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  1. My Evora lived in a standard size single garage without major problems. You had to be careful and getting in and out of the car was tight - I would lower the driver side window first which made it easier as you get a lot more space to squeeze through. It even shared the garage with my motorbike which was parked in front of the car.
  2. Motorsport Green? That looks magnificent!
  3. Carbon grey really suits the aggressive styling of the Cup. Congratulations
  4. Neal H

    New 430 cup

    Love the car, love the garage!
  5. Re the insurance. You'll need to at least inform them of the change.
  6. Have all the facts come out yet on what happened immediately after he was arrested and what led to the Police officers feeling the need to restrain him in such a violent manner? Nothing justifies the manner in which he died, but I think it’s important to know all the facts.
  7. I know different people have different levels of alcohol tolerance, but if I drank one full bottle of wine I would be unconscious under the table! Maybe the fact you are able to tolerate that quantity of alcohol suggests you drink too much?
  8. Neal H

    TLF GT430 Club

    British Racing Green to be more precise. And change the number to 79 It does look superb though.
  9. Just add “legally” at the appropriate points.
  10. Rarely are historical figures either all good or all bad, they’re a mix. The behaviour of Roman emperors to English Kings would be wholly unacceptable by 21st Century standards. Who decides whether memorials to them should be allowed to remain? Certainly not an angry mob. Good and bad, it’s all part of our history, it’s what makes us who we are today and we can’t just erase it. It’s important that we remember where we came from and it helps us judge the progress we have made as a society.
  11. Judging people who lived centuries ago by 21st morality standards isn’t really applicable. How far back do we go in trying to erase history? What next - dismantle the colosseum in Rome?
  12. Looks much nicer on the silver wheels
  13. Neal H

    The Donald.

    Don’t despair @Loquacious Lew Saturday and Sunday I was watching the NASA TV coverage of the SpaceX Dragon capsule launch and docking with the ISS. It just goes to show what America is capable of when it puts its collective mind to it. If I was American, it would have made me proud to be one. politicians, good and bad, come and go. Life goes on.
  14. Neal H


    Anybody else been watching the live NASA feed? The launch was amazing and the coverage excellent. It should dock with the ISS about 3:30pm this afternoon U.K. time. I was particularly impressed with the return to Earth of the booster rocket which landed perfectly on a ship right on the X painted on the deck. All credit the SpaceX, it has been massively impressive so far.
  15. I’ve not owned an S2 Exige - I did test drive one a few years ago but couldn’t agree a deal with the dealer I have owned a 2-11 though which had the 2ZZ engine and I can’t argue with the fact it’s probably the perfect engine for a high performance Elise. The later engine is a bit dull in comparison, but I wouldn’t let that be a deciding factor - it’s better low down torque makes it more drivable. I’ve never noticed any significant differences in refinement between an Elise with a hard top and a soft top (they’re both noisy!) and the soft top is just as water tight if properly adjusted, so I think the hard top is redundant unless you prefer how it looks. S2 Exige or S3 Cup? I think the S2 Exige has almost reached classic status and prices are probably on the up (pre-Covid anyway). Unless you drive it and add miles of course. If you want a garage queen and plan minimal miles then it’s a great car and you may even make a profit on it in future. An early Elise Cup won’t depreciate much now and as an ownership proposition represents great value - it genuinely is the spiritual successor to the S2 Exige. I’d say stay open minded. Take a look at what is available in both types and pick one that really catches your eye. I usually find that when looking I’ll eventually spot one and think “Oooh I really like that!” Either way, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed
  16. The prize money fund is certainly huge, but the vast bulk of it goes to those who don’t need it - Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull as the most successful teams. But even those sums don’t cover half their likely budgets. I’m not sure how it changes next year, but in 2019 Ferrari, Mercedes and RedBull all received prize money in excess of the budget cap so they won’t need any sponsors in future! Ferrari - $205m (including $73m for being Ferrari) Mercedes - $177m RedBull - $152m There’s then a huge drop to the others. I love F1, but as a commercial model it’s broken.
  17. I certainly wouldn’t dismiss those other sponsors, I’m sure they contribute tens of millions of dollars between them, but that’s going to be well short of even the budget cap, so the deficit has to be covered from somewhere. I think the days are long gone where you could make an independent F1 team cover it’s costs by purely commercial activities. I still find it incredible that in 1990 the world championship was won by a team spending £40m in today’s terms, that’s about one third of even the budget cap. How on earth did F1 get so expensive!? I have no doubt that the budget cap will be like football’s financial fair play rules - a cat and mouse game between the competitors and the governing body as the competitors find innovative ways to circumvent them.
  18. They may all have other sponsors, but I seriously doubt those third party sponsors come anywhere near covering the costs incurred by those teams. McLaren spent £237m in 2018 to finish second last, imagine how much Red Bull must have spent to regularly challenge Mercedes and Ferrari. Bear in mind that Force India had many of those same sponsors that Racing Point inherited and Force India went bust. As for billionaires not being willing to spend their own money, if that’s the case why do so many buy football clubs? In the 15 years that Mr Abramovic has owned Chelsea, they have lost a cumulative £769m. Chelsea have been one of Europe’s most successful clubs through that period with multiple premier league and European titles. We all have hobbies, billionaires like to own football clubs and F1 teams!
  19. I think it’s impossible to run a modern F1 team as a going concern. You’ve basically got to be a billionaire who’s prepared to throw large sums of money at it as ‘marketing’ for your other business interests. who are the other independents? Red Bull & Alpha Tauri - Marketing for RedBull group so self funding HAAS - Self funding (until they get fed up and return to Indy car) Sauber - Ferrari B-team funded by Fiat (Alfa Romeo) Racing Point/Aston Martin - Billionaire Lawrence Stroll McLaren - Self funded by their Arab share holders Even with a budget cap of $145m that’s a crazy amount of money to find if you need a sponsor. In 1990 when McLaren won the world championship they spent £20m. In 2018 they spent £237m an increase of over 1000%. In real terms, £20m in 1990 is worth about £40m in 2020.
  20. Williams GP team is up for sale if anyone fancies a group buy. They have also announced they have parted company with sponsor Rokit with immediate effect. In other news, Renault have confirmed they will continue in F1 beyond this season.
  21. BBC News app currently has 10 separate articles on Cummings on their front page. They really don’t like him very much do they!
  22. @KAS-118 I remain sceptical but hope that everything is as simple and straightforward as you believe. It will all become clearer over the next ten years as it gets rolled out.
  23. My problem with the mass adoption of electric vehicles within the next 15 years isn’t the vehicles themselves or the battery technology itself (which will evolve quickly in the next 10 years), It’s the infrastructure required to support it in such a tight timeframe. The UK doesn’t have a great recent record on delivering infrastructure, just look at what happened to HS2. Signed off in 2013 with final delivery by 2033. We’re 7 years in and it’s currently estimated that the final delivery is running 7 years late and the budget has more than doubled from £42bn to £88bn. Surely HS2 is a simpler project than a complete redesign of all UK cities to accommodate millions of charging points? As far as I can tell, there isn’t yet any plan even in place for this, let alone an estimate for delivering it. Who is supposed to take responsibility for this part? It has to be coherent, so has to be centralised. I tried to add a link to the HS2 figures but couldn’t figure out how on the iPad, but you can Google it.
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