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  1. Hi dave surely if I make the 88 seat runner wider to fit the v8 seat then the bolts will also go wider and still not fit the holes ? Ill give it another go though, cheers.
  2. being an 88 car it will have a dim dip unit fitted which was the law on vehicles in 88/89 which meant that when you put the side lights on the headlight dip beam comes on as well on half power automatically. you may have a fault with this unit .my car is also an 88,if i remember correctly if you remove fuse number 28 this is the feed to the dim dip unit and the lights will then work independently.If you look in the drivers handbook this will show you where fuse 28 is. Hope this helps .
  3. Hi thanks for the advice , swapping the seat bases was my first thought but the 88 seat frame is smaller than the v8's so looks like it's out with the drill cheers guys.
  4. Hi folks anyone know an easy way to fit v8 seats into an 88 turbo. Having recently got a pair I removed a seat from the car only to find the holes in the floor don't line up with the new seat ! I don't want to blunder in with the drill if there is an easy way to modify the seat.I know a few people have done this job so any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ric.
  5. Hi the earliest red paint I can find listed for lotus is cherry red which was used around 1983. There is no colour code listed for this colour but the DuPont code for it is L9626 hope this helps. Ric
  6. Hi folks anyone know what to use to secure the black trims around the screen on an 88 stevens .I lost both parts of the drivers side one on the motorway and now the top one seems to be lifting at the end, I was going to order a new set but without knowing how to secure them this may be a waste of money.I have searched the forum but can't find anything.Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ric.
  7. I think the boost gauge transducer and the overboost switch are mounted on the plate you described, has a black and blue vacuum hose running to it from the fuel pressure regulator. Ric.
  8. Hi folks I have a problem with my stevens turbo 1988 carb model, problem is when accelerating hard boost starts to build then car shudders as though it is cutting out loosing power then will give sudden burst of power and accelerate normally only to repeat fault when you change gear and continue to accelerate.The problem does not show if only light throttle pressure is used avoiding boost. I have changed the spark plugs as someone sugested but fault still there I was wondering if this could be caused by either the fuel pump or ignition coil ? Anyone got any ideas Cheers ric
  9. Hi there just in case anyone is interested I saw an ad on ebay and also checked on an autoart distributor site they have just releasing a 1/18 scale model of the esprit v8 available in red black or yellow not cheep at around 50 pounds but very nice detail. Cheers Ric sorry just realised there is already a topic runnung about esprit models .
  10. Hi Matt your lights pop up when the side lights and ignition are on as do mine on the 88 stevens, there is a separate control on the front bulkhead for this, these cars were fitted with the dim dip light system which was a legal requirement on new vehicles at the time but was later dropped, some manufacturers still fit it, my 2001 nissan van headlights come on dim with the side lights.Not sure if the unit can be removed also as I said it was a legal thing so may be an mot requirement for that age of vehicle. Hope this helps.
  11. some very very nice cars, thought i'd go with the flow
  12. cheers will give it a try. worked a treat
  13. Hi all I wonder if any of you can help me i had quite a poor gear shift in my 88 turbo so bought a translator re furb kit, things are a lot better but i now encounter resistance when stationary and trying to select first gear if I put it into second first i can then select first gear easily, I have checked the adjustment of the translator and cables as per the workshop manual and all seems well, all other gears select easily. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ric
  14. thanks for the info, it will put my novice mind at rest this is the first car i have had that has an oil pressure gauge.
  15. Hi folks the oil pressure in my 88 turbo goes up into the red at start up and stays there until the engine is hot then at tickover it will drop to around 2.5 to 3 on the dial is this normal ?
  16. what i meant to say was like the rest of you i now drive one of the best cars around cheers
  17. Hi guys names Richard and like the rest of you I now drive (well at the weekends ) an Esprit it's a Stevens turbo 88 in black with magnolia leather, It's everything I thought it would be fun to drive and expensive for bits but all pleasures have a price! The car needs a few jobs doing as it's only done 8 thousand miles in the last 9 years so cam belt and new fluids at least then I can actually get out and enjoy her properly B) Bye for now
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