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  1. Motorsport Green? That looks magnificent!
  2. Carbon grey really suits the aggressive styling of the Cup. Congratulations
  3. Neal H

    New 430 cup

    Love the car, love the garage!
  4. Re the insurance. You'll need to at least inform them of the change.
  5. Have all the facts come out yet on what happened immediately after he was arrested and what led to the Police officers feeling the need to restrain him in such a violent manner? Nothing justifies the manner in which he died, but I think it’s important to know all the facts.
  6. I know different people have different levels of alcohol tolerance, but if I drank one full bottle of wine I would be unconscious under the table! Maybe the fact you are able to tolerate that quantity of alcohol suggests you drink too much?
  7. Neal H

    TLF GT430 Club

    British Racing Green to be more precise. And change the number to 79 It does look superb though.
  8. Just add “legally” at the appropriate points.
  9. Rarely are historical figures either all good or all bad, they’re a mix. The behaviour of Roman emperors to English Kings would be wholly unacceptable by 21st Century standards. Who decides whether memorials to them should be allowed to remain? Certainly not an angry mob. Good and bad, it’s all part of our history, it’s what makes us who we are today and we can’t just erase it. It’s important that we remember where we came from and it helps us judge the progress we have made as a society.
  10. Judging people who lived centuries ago by 21st morality standards isn’t really applicable. How far back do we go in trying to erase history? What next - dismantle the colosseum in Rome?
  11. Looks much nicer on the silver wheels
  12. Neal H

    The Donald.

    Don’t despair @Loquacious Lew Saturday and Sunday I was watching the NASA TV coverage of the SpaceX Dragon capsule launch and docking with the ISS. It just goes to show what America is capable of when it puts its collective mind to it. If I was American, it would have made me proud to be one. politicians, good and bad, come and go. Life goes on.
  13. Neal H


    Anybody else been watching the live NASA feed? The launch was amazing and the coverage excellent. It should dock with the ISS about 3:30pm this afternoon U.K. time. I was particularly impressed with the return to Earth of the booster rocket which landed perfectly on a ship right on the X painted on the deck. All credit the SpaceX, it has been massively impressive so far.
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