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  1. Just under half of Scots voted for independence last time, so it shows that a significant number of Scots want independence. SNP is the only party in Scotland offering that option, so obviously those people will vote SNP regardless of competence and with that number of votes they’re guaranteed power. If the other major parties in Scotland also offered another independence referendum, would support for the SNP in Scotland evaporate?
  2. Their recruitment process failed miserably in this case, their were loads of signs missed that there could be something seriously wrong with this person. That would be bad enough in a normal company, but for a Police force that’s simply unacceptable. I’ll bet he’s not the only one to have slipped through.
  3. I think the difference between Alonso and Ocon was nicely summed up at Zandvoort. Early in the race Ocon’s behind Alonso and complaining on the radio that Alonso isn’t going fast enough (ie, tell him to move out of the way). End of the race Alonso finishes well ahead of Ocon. Turns out he was conserving his tyres to ensure the best result. You can’t beat experience. I think George will be sensible enough to learn from Lewis in year one and then go for it in year two.
  4. It did seem all very cynical by F1. Especially if it means that the fans don’t get their money back.
  5. A couple of months ago Biden described the Afghan army as one of the best equipped in the world. I’m sure the Taliban are very grateful for all the gifts. This isn’t going to end well.
  6. Love those OZ wheels. Best wheels ever fitted to an Elise.
  7. The plan is to get it resprayed in Lotus Motorsport Green over the winter. I think it will look awesome 😎
  8. New bike day is always a good day 😀
  9. Not sure how this applies? As far as I can remember there were two options on the ballot paper, not seven - Stay or Leave. Quite simple really. Of course, people would have voted either way for many different reasons, just as people will vote either Labour or Conservative (or whatever) for many different reasons. As said, democracy isn’t perfect, but it is the best system and it’s important to respect the outcome or the danger is it falls apart. A lesson I still think the European Commission has to learn.
  10. That’s the problem with democracy, you don’t always get the result you want. On balance though, it’s still better than all the alternatives.
  11. Thanks, it really is an epic colour 🥰 I do need to think about the badging and highlights, but there will definitely be some yellow involved. On my Elise I had the badges redone in yellow which I really liked. I was thinking of getting the Triumph script on the tank in yellow, but that maybe a bit OTT. The dealer had a Street Triple in the showroom that they had sprayed in Caspian Blue (an old Triumph colour) and the quality of the finish was superb. The advantage of a naked bike is that there isn’t actually that much body work to paint, so it’s fairly straightforward, unlike a car!
  12. That’s brilliant, thanks Bibs. Just what I needed.
  13. I have a new motorbike arriving next week, a Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS which is in a very boring matt silver colour. Over the winter I plan to have it resprayed in something more interesting. My Elise was Motorsport Green which was a fantastic colour and I’d like to get the bike painted in the same. Does anyone know whether there is an official paint code for it? I know it had an internal code of B Something, but I’m guessing that won’t help in getting the colour made up. I looked on the original invoice but it just says Exclusive Motorsport.
  14. To be fair at the post race press conference Lewis did say that Alonso was hard but very fair, and he would have done exactly the same for his team if the positions had been reversed. Either way, it’s great to have Alonso back and seemingly still at his best. You only have to look at how quickly Hamilton despatched Sainz’s Ferrari to see what a fantastic job Alonso did.
  15. I think the European Commission’s approach to the whole trade negotiation post Brexit has been about scaring existing EU states into not considering their own exit referendums, rather than trying to achieve a fair and equitable agreement with the U.K. and they have used the Northern Ireland ‘problem’ as a political ploy as they know how sensitive it is for the U.K. I think this sums up the European Commission - they can’t sell the benefits of staying so resort to trying to scare other member states into not leaving. If the EU had been just about free trade and freedom of movement, I would never have voted leave, but it isn’t, it’s about political union and becoming a federal state, a project that I genuinely believe is doomed due to the many varied languages and cultural differences in Europe. If the EU was genuinely reformed, I would vote to rejoin.
  16. If you can afford to stay in a nice hotel why would you stay in a tent? I just don’t get it.
  17. The benefits so far are that the economic chaos and catastrophe promised by the Remain supporting politicians and business leaders has not materialised. It appears that we can survive, prosper and decide our own future after all.
  18. The stewards said they “noted with some concern certain allegations” made by Red Bull. I wonder precisely what Red Bull alleged?
  19. I think Hamilton decided to lay down a marker that he’s not always going to back down when Max turns in on him. About time! Max has built a reputation on being uncompromising - you win some, you lose some. Brush yourself down and move onto the next one.
  20. I’ve always been a supporter of Bottas. I think he’s genuinely quick on single lap pace and has been the perfect team player in helping Merc win multiple championships. He’s also finished second in the last two drivers championships and Merc can’t ask more than that. However, I do think it’s now time for Russell to replace him for 2022. Hamilton is in the twilight of his career and Merc will need a new number one driver in a couple of years and that clearly isn’t Bottas. They need to test Russell alongside Hamilton for a couple of seasons to see if he’s really up to the task or not. It’s one thing making a good impression with a mid-grid team but quite another to become a regular winner for a top team. Bottas was brilliant at Williams before he got the Merc drive in 2017. As for Max, well he’s just superb and is going to be hard to beat in a competitive car, even for Hamilton.
  21. The government is forcing us to buy electric vehicles by banning ICE vehicles. This is all the proof you need that the tech isn’t there yet. New tech should be able to sell itself, we should WANT to buy it because it gives us something better than we already have. Hopefully in 10 years time it will have evolved enough to make us want it. What we are being offered now is inferior to what we have already at approximately double the price.
  22. Fantastic looking car. Best in class to drive. Evora was both of these in spades. Almost nobody bought one though. Why is Emira going to succeed when Evora failed? Is it a case that if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same result? I’ve owned more Lotus than I can shake a stick at (including two Evora’s). I love them. I get them. Friends who have been out in them think they’re great, but then buy the Porsche anyway (because they’re also great). I think Lotus Marketing strategy is going to have to be more revolutionary than their car design if they want to sell in the numbers they’re suggesting. They have to somehow change the perception of Lotus to the non-enthusiast. Porsche - High quality German precision engineering. Lotus - One step up from a kit car. I know it’s not fair, but it is reality.
  23. The racer instinct took over. See the gap, go for it… He’d have pulled it off if it wasn’t for that inadvertent switch press while swerving around Perez.
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