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    Gordini engine, 365-34 5 speed
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  1. You may want my Europa then! I'm sure its perfect for you and I'm probably 30 miles away... I've put everything I can into the car but I realize I just don't have the time to finish it. I really need an Esprit /Europa that's on the road!
  2. Movember starting early? Bibs, I think the breakdown was near the Watford exit - know a man that can?
  3. Well I can't remember the last time an Esprit just drove past me without it being a show- but there it was, driving from Windsor, a lovely looking red Turbo. Was it Buddsy, no, guy with a beard. Made me want to get another Esprit even more. Then this morning at work a guy said to me, 'guess what I saw on the motorway slip road last night broken down'. Not a red Turbo Esprit?' I replied, Yep, and he left with a 'you know what Lotus stands for don't you...' Yeah, yeah.
  4. Thanks Matt! I only own a Europa S2 because I was inspired by your Europa twin cams chassis change at home thread. Recently I have been considering an s3 esprit local to me that has a seized engine. Its white and reminded me of your S1 resto in the classic cars magazine - I was just thinking about it, logged into Lotus Forums and here you are again inspiring me! I'm easily led...
  5. I bought my show condition 911t in 2001 for £5500- I remember seeing a 911s for £7500 at the time. Then 5 years later I sold mine to get into Lotus- now I'm poor...
  6. Ref my Europa, Spent the weekend largely fitting the interior, making up the headlining. Sticking a large piece of vinyl covered in glue above your head symmetrically ain't easy! However, in the Europa my head is against the roof anyway so I won't be seeing it a lot...
  7. Here's a more detailed pic of my Europa- got carried away here, alloy swirl pot, polished brass heater valve, silicone hoses, s/steel clamps...
  8. Here's my Europa S2 Gordini 5 speed- everything in the photo has been done this year by myself. I have it running for the first time in 30 years, I'm just doing the interior, then its brakes & suspension...
  9. Further to my Europa post, I had a 1972 911 in 2001 and paid £5500 for it. It was immaculate and I used it as my only car for 3 years. People didn't get it. I had comments of 'its only an old one though', look at that horrible coloured old Porsche (Signal Orange) original seats people thought had come from a beetle etc. The Porsche specialist I used thought it was a bit beneath them really. Now I hear about the early 911s as the purest shape, the very desirable period colour of signal orange, those beautiful slim bumpers (why don't you update it mate with a 964 bodykit was what I heard). Are they really that nice now or are people justifying the price they paid to themselves? I could have bought an RS then for 20k too (now 500k +) Doh!
  10. Have you noticed how if a dealer tries to sell a car on say car and they ask 12k if its in good condition no matter what the make? Vauxhalls, 4 door Cortinas, Austin 1100s if its nice condition stick it up high and see what happens. My Europa I'm reviving has been off the road for 30 years 9,000 miles from new a real barn find, its an S2 so about 30 left in UK with a Gordini engine and box which are hens teeth from the R17. Europas were the prototype GT40, Lotus started the concept before Ford took over, they were the 3rd mid engined production car, Matra /Muira, yet they are largely ignored- the last two Lotus festivals I've been at there has been one S2! Mines probably worth 5k in its condition yet if it was a Escort Mexico/Capri...
  11. Buddsy, you just made me burst out laughing in a quiet open plan office!
  12. Hi guys, After 3 years I am selling my Esprit, which thanks to Watford Exotics has made ownership a rewarding experience, as I've said before, the most reliable car I've ever owned (and I've owned a lot!) I've decided to put the money into the house, but I still have my Europa TC Special that I am restoring. I find this takes up any garage time and I don't want to see the Esprit get neglected. Because of the Europa though, I'll still be a visitor to the forum.
  13. Just came back from lunch to check who had contributed - love the XI photo. I went to fill up the Esprit and when I came back from the kiosk there was an elderly lady crouched by my front wheel. She said 'I'm sorry but I was looking at the logo to see what car it was- my son has a Ferrari but I like this- it's much rarer! Something always happens when I stop for fuel...
  14. 1 Lotus XI green, red interior, yellow team Lotus stripe and letters 2 1950's Elite off white, blue leather 3 Lotus Mk9 black 4 S1 Esprit white/tartan 5 S1 Europa white, red leather
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