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  1. Neal H

    Euro question - 23rd June

    It's a shame Mrs Merkel doesn't share your point of view. My hope is that UK's departure will force much needed reform on the EU.
  2. Neal H

    Exige picture & video thread

    Don't think I'd want to be a passenger in that car! To be fair, he can drive a bit.
  3. Neal H

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Fifth largest economy in the world. second largest in Europe. Too big to be ignored. Not that you'd believe it listening to the media, BBC and 'experts'.
  4. Neal H

    LOT Spa Francorchamps track day 29th July 2019

    I've done the Le Mans Bugatti circuit a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed both visits. You've got the iconic pits section and down under the Dunlop bridge before some technical stuff around the back. There's also an excellent museum there of Le Mans race cars which is well worth a visit. Long way from Spa though!
  5. It's a tough call. I'm not convinced I'd swap my 250 Cup for an Exige 350, but an Exige 430 Cup would be an entirely different matter!
  6. Neal H

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I agree with mayesprit above. I won't vote in a second referendum because this question was answered last time. The only reason Brexit hasn't been delivered yet is because parliament has refused to respect the outcome and therefore the democratic process, which is disgraceful. It isn't difficult, you try and negotiate an exit and if you can't you just leave with no deal. The original question wasn't "only leave the EU if the fuckwit politicians agree"
  7. Neal H

    About To Join The Cup 250 Club

    Fair point....
  8. Neal H

    About To Join The Cup 250 Club

    I was of course referring to my rather lovely Motorsport Green example
  9. Neal H

    About To Join The Cup 250 Club

    That looks fantastic, definitely a contender for 2nd best looking 250 Cup Where did you get the engine cover from? That makes a big difference as the bare engine looks rubbish!
  10. The open gate change didn't make it to the Elise until the 17.5 facelift. Before you discount the 17 Cup you should drive it and see what you think about the gearchange, it will probably be absolutely fine. Both cars will have some advantages over the other - gearchange and noise in the 220, everything else in the 250. The 250 will also have the gorgeous carbon sports seats, but you need to try them as not everybody seems to fit or be able to get comfortable. I think you'll always slightly regret it if you don't buy the Cup as it's the car you really want. Also check what warranty the Cup has, I'm not sure what the MY17 Cup came with, but my 17.5 Cup only has two years rather than the normal three.
  11. Neal H

    Euro question - 23rd June

    It's a shame that the BBC would never think to run a comparison on what was predicted prior to the referendum and what actually happened. It might help people to keep a bit of perspective on how seriously to take the current predictions....
  12. Neal H

    Exige 380 Sport 70th Anniversary

    Awesome indeed. That colour really suits the Exige.
  13. Neal H

    Exige 380 Sport 70th Anniversary

    Is it the Cyan Blue one you posted above?
  14. Neal H

    What I've discovered, one month in

    Don't worry about the squeaks. Once the run-in service is done you won't be able to hear them any more
  15. Neal H

    Euro question - 23rd June

    My view.... I don't necessarily think it will get voted down. It may do first time around, but it will then be back for a second vote after a lot of internal deal making. If it does get voted down, parliament simply won't accept a no-deal option, so we'll be back to the EU, begging bowl in hand, pleading to extend the deadline, which they'll agree to in exchange for a further €xxbn payment. As a supporter of a no-deal exit, I would like to think that the result of voting down this 'deal' will result in a no-deal Brexit by default (right outcome for the wrong reason!), but it will never happen.