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  1. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    This. Definitely this.
  2. GT3RS is the ONLY Porsche I would spend my own money on, however comparing that to an Exige V6 is a little unfair.
  3. Evora Sport 410

    There a good reason why I've not tried a Sport 410....
  4. The 2Eleven Build Number Register

    Need some more pictures of that, but I think it looks great - definite improvement on the launch edition colours.
  5. Evora Sport 410

    So Dave, will you be moving into one when it's time to change the Exige? Lot's of compliments about the new 430's, but I think the Sport 410 is the sweet spot when it comes to Evora's.
  6. 340R/Exige S1 production and ECMs

    Sounds about right to me. As I recall the 340R was supposed to be aiming for 340hp/tonne but when it became apparent that wasn't going to happen it became a production run of 340 instead! 600 sounds right as well for the S1 Exige.
  7. Speccing a 250 Cup

    I don't know the weights, but the soft top is standard and the hard tops a cost option. Just go with the soft top and you can take it off when the rain stops. No top is definitely the lightest option
  8. A Few Yanks

    You can't help but love American muscle cars. It doesn't matter whether they handle or not, the look and the noise is enough
  9. Is my Evora too expensive?

    How heavy is the clutch? If people have been seriously interested and gone to the trouble to test drive it and then been put off, it may be because they are worried about clutch failure or it may be that they think they can't live with it day to day. Silverstone know the market as well as anyone, I'd listen to what they are saying. It looks lovely in the pictures, so I doubt it's colour or spec that are putting people off. Maybe you just need to be patient.
  10. This picture doesn't make me feel any better Not having a Lotus in the garage is agony! I'm not sure how I'm going to cope over the next three months while I wait for my 250 Cup.
  11. Speccing a 250 Cup

    The other difference between Motorsport Black and Metallic Black is probably about £1,000.
  12. Evora Sport 410

    Oh my word, that is nice!
  13. Speccing a 250 Cup

    Choosing the colour IS the hardest part when placing a factory order! I started out thinking grey or black, and I still think both would look fantastic on a Cup - it would blend in really well with the aero parts. Following a factory visit I was really taken with Essex Blue (my father really liked the Gulf Blue, but I wasn't so keen), but in the end thought Motorsport Green as I really liked the Racing Green on my Evora. Colour is a very personal thing, so only you can decide
  14. Speccing a 250 Cup

    That's a top tip, thanks The dealer is adding paint protection film on the front clam for me so I'll get the splitter and rear arch parts done as well.
  15. Speccing a 250 Cup

    250 Cup isn't limited. I've been quoted about 3 months for delivery, so hoping for late November or early December.