which is completely unjustified these days. The Lots of Trouble, Usual Serious moniker has stuck - I've lost track of the number of people who have said this about my S4 even though it has proved to be pretty much bullet proof - but this perception will change over time with the reliability of the Elise and i hope the Evora and whatever comes next. The trouble for Lotus is that I hope that the Elise doesn't sell in the same numbers as the MX-5 and that the Evora doesn't sell like the 911. If they need that knd of volume to survice and thrive then that's add odds with the brand [potentially at least] and that's trouble.
  14. x6gas

    7. Turkey

    Yeah! F1 to Laguna Seca!!!
  15. Just to concur with what others have said about access on mobile devices. I use a netbook pretty much exclusively now and on my 10" screen the site is utterly unusable. I can't even sign up for the newsletter :-(
  16. Yeay! Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago. Here's me in Marseilles before Monaco...
  17. Damon Hill just talking about the relaunch / reopening of Silverstone on BBC Breakfast now with the Lotus T127 in the background.
  18. I can't read the bloody website on my netbook. Love Lotus, love Lotus Racing, but the design of this website sucks big-style...
  19. Wot he said. I believe it's actually there to warm the cat up more quickly (not the engine - sorry to be pendantic) which only works effectively when warm. Rumours that it was the EBPV on Jarno Trulli's car that forced him to retire from the last Grand Prix remain unconfirmed!
  20. As already mentioned I'd check the EBPV between the cat and the exhaust silencer. I had exactly these symptoms on my S4 a couple of years ago. The valve wasn't opening fully which meant that the engine wasn't breathing properly resulting in a drop off in power and the extra back pressure was stalling the turbo so no boost. Ridiculously enough in an attempt to keep my car 'original' I replaced the EBPV and it was recently the cause of more trouble so whether this is the problem or not I strongly advise to do what most have done already and wire open the valve or replace it with a spacer. Anyway, hope it's an easy fix (like others I suspect it will be something simple and inexpensive to sort out - certainly hope so). Cheers
  21. Yep - should have said that the Hycote red is actually a really good match and is actually a red / orange. I repainted the chargecooler and the turbo plenum but the rocker covers are the original colour...
  22. Ah that will be my guide then, soz! Must admit that 10mm was fine for me so long as you do give it agood soak in ner boiling water... As already stated, a larger interior bore and I would have struggled to get the hose back into the recess...
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