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  1. Makes sense. What makes me laugh is "works teams". The defifinition of works team: A works team (sometimes factory team) is a sports team that is financed and run by a manufacturer or other business How GL's sponsored teams can be classed as this I do not know. The Enstone team is in fact the Genii Capital works team,
  2. That is correct Billy. You get Sky Sports F1 HD if you subscribe to the basic TV package, and have the HD pack. If you subscribe to Sky sports (and not HD) you will receive the channel in SD only. If you have the Sky Sports and HD packs, you will receive the channel in HD. The cheapest way to get Sky Sports F1 is to get the HD pack for £10.25, you will still be able to use your non-HD TV to watch SSF1, as the Sky+HD box has a scart socket on the back, but you will not see the picture in HD obviously.
  3. Tony is the only one who has his brands on his cars. Have a look at the Force India cars. Most of the brands on that car are owned by Vijay Mallya. Kingfisher, Royal Challengers, Whyte and Mackay Whisky and UB Group are also owned by Vijay. If you think about it, it makes sense do advertise your own brands on your cars. (Just a shame Group Lotus has to di this on someone else's cars) Tony brought the Lotus name back into F1, and now Group Lotus are taking it as if they have some sort of claim to it, onyl they have never ever raced of owned Lotus in F1. It may be bitter for Team Lotus fans now, but it will be sweet when Group Lotus have to pull out due to lack of funds and the n subsequently go bankrupt..
  4. If Genii don't stick around there will be no team. Genii are the ones paying the bills, sure pay drivers and sponsorship money will help, but GL could not afford to run the team themselves, that is why they only sponsored a team when thy created this whole charade.
  5. No I am entirely same. I am on the side of the guy who actually invested money that was his, and not belonging to the company that employs him. When I joined this forum. The team was Lotus, as it is for the next two races of this season. But I highly doubt that I will be posting here next year, as I am an F1 fan first and fore most. And next year there will not be a Lotus team in F1, just a Genii team, that used to Renault, claiming to be Lotus. Even if Group Lotus bought 100% of the old Renault team from Genii team, I might have supported them as Lotus, but since they are sponsoring an F1 team (which is nothing but an ego boost to the CEO) and don't actually own an in-house F1 team, and nor have they ever have one, they do not get my support. The Enstone team still get my support for the last two races in 2011 as Renault. But in 2012, I hope the have a sh!t season, where both cars retire from mechanical breakages (not engine related) so they have the worst season in the teams history,
  6. My support for Team Lotus, Caterham next year will not disappear. But the greedy b*stards over at Group Lotus will get their commupence when both thiey and the Genii GP team they sponsor run out of money. At least only one of the will go bankrupt. Bye bye Group Lotus, you only have your CEO TO BLAME! Long live Caterham F1.
  7. It is obviously which side you are one when you refer to Team Lotus as 1Malaysia and Renault as LRGP. Regardless of what the company behind the team is called, the team itself is Team Lotus. Although I have always been on Team Lotus (nee Lotus Racing) side, I have never really taken Joe Saward as a credible source, as he rarely has any evidence to back up his claims. Although a lot of what he has said has more truth in that than what has come from Dany. Yes he has been a supporter of Tony and co. from the start, because he obviously researched into the situation (just as I did) and saw that Tony had the stronger argument. Not hard really to come to that conclusion since GL had been to court and tried to steal ownership of Team Lotus like this a few times before and failed. As you say, back in Indycar, in which the GL involvement is much the same as in F1, sponsorship deals and a re-badge job of Judd engines. If they actually put together their own entries, and didn't rely on others to do the hard work and then slap their name on it, I would probably have more faith in what they are doing.
  8. Right decision, you can't just drive into another car, when they are in your way. Lewis has been penalised for this this season so it is only right Massa did today. They were referring to the Renault teams as Lotus Renault, which they should as they don't include any other of the title sponsors, and they referred to Team Lotus as Team Lotus. Renault should just be referred to as Renault and Team Lotus as Team Lotus. It gets complicated when they are talking about the cars though, as the Renault is a Renault-Renault, and the Team Lotus car is a Lotus-Renault, the chassis being Lotus. So when they talk about drivers it should be "Petrov in the Renault" and "Trulli in the Lotus". This may change for next year but this is how it stands currently. Two Renault and two Lotus'.
  9. lol at "another racing series" bit. should read "sponsoring a team in yet another racing series". When they actually sort there asses out and enter a team of their own and not someone else, ie the Genii GP F1 team.n remove every last bit of
  10. But the rumours are that he left Ferrari and Red Bull on bad terms, because he is supposed to have been the reason Ferrari became the sole engine supplier for the A1GP wihch cost them a lot of money and whilst at Red Bull, he was described as Mateschitz's right hand man, and it is claimed that it was Dany persuaded him to enter NASCAR, in which their first season didn't go smoothly, and also convinced Dietrich to not only create Red Bull Racing, but Scuderia Toro Rosso as well, which is costing more than planned, as they are no longer allowed to use the Red Bull cars and have to be a team in their own right instead of relying on the Red Bull team.
  11. He has paid for it, otherwise David Hunt would have been suing him for none payment and taking back the ownership of Team Lotus. I know there was reports that David had not been paid, but it did not say what this payment was for. The fact that David did not aid Tony in the court case makes it look more like Tony did not want to pay David for the help in the courts. If he had not paid for Team Lotus the courts would not have clarified that he is the owner of Team Lotus. The Lotus branding has been on the steering wheel for a while. There also used to be Lotus branding on the bodywork just behind the steering wheel, which has now been replaced by Bruno's sponsor OGX
  12. There has never been any proof that Tony did not in fact own Team Lotus, and the fact that he, without the support of David Hunt, successfully won a court case concerning Team Lotus. If he didn't own it, the judge would not have clarified that he had the rights to use the name, but he would have said that it was David Hunt that had the right to, as he would still be the legal owner if Tony did not own it. It would only be the Lotus and F1 enthusiasts that would notice it. Most Renault F1 dropped their support when Lotus Cars launched their unsuccessful attempt to morph the teams identity through sponsorship. If Team Lotus do not use the Team Lotus name next year, there will be no Lotus in F1. Sponsors are not in F1, they sponsor a team that is in F1.
  13. NedaSay, IIRC correctly there is no intention of changing the name, even Dany has said this. If the team are struggling with funds now, they are certainly going to struggle if they change the name and forfeit the historic money. Overall not a bad performance from Team Lotus in Singapore. Not so good from Renault, but Boullier admitted that they would struggle because of the low speed corners. But he did expect them to struggle as much as they did.
  14. I mean Hondas are generally driven by older people, here in the UK anyway, with the exception of the Civic. I didn't mean that it was only old people that drive Prius'. People have only got them because they are a fashion accessory, and so that they somehow think they are doing their bit to save the planet, like the Celebs. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't look so damn hideous, a hybrid car that looks the same as an ordinary car would interest me, but not the current ones.
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