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  1. burgundy s2 I think heading out of Preston about 11.30 am I think the reg was pmn 282
  2. I ordered green stuff brake pads but they sent me the wrong front pads, these were replaced quite quickly but only after I returned the wrong ones for them to check! my gripe is that they expect me to pay postage costs for their mistake, I questioned this and they grudgingly agreed to refund but as yet I am still waiting - over a month now . Not a good way to keep customers. Update ...... my apologies to s & j I have just found they have refunded the postage charges to my visa which I received today.
  3. He has a thing about cars !
  4. like it lol didn't think of that
  5. ok got my shades now where we goin ?
  6. Hi folks spotted this while looking through the sky chan guide - tues 8th 12pm chan 523 the lotus story. Thought it might be worth a watch.
  7. white stevens turbo spotted on the A6 in Lancaster 12pm I think the reg was C14 DYS then seen again later on the greyhound bridge, lancaster.
  8. Not sure where the gear knob is from, it was in the glove box when I bought the car. I polished it up and gave it a few coats of 2 pack lacquer.
  9. Hi folks just bought some alloy heater knobs from Dave Walters, fitted this morning and thought I would share a few before and after pics for those who have not seen these. What do you think .
  10. Hi there paint code is A68 or B08 either will give the same formula for Pacific Blue, earlier cars will have the A code and later the B code colour was listed from 1989 to 93. Hope this helps. Ric.
  11. Hi there just for your information Dupont list the codes you mention as BO4 = Lotus new racing green non metallic used between 1988- 02, same colour can also be found under code A65. BO8 = Pacific blue metallic used 1989- 93. Hope this is of some use. Ric.
  12. Mine goes to 5 bar at start up but drops to about 3.5 at tick over once warmed up. Ric. 88 turbo
  13. I don't take mine to the supermarket anymore several times I have come back to the car and could not open the door wide enough due to the valve who parked so close to me and have had to get in through the passenger door and climb over .It doesn't matter where you park the esprit it seems to be a magnet for Reginald McGuyver the worlds best driver to prove he can get into that space.
  14. must have been using pee dictive text!
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