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  1. Motorsport Green - the best colour. Congratulations!
  2. Neal H

    Bye Scotland!

    The EU must look at the situation with horror! They are set to lose the UK's massive annual contribution to their budget and gain two additional states that both require economic subsidies to survive. I hope those German tax payers are prepared to dig a bit deeper into their pockets. With all these referendums going on, I think it only fair that we English get one.
  3. I’ve only done Hethel, Snetterton and Silverstone but no problem at those.
  4. Colleague of mine tested one twice with a view to buy, but couldn’t make his mind up. He also tested a Cayman but was unimpressed. I suggested he try an Elise. He now owns a 220 Sport.
  5. He probably watched that interview above and was unconvinced by her argument.
  6. Neal H

    TLF GT430 Club

    It was the same with the 400 - 174mph vs 186mph, but given that the auto has shorter gears and a quicker shift it should in theory accelerate quicker, which is more useful in the real world.
  7. There's nothing wrong with a bit of badge snobbery. A car is a major purchase so it should be one that you feel good about, even if it is just something for getting you from A to B. Let's face it, Lotus owners are by definition car enthusiasts. If you want a Macan and can afford a Macan, buy a Macan!
  8. I don't think it's about Brexit anymore (has it ever been?). Yes, the vast majority in parliament don't want to leave under any circumstances, but this is really about personal agenda's and power. Labour - Don't give a damn about Brexit, they just want to topple the Tories and will adopt any approach that they think will help achieve that - anti EU - Pro EU - anti 2nd Ref - Pro 2nd Ref - Pro election - anti election. They swap around depending on which way they think the wind is blowing. Lib-Dems - Their approach was dictated by their devastating result in the 2015 GE. Adopting a clear policy that they knew would make them appeal to the 48% who voted remain gave the potential for them to recover a lot of lost support. They knew they would never appeal to the other 52% but when you're recovering from rock bottom that doesn't matter, it's still a huge step back to potential political credibility. It was a clever strategy which has worked, but like Labour it wasn't driven by a desire to to do what's best for the country, it was to do what's best for the party. SNP - A one trick pony - Scottish independence. Their sole agenda in parliament is to disrupt the the running of the UK that they don't want to be a part of. DUP - They want to ensure that nothing interferes with or undermines NI's place in the UK (understandably). Nonetheless, it's still driven by their personal agenda, not the UK's. Conservatives - Couldn't contain the internal splits on Europe any longer, compounded by May's government trying to be too clever by wasting years pretending to deliver Brexit whilst not really trying and hoping the problem would go away, while Johnson, Gove and their ilk sniffed an opportunity for the top job (who knows what their actual view on Brexit is). And now they're scared to go back to the electorate. They're not fit for purpose.
  9. I had a very similar thing happen in my previous V6 Exige. The needles just swung around the dials, but in my case I had every instrument light illuminated and the lcd display would flash on and off every few seconds. The car started and drove absolutely fine. Lotus replaced the instrument pack under warranty and the dealer was able to program in the previously recorded mileage.
  10. They just get them in from AP, they don’t paint them. You could always get them painted though
  11. That’s some serious budget creep from your original post! they’re just stickers so you can peel them off. Doubt you could stick them back on afterwards though.
  12. I believe AO48’s are no longer in production as they don’t meet the latest EU noise regulations although there’s still stock around. AO52 is the replacement. I’ve not tried the latest R888R but I used to run R888’s. Compared to AO48’s I found them better in the wet and more progressive on the limit, although they didn’t have quite the outright grip of the AO48’s. I recently bought a new set of rear AO48’s as mine were shot after 4K miles and three track days. Front’s are still fine. Next time though I’ll be looking for an alternative.
  13. Completely agree. If there’s a general election before the UK has left the EU the Conservative party will get annihilated. Boris knows this. Leave by 31st October really is do or die for them.
  14. I would think that most people will just follow what it says in the service book that comes with the car - 1000 - 1500 miles or 12 months since sale.
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