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  1. Speccing a 250 Cup

    Looks good If you're planning on a few track days, the only extra I'd add are harnesses.
  2. Speccing a 250 Cup

    It was almost Spring like this afternoon in sunny Norfolk, so a good opportunity to get few more running-in miles done. Roofless for the first time. Car sounds superb with the roof off, maybe not Evora 400 superb, but pretty damn good for a 4 cylinder! Roof off does transform the driving experience, I'm pleased I didn't spec a hard top because it would mean missing out on days like today. Having to stay under 4k rpm is frustrating, but the car has superb grip and composure down the twisty local roads. Stopped off at my parents for a cup of tea, then home to give it a wash. Great afternoon
  3. Speccing a 250 Cup

    I think the Elise Cup's look great in Grey, it was one of the colours I was keen on when first looking although I think I'd go with the black wheels rather than silver - it looks more hard-core which really suits the Cup. If you're feeling brave you could go with red wheels like the Exige 360 Cup's! Alcantara steering wheel is one thing I wish I had specced on mine, but the downside is I think it would be quite high maintenance keeping it looking good unless you wear gloves all the time. If you're not fussed about potential resale, then I'd definitely give the aircon a miss. I was talked into it. The stereo is crap and the car is quite noisy, so it's pointless. The car is noisy with the sound proofing, but I've no idea how effective it is. I'm loving mine!
  4. A journey into track days

    I've thought about the 7th April date, but I think it's a bit too early for me. I want to get the running-in miles done, I've then got a Scotland trip planned for mid-May which should add another 1200 and it will then have enough miles on it for me to be comfortable with starting to track it. I'll post up as soon as I've booked the 2nd June Hethel date.
  5. A journey into track days

    I'm also seriously considering the Spa day on 30th July as well as the LoT Hethel day on 2nd June. I'm looking forward to doing a few track days in my 250 Cup this year and it would be good to catch up with a few of you guys. I just need the weather to cheer up a bit so I can get those pesky running-in miles out of the way!
  6. Lotus Elise Cup 260

    The Empire Green looks I'm even changing my mind about the rear wing!
  7. Evora Sport 410

    I was told it's because it 'points' you in the direction of the door following a major shunt, which may be useful if you're a bit disoriented following an impact hard enough to trigger it. I think that's why when you order them you specify whether you want left or right hand seat version.
  8. alias23 aka Magpie - My Lotus Journey

    Regarding wheel arch liners. The 2-11 didn't have any wheel arch liners and they were notorious for picking up star cracks in the lacquer on the top of the wings due to stones hitting the underside, which was very annoying. I don't know whether this would also be a problem on the Exige. After having mine resprayed, I had Dynamat added to the underside of the arches which cured the problem.
  9. Rare Cup250 for sale

    Congratulations on a great purchase!
  10. I'd be very warey of alcantara sills. You slide across them everytime you get in and out and it would wear badly very quickly. I've only done about 100 miles in mine and the leather is already marked. Probably carbon sills with ppf film added is the only practical option!
  11. I ordered my 250 Cup just before the 260 Cup was announced and I was given the opportunity to switch the order if I wanted but declined. I didn't think it offered enough to justify the £10 - £12k premium and although the 260 Cup will have rarity on it's side and may turn out to be a better 'investment' I wanted to use/track/enjoy my Cup without being too precious about it. I think the 260 has a lot of lovely features, but I don't think I could live with the wing (looks too OTT on an Elise) and I think the barge boards add to the visual appeal of the 250. I'm really not fussed about carbon and I don't think the weight saving makes any real-world difference and I wouldn't feel quite so bad about catching a plastic splitter on a curb/speed hump! I also had all the matt black parts painted body colour which I love. Spec wise I started wanting minimalist apart from mats and sound proofing (it's noisy with sound proofing!) but got talked into air con (which I don't regret). I also went for the radio which is crap and fairly pointless. No hard top as part of the Elise appeal is going topless whenever possible. Kind of wish I had gone for the alcantara steering wheel though. Having previously had an Exige V6 and Evora 400, going back to an Elise is like going back to my roots, you forget how light and nimble it feels and just what a sheer joy it is! I still can't think of a better drivers car for £50k.
  12. Elise/Exige/Europa picture thread

    Great looking car, great looking pictures!
  13. 2bular Road

    ....and hope that Lotus don't read these forums.