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  1. I have a 250 Cup and I'm delighted with it. 10 or more years ago I had a heavily modified S2 Elise, which had a Honda K20A engine conversion (Dyno 226hp) and I would say the performance levels are fairly similar. The K20 could of been supercharged to over 300hp which would have taken it to another level however! Quality on the latest versions is much improved on the early S2's (mine was 2002 vintage) and everything feels pretty solid. I've also owned an Exige V6 and there's no doubt the Exige has lots more shove, but the Elise 250 has enough for me and I find it all a bit more accessible, and the Elise feels much lighter on its feet than the Exige. You don't have to spend 250 Cup money to get much the same car though, an ealier S3 220 Cup would probably make a better platform to start from if you're planning mods - a Komotec kit will take it to 260hp fairly easily. An Elise is never going to win a drag race, but in the right hands (not mine!) they're more than capable of humbling far more powerful cars on track.
  2. Neal H

    GT410 Sport ordered today

    Congrats on the car! would the Lotus still have won the day if the McLaren salesman hadn’t been such an arse? New Lotus, used McLaren - tough call!
  3. Neal H

    A journey into track days

    I'm thinking of doing the Circuit days Snetterton day on 24th July.
  4. The clutches are generally fine, but will eventually fail on every car. The problem is the cost to replace - circa £3k. If you're worried about the clutch, buy the auto.
  5. Neal H

    A journey into track days

    I’m booked on the Silverstone track day on 18th September. It’s a Silverstone circuits direct track day.
  6. Neal H

    Speccing a 250 Cup

    Alcantara steering wheel is one option I wish I had picked with hindsight. Nothing much wrong with the leather version, but the alcantara one looks very cool. I didn't go for it because I thought it would be a bit too high maintenance keeping it nice, but I would spec it if doing it again. Anyone know the MOT rules on replacing it with a non-airbag version?
  7. Neal H

    Speccing a 250 Cup

    I don't think I did. The only non-standard interior trim item I specified was having the gear gate surround painted yellow (I didn't want the full interior colour pack). It just came with the leather sill panels and dash vents. I assumed leather was standard and you had to spec alcantara if you wanted that. It's worth getting it double-checked. I found Lotus quite accomodating when it came to making 'non-standard' changes, so if you want leather dash vents, just ask them.
  8. Neal H

    Warranty Items

    Exige - Instrument pack completely died and replaced under warranty. Fortunately the dealer was able to program the mileage into the new one when fitting it. Other than that, it was great.
  9. Did a track day at Hethel on Saturday, it was brilliant. Get a few prospects in the cars and on the test track. Pretty much a guaranteed sale I'd have thought.
  10. Neal H

    Would like to get back in a V6 but.....

    2nd hand Elise to go with the Evora?
  11. Neal H

    Hethel 2nd June

    Despite the awful weather this morning, had a really good day at Hethel today. It brightened up nicely in the afternoon. Really enjoyed the circuit and got to experience it in all weathers!
  12. Neal H

    Valet parking at it's finest

    Stacked parking, saves space. I like his thinking.
  13. Neal H

    New Exige 380 ordered

    Fantastic pair of cars - stunning
  14. Neal H

    Fun replicas

    The trouble with a Caterham 21 is that a nice S1 Elise is better in every way... If Caterham, then surely a 7. The plastic tent roof offers decent weather protection if you have the time and patience to construct it.
  15. Neal H

    Exige Scura

    Another collectors item. You wouldn't want to use and abuse at that price and mileage.