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  1. Neal H

    Your thoughts...

    Definite no from me.
  2. Sure, there’s faster cars for the money, but there’s no finer drivers car at any price. welcome to Elise ownership
  3. All good points, well made. I don't share it, but I do respect it. I believe we can and will achieve all those things while remaining self-governing.
  4. Rewatch the Cameron clip of the speech he made about the referendum - you can find it in this thread. (bear in mind he was PM at the time, and had won the election largely on the back of offering the referendum having been leaking support to UKIP). He is quite unequivocal about it's nature - that this is a once in a generation opportunity to put the Europe issue to bed, that this is a decision for the people, not for the government, not for the politicians, but the people. There was no ambiguity about what it meant and the question was a simple one - do you want to leave, or do you want to remain. The decision by the majority of politicians to then not respect the outcome because it wasn't the result 75% of them wanted is a major blow to the democratic system and the consequences will be far reaching. With democracy you don't always get the result you want, but you have to RESPECT the result otherwise you undermine the entire process. I always thought the UK was bastion of democracy, I was wrong.
  5. It's an MX plate (Manchester) so unlikely to be an original factory registered car (they normally start AU). Could be worth asking them how many former keepers and checking the first wasn't a dealer, although I wouldn't be bothered about it being an ex-demo. Welcome by the way!
  6. They can say what they like now, as they know that no-deal is going to be voted off the table this evening and of course the EU is going to agree to an extension of Article 50, thwarting Brexit has always been their goal - one they have shared with UK government and parliament!
  7. I think a second referendum is now almost inevitable, it’s the only route from this point. I also think a second referendum is a really bad idea!
  8. @JG220 James, did you just order another carbon spoiler from Lotus?
  9. Quadrifoglio I keep looking. Prices are now low 40’s. Surely the application of some man maths can make it work?
  10. I don’t think a second referendum is the answer, I think it will prove even more divisive. It will probably produce a narrow result on a lower turnout and what will that prove? What makes you think parliament will respect the outcome any more than they respected the outcome of the first one if it’s another narrow leave result? One thing we can all agree on is it’s a mess! In my opinion it’s a mess caused by parliament’s refusal to accept the democratic will of the electorate.
  11. As soon as Mrs May gave parliament the option of voting down a no-deal Brexit, she removed any incentive that the EU may have had to give any concessions. She knew what she was doing. Her ‘deal’ will get heavily defeated (again) - just as she expects - and they’ll then vote to reject no-deal followed by the vote to postpone from 29th March, which takes us inevitably to a second referendum. I don’t think it’s incompetence, neither the government or parliament has ever wanted to leave. I won’t march or burn cars in protest, or withhold my Council Tax, I’ll just cast my protest vote at the next general election.
  12. I'd want that front plate relocated to the proper location, and hope they've not drilled holes in the front clam! I know nothing about the dealer, but on the face of it, it looks very nice! (apart from the front plate)
  13. Dammit, you're making me regret parting with my 400 now I wonder whether I could justify running another as a daily driver alongside the 250 Cup (wanders off to Pistonheads with calculator to look at the listings.....)
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