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  1. I've got some forged anthracite in 18 /19" . Only used them once on my previous Evora S. Tyres are the Pzeros which you'll probably want to ditch anyway. Let me know if you want any more details.
  2. Apologies in resurrecting this thread but the grommet has gone on my pump. Does anyone know if the part is available from a non lotus manufacturer? Happy to buy the pump too if it comes with the grommet. Cheers
  3. Just fitted the brackets and moved the spacers to the front, using the middle holes. Huge difference and much more comfortable. Only issue is that the runners are now nearly all the way forward. Have I done something wrong? I think a giraffe would be able to drive it now with the seat all the way back. 😁 Cheers
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  5. I've noticed on the last few runs that the TPMS is getting a little confused. It seems to think the 2 rear wheels are on the near side and the fronts on the off side. Now, just to make sure I hadn't been a complete wally I did check that when I swapped the track wheels over for the road wheels and back again, that they were on correctly. They show the right pressures just not in the right place. Any ideas?
  6. Just fitted mine to the Elise S. Very happy with the sound. So much more evocative than standard. Great service from Hangar 111. Only thing to sort is a vibration at around 5.5k revs. The panel behind the seats just resonates a bit.
  7. decided to see if the smaller forged wheels were lighter than the 19/20" combination. Surprisingly they weigh exactly the same with tyres on. 19.4kg front 23.6kg rear.
  8. I was expecting them to at least all point in the same direction.
  9. Just had them put on the spare set of wheels (18/19) and noticed that the tread pattern is reversed on one side. All 4 tyres have the 'outside' on the outside if you know what I mean. Does it matter? cheers
  10. Thanks for that. Probably a little steep just for the noise. Might just put that towards komotech for the power instead.
  11. Slightly off thread, but is there any way of getting the Evora 400 sound? The engine is the same so it must be the intake and exhaust.
  12. Have you tried Direct Line for your insurance? I was amazed at how cheap it was - half the price of the Lotus specialists out there for me. I have only had the Evora since December but owned Lotuses since 2001. I'll only do 3-4k per year as it is a third car.
  13. Just measured mine form wing mirror to wing mirror - Just under 2000 mm. I ran the measure under the car and then used a plumb line on each mirror.
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