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  1. Thanks for the reply! Where can I buy this stuff (G5)?? Can someone explain for me the diffrent colours on anti freeze, whats the diffrens? My other car an Audi I used Castrol (red anti freeze), can I use this for my Esprit too?? Must I have disteld water or could I use ordenery drinking water??
  2. Hello! I'm going to change the coolent in my car. I wounder which anti freeze you guys recommend. I'm thinking about Castrol red anti freeze. I also wounder about which colour to use on anti freeze red, blue , green??? I know that I should not mix them!!But I have heard that you should have the red anti freeze for alloy engines, is that correct?? regards Niclas
  3. OK guys, thanks for the info! Cheers Niclas
  4. Hello again and thanks for the reply! But I still wounder how to do it, for exampel. 1. Should I first run the engine hot, then bleed? 2. When I bleed should I remove the plug or just loosen it a bit? 3. Should the cap on the header tank be removed during this operation? 4. Which bleedplug should I use both or just the one on the return coolant pipe? Regards Niclas
  5. Hello! I have recently changed the coolant (anti freeze). I wounder how to bleed the hole system, I know there is a bleed plug on the coolant return pipe. Has anyone done this before?? regards Niclas
  6. Thanks Rod for the info it was very good! If I get you right you don't need to take off the cam covers, you just turn the camshaft on M12 bolt without removing the covers!? I still wounder about the tension on the belt, in the service notes you must have a freqense tool (Galvis) to messure the tension. But I have heard the you shuld recheck the tension every 12mounth, is that right? And what happen if you don't recheck it that often.? Could you smasch the engine or what?? Cheers Niclas
  7. Thanks for the service notes, but I still have some questions! My car is my:1997, and I have some old service notes regarding replacement of the cambelt, I think the notes are from 1996 or 1997. The new uppdated notes I got from Mark is from 2001 and they were completely different from the old once. In the new notes you must release the camshaft pulley bolt, I don't now why?? And if you must remove the camshaft pulley bolts you have to have special tools for holding the camshafts and also remove the covers for the camshafts.!? My question is have there been any mayor changes on the
  8. Thanks guys for the info!! "Hedgerley" can you please e-mail me the service notes regarding this!? Thanks again!
  9. Hello again! I really want an answer if anyone knows something about this? I mean someone must have change there timing belt once or more!!? Question like this: 1. Which pin shuld I use setting pins or tolerance pin, I think it must be the setting pins, the tolerance is just to check the timing,,right!? Setting pins larger diameter 4,7mm tolerance 4,2mm 2. Which pulley should I start with when I assembel the belt?? 3.Step by step! Could someone help me with this issue?? Thanks!!
  10. Ok thanks, I have read the info on LEW! But I wan't a more detailed info regarding the replacement. more like step by step! Niclas
  11. Hello guys!! I have some questions regarding cambelt replacement on V8. I have done this so far: Parked the crankshaft with the locking tool and put the tolerance pin in each camshaft (4). I have also removed the old cambelts. My questions regards the fitting of the new belts. 1. What should I start with when assembel the new belts? I mean which pulley should I start with, the crankshaft or camshaft pulleys? 2. I think it should be no extra tooth between the camshaft pulleys, but it seems to be an extra tooth if I not move the camshaft slightly?? I will just have some help
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