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  1. Evora GT430

    Do you go and visit it everyday (I know I would!) Nice bike BTW!
  2. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    Your 380 Cup is: better looking rarer dynamically superior The 430 Cup is: a bit quicker has a charge cooler so it stays a bit quicker for longer Adding a KT460 to your 380 Cup seems like a simple solution to me!
  3. I don’t think it’s possible to remove the emotion from any Lotus vs Porsche comparison, as spending considerable sums of money on a toy can never be an entirely rational decision! Most of us mere driving mortals are not going to be able to fully exploit the subtle ultimate dynamic differences between the marques, particularly on the road where we spend the majority of our time enjoying these cars. Indeed, I found that both my Exige Roadster and Evora 400 had performance levels way higher than I was ‘comfortable’ with on the road, which is one reason why my next purchase is an Elise again. So, when choosing which toy to blow my hard-earned on, performance and dynamics are certainly a factor, but of even greater importance is how I feel about the overall ownership experience and for me Lotus wins every time for all sorts of reasons, with dynamics not top of the list! Is an Evora better than a 911, or an Exige Cup better than a Cayman GT4? They’re all such damn fine drivers cars that it doesn’t matter to me, what matters is whether you prefer the Lotus or Porsche philosophy.
  4. First Elise: how to spec it right

    The winter tyre option will be in the handbook as part of the specs, so the dealer should be able to check it for you and if the recommended option is out of production then they should be able to provide details of the replacement. If they want to sell you a car, I'd make them put in the effort
  5. First Elise: how to spec it right

    Racing Green. Green always looks great on a Lotus. Congratulations
  6. Speccing a 250 Cup

    I've never used Facebook or any other form of social media! Unless TLF qualifies as 'social media'
  7. Speccing a 250 Cup

    It's due to roll off the production line during week commencing 27th November. Silverstone will need to do some work to it - fitting harnesses, painting calipers, gtech paint treatment and ppf, adding stripes, so hopefully ready for me to collect first week of December. In the past I've always bought cars from stock, so this is the first that I've actually sat down and worked out the spec for myself. I'm genuinely excited
  8. Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    If I was fortunate enough to own a 380 Cup, I think I'd want to keep it rather than pay more money to change to a 430 Cup. The 380 is definitely better looking and will be more rare. I'd rather spend the money adding the charge cooler and another 80hp - Modifying is fun and you can pick and choose what you want to do.
  9. 250 to a 260 cup should I do it?

    My V6 Exige was a Roadster and that came with a hard top. The first time the sun shone I took the hard top off and never put it back on, so I think I'd be wasting my money buying another hard top! I've owned a number of Elise's in the past and always had very fond memories of them, my view is that a SC Elise has just the right amount of HP for a twisty B road. More recently I've owned the V6 Exige and an Evora 400 - both epic cars, but too fast for me to exploit on the road (my use is 95% road). A 260 Cup in Fire Red is going to look sensational - can't wait to see the pictures when you get it
  10. Speccing a 250 Cup

    Excellent! The carbon aero will look great. What colour did you opt for?
  11. 250 to a 260 cup should I do it?

    Motorsport green (whole car including rear wing) so no matt black apart from splitter, diffuser and barge boards. Yellow stripes (Vinyl, just in case I change my mind afterwards!) Black forged wheels with yellow calipers (dealer will need to get the calipers painted) Yellow interior stitching and yellow painted centre console surround Sound insulation, mats, stereo, air-con. Harnesses (dealer to fit)
  12. Speccing a 250 Cup

    @lovus Does this mean you've decided on a spec and placed an order? Apart from the lithium battery charger, I'm assuming just a basic tool kit and handbook/service book! - I'll let you know when mine arrives.
  13. 250 to a 260 cup should I do it?

    I was offered the option of switching my 250 order to a 260 but declined it as I didn't think the price premium justified the extra benefits and I already had my 250 spec'd just as I want it, but that just means it's not the right move for me! I also come from a V6 Exige and I specifically want an Elise this time, so although the 260 is approaching V6 money I think it has a different kind of appeal - I view it as going back to my Lotus roots The 260 may or may not turn out to be the ultimate current generation Elise, but with only 30 being built it's resale value will hold up very well over the years - particularly if it's going to be a keeper. If it makes financial sense to you, go for it! It will certainly be a fabulous car regardless of what comes next.
  14. Obviously I don't buy cars for their 'investment' value, I buy them for the love of driving them. If Lotus bring out better versions along the way, then great - I'll switch to the latest when I'm ready to change. In my case hopefully that will be a new generation Elise 320 Cup.
  15. TLF GT430 Club

    Loving what you've done with the seats to. That is truly magnificent!