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  1. Brilliant work, Mike. Have to commend you on your skills and level of workmanship, a great read from start to finish. Picked up some useful ideas along the way too. About NA Betsy, I couldn't find a thread on it, so I did wonder if you got it done? Or if you still plan to?
  2. Aha! I didn't realise that part had had a poly equivalent made. Thanks for that!
  3. Previously Owned: MY93 Esprit SE Highwing MY98 Esprit V8 GT MY98 Esprit GT3 MY98 Esprit GT3 MY97 Espirt GT3 Passenger/Driven: All my above cars (with Bibs at the wheel) MY86 Esprit Turbo S3 (Evil Dr Fish a.k.a. Rob)* MY8? Esprit Turbo S3 [x 2] (Other group members) MY88 Esprit X180 NA (Bibs' car, best sounding four cylinder Esprit)* MY89 Esprit Turbo (Other group member) MY93 Esprit SE Highwing (LEW Kato's) MY94 Esprit S4 (Dermot's "S4-Sport") MY95 Esprit S4S x 2 (Other group members)* MY97 Esprit GT3 (KarlUK29's Modster) MY97 Esprit GT3 (Red Race Chipped - Other group member) MY99 Esprit Sport 350 (Other group member) MY91 Elan SE (Other club friends)* MY95 Elan S2 (Other club friends)* MY04 Elise 111R (Testing/track day)* MY06 Elise SC (Testing/track day)* MY07 Exige S (Other club friends)* (* Also driven) ...may be some others I've missed!
  4. So far as I've been able to find out, there are actually two sets for the ARB poly bushes: (29D) LOTAC 05456 - (I believe this set is for post MY98 V8 and GT3) (29E) LOTAC 05455 - (I believe this set is for pre MY97 all cars) I'm not exactly certain if that distinction is correct, and am trying to find out for sure what the difference is.
  5. The drive-by-wire most significantly required a modification to the ECU. Change to steel was definitely associated with lighter weight/strength.
  6. I haven't seen the film in a long time but I always thought Eleanor was a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500.
  7. I'm in the UK, Geir. Haven't really frequented the fora until recently so not kept a record of the project online. I've had a custom V8 installation in mind for over 6 years after selling my V8 Esprit. Over that time I have gone from an idea to "simply" rework the standard Lotus 918 into a 4.0ltr NA format, to a Jaguar AJ V8... to an old LT5 Corvette ZR1, and finally to the LS series. I saw what another Lotus owner (Hilly) had done with his Audi V8, but I really preferred the American engines from the 'Vettes. The LS3 is a much simpler, more compact and lightweight option than the old LT5, so I was happy with that. It also has a brutal amount of headroom for tuning, not that it isn't already powerful enough! It's been in the planning and development stages for a couple of years. I'm not as hands on as yourself, so I consulted a specialist about the actual installation. Like yourself, we had to have the adaptor plate, mounts etc. custom fabricated, so only started the first trial fits late last year. I totally understand as I was also quite taken with the aluminium pedals when I first saw them. Interestingly, Lotus went back to a steel pedal box in the later S2 Elise, and the only reason suggested has been it was for weight saving! Part of me wonders if it may have been more of a cost cutting measure. I also looked at having bespoke fittings made up but I've been advised that it is a complex thing to get them to fit and then to work with the Esprit due to the pedal ratios being different. So when I saw your post I was most curious!
  8. Excellent choice of engine/transmission Geir. I'm genuinely intrigued to know how you'll fit the Elise pedal box to the Esprit, as when I looked into this area, it is extraordinarily tricky.
  9. Love the old NSX. This car's styling is looking the right direction, but the nose is far too busy. With styling, proportion is king; with detailing, less is more. Even Lamborghini know not to over-do their overdoing.
  10. For the 918 V8 you'd be looking at about 215kg, and for the 4-cylinder engines you are looking at around 55-60kg less than that - the Charcooler ones being the heavier, the old versions the lighter.
  11. I'm not sure about water droplets giving a good indication, partly due to the mass of water versus a gas, and part due to turbulent effects corrupting uniform flow patterns. I can only go by a wind tunnel smoke tests on similar vehicle body profiles I've seen, and the effect it is there. It would work better on the glass back or louvred versions for much the same reasons those designs naturally produce less drag than the open butressed version of later cars. That tray isn't actually meant as an aerodynamic improvement, and from what I last saw of mine, it isn't shaped as such. It would need to extend all the way to the back to the rear bumper and have a basic volume diffuser to function as such. I believe it's primary function is protective, against water splash up, and general debris. Thanks. I don't believe Elite was ever ported to the consoles. I believe it was only released on home gaming computers and PC versions. I also don't think Elite 2: Frontier made it further than the PC. Just checked and Wikipedia article says there was a Nintendo ES version way back, but mentions nothing else console wise. If you have a PC, there is a good share/freeware homage called Oolite you could try, or better yet, play EgoSoft's X series games. (If you are new to them, best start at X3: Terran Conflict.)
  12. I know what you mean, I almost did. But that sort of marketing tends to work on me. I could be a customer for the next generation Lotus cars, but I'm looking at other brands as more tempting in those price brackets. If they had to use celebs, and if Lotus wanted to get my attention, they'd likely have succeeded more by using real car nut enthusiasts like Jay Kay or Rowen Atkinson.
  13. On the old turbo cars with the louvres, and on the later cars with glass-back or flat-deck vents, there is a low pressure area created as fast air moves over the roof and off the back. This low pressure assists in "sucking" the hot air in the engine bay out. It doesn't create any intended downforce effect, that I'm aware of, especially as there is no skirt or shaped undertray below the car. However, using the Lotus engine cover is useful because of the seal it creates between the boot space and engine bay when the tailgate is closed. That seal helps ensure the air is only drawn from the engine bay and not the boot, maximising efficiency From what I know of Lotus, certainly in the older cars, they never added something unless it really had to be there. Also, the mass of the cover in proportion to the rest of the rear body/drive-train is negligable to have much effect on the rear roll centre to really improve handling in any noticeable way, at least on a road spec car. So, in my opinion, it should be used.
  14. That's nothin', you should see Missy Elliot's collection! They shoulda used Ali G: same marketing potential as Swizz, just a lot cheaper.
  15. Looking for the following Esprit V8 series trim components: - Engine cover (the removable heat shield, not the tailgate) - Engine bay side wall panel parts (to which the air filter boxes are mounted) - May also be interested in boot floor/wall, but not essential
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