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  1. Are you looking at it from a hobby or commercial point of view? As a hobby the DJI Mini is a great starting point, I’ve been very impressed with mine both from a flying and photography point of view. It’s small and light - once the legs/props are folded in it’s little bigger than a large mobile phone, it will sit in the palm of your hand. This has pros and cons. Pros are that I can easily get all the gear into my back pack and go out on my bicycle looking for suitable filming locations and it’s quick and easy to get flying. Being small and fairly quiet also makes it fairly stealthy w
  2. They also forgot to make it stylish. Bit of a shame really as I quite like modern Volvo’s.
  3. Great looking Esprit. Timeless style.
  4. Do I need to buy six months supply of toilet roll?
  5. It’s not possible to say who is the GOAT because they all raced in different eras, but I think a case can be made for Fangio, Clark, Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton. Either way, Hamilton is right there with the greatest. To claim that Hamilton has had an “unfair advantage” ignores the fact he won the title in 2017 and 2018 when Ferrrari had the faster car. Mercedes titles in those two years were down to the fact they were the best team and had the best driver, but not necessarily the best car. To be fair to Sir Jackie, he’s perfectly entitled to his opinion and if I was forced to pick
  6. Interesting that Honda have just signed a new long term agreement to remain an engine supplier in Indy Car, so there must be more to their F1 exit than just “carbon neutrality”. They probably decided that the cost of doing F1 is simply too high.
  7. I have to say, that looks magnificent!
  8. Was it a Cup car or a 220 Sport? They have different seats. It’s rare to hear of people who have trouble with the Sport’s seats, it if they don’t suit you then there isn’t much you can do apart from try a Cup car.
  9. I think the rules are that the manufacturer with the fewest customers has to supply, so Renault. I doubt Mercedes and Ferrari would want the direct competition that Red Bull would represent. Could VW/Porsche be tempted I wonder? Given how long it took Honda to get up to speed it doesn’t look good for a new manufacturer. Real shame about Honda, they seemed to have made huge strides in the last few years.
  10. Best forum I’ve been on. Thanks for providing it
  11. According to the stewards, the drivers and teams are informed of the areas designated for practice starts at the start of the weekend. These areas vary from track to track depending on layout. Hamilton did two practice starts outside of the designated areas. He got penalised for breaking the rules. I’m sure Merc will pay more attention to the race notes in future. Nobody else tried practice starts outside of the designated areas, if they had, they would also have been penalised.
  12. Lucky for Mercedes that they’ve got comfortably the fastest Car/driver combo. You’d think that with hundreds of employees they’d have someone who understands the rules. That’s two of the last three races they’ve cocked up.
  13. My collection has always been modern Lotus, mainly Elise based plus a couple of Evora’s, with the 2-eleven being my favourite. Lately though I hanker more for a classic, maybe an Esprit (S3 Turbo is my favourite closely followed by an S4), but I also really like the Elan Plus 2, such a pretty car and more affordable. I also have a thing for 60’s style vaneer dashboards
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