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  1. Neal H

    Type 72

    I’m assuming it’s an early one, 2002? Lotus made loads of special edition Elise’s over the years, but they do seem to attract a premium over the regular cars and the Type 72 was a particularly nice one. Value will very much depend on condition, but if it is cosmetically perfect and with just 11k miles it will be a rare find. As it’s been stored for 12 years I assume it will lack a service history which will count against it and will need money spending to bring it mechanically back to spec, possibly quite a lot depending on what’s corroded or perished. There’s also the risk that the alcantara interior will have gone mouldy - again, fixable, at a cost. If the money is spent recommissioning it and it’s in really nice condition, I reckon as a private sale it would be worth high teens, maybe even low £20’s.
  2. It’s very easy for a government to announce that something is going to happen in 15 or 20 years time. They know that there will be multiple changes of government in that period, so multiple chances of it being delayed or changed. Governments don’t plan beyond the current parliament. it’s clear that the required infrastructure won’t be in place in 15 years, if for no other reason that no one will be willing to invest the hundreds of billions needed to make it happen, particularly when there are far more immediately pressing demands on the public purse. You can’t expect ‘industry’ to stump up the investment because they know that governments will move the goal posts so it will be wasted, particularly given the serious question marks over whether batteries are REALLY the long term solution.
  3. I don’t think there’s a massive difference in grunt between a 220 or a 250 Elise, certainly not enough to throw thousands of pounds at. Unless you could get to 300hp I don’t think it’s worthwhile, and given how much that would cost, you’re probably better off just swapping to an Exige. I’d invest the money in making it go faster through the twisty bits.
  4. Blimey, £1400! The £600 it cost me to get the Breitling serviced/repaired seems like a bargain now. It was also polished and cleaned and after adding a new strap really does look brand new again (despite being 18 years old). I think I’m going to keep it now, it’s a lovely thing and I don’t desperately need the money. I should just wear it more again. For the first 10 years it got worn daily.
  5. Thanks, I’ll take a look at those two.
  6. Any recommendations on a good place to get an on line valuation or indeed a good place to sell a watch. I’m thinking of selling mine.
  7. Ohhh, that is nice. I used to own a 2002 955 Daytona, fantastic bike.
  8. I had a ‘marketing’ email from Lotus last week. First one ever. Progress?
  9. Exige 380 Cup. It may have been eclipsed by the 410 & 430 but it remains the best looking Exige built. Perfect.
  10. Is that the one that can undo zips?
  11. I can’t get the thought of an Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio out of my head and they’re becoming temptingly cheap. I may relent in 2020.
  12. “If you can afford to buy two, you can afford to run one” perhaps that’s as cliched as the “Lots Of Trouble...” one we’re all so familiar with. Doesn’t sound like the sought of car you’d want to live outside though.
  13. Friend of mine took his MY17.5 220 Sport on a track day at Bedford and it was fine there. If it passes Bedford it will be fine almost everywhere. as far as I know it’s the same exhaust on the 250 Cup.
  14. Just to confirm that the 220 Sport with revised exhaust was fine at Bedford
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