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  1. That McLaren did make an awful launch! Brilliant one by the Exige driver though. 0-62 in 4.01 looks spot on.
  2. We knew in 1776 that you guys would mess it all up eventually.
  3. Military grey? Fab colour and does indeed look great with the yellow bits
  4. So, you’re buying a new car for £66k and they’re buying your current car for £37.5k which means it’s costing you £28.5k to change.
  5. The most hardcore versions of the M2 and Cayman, verses the mid-range Exige. Wouldn’t a 430 Cup have provided a better comparison? I expect the 410 Sport was the only press car Lotus could provide.
  6. So, can an ex-president be subject to criminal charges for an act they committed whilst in office? It seems to me that if he is impeached and the senate ‘convicts’ him, that would probably prejudice any future criminal trial on the basis he wouldn’t be able to get a fair trial. If there’s enough evidence to criminally convict, they should leave it at that. If there isn’t, then it will just look like political games and just increase the divisions that already exist.
  7. If there’s enough evidence to charge him with inciting an insurrection, wouldn’t that lead to separate criminal charges? If found guilty, I assume that would prevent him from holding public office in the future.
  8. Isn’t impeachment just a political process rather than a criminal one? He’ll be gone in seven days, what’s the point?
  9. It’s a stupid non-story really. Rules are rules. I remember having an apple confiscated at US immigration many years ago.
  10. I’m surprised that the first ground effect car from 1977 doesn’t get an entry. That was certainly a game changer.
  11. Neal H


    I suspect he was fed up and planning to resign anyway before he posted up that message. The fallout was not hard to predict
  12. It crashed in 1948 FFS. Couldn’t they have waited until the summer before going to take a look
  13. It may be the consensus, but it’s one reached without being allowed to properly investigate the outbreak. What are the Chinese hiding and why is the WHO being so complicit? Is it a coincidence that the worlds leading Coronavirus research facility is based in Wuhan? Possibly. But there are no plans by the WHO to investigate this as a possible source of the outbreak.
  14. If Scotland does become independent I assume that means that those resident there will have to decide on their own nationality - whether they remain British or become Scottish. What will that mean for the right to remain or work in Scotland? If they choose to Remain British they will effectively become foreign nationals in their homeland. Similarly, I assume Scottish nationals will then need a Visa to be able to work in England on the same basis as all other foreign nationals.
  15. Excellent. I look forward to future instalments
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