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  1. First speeding ticket in twenty odd years of driving - only one way to look at it - I have been very lucky ;D

    1. USAndretti42


      What a pain. Here's to another 20 years of ticket-free driving.

    2. Roz_Bennetts


      Thanks Trevor, I'll drink to that :)

  2. Preparing a speech about the Esprit - all help from the community appreciated! See post on forum.

  3. Passed a Ferrari 348 today on the M1... god I miss my Esprits :-(

  4. Yeehaaaa looking forward to Ace Cafe tonight and seeing Sparky's car :P

  5. Anyone else coming to the Ace Cafe tonight? Petrolhead Nirvana?

    1. Petrol feet driven

      Petrol feet driven

      I have a work xmas party tonight so no im sorry to say.

    2. Roz_Bennetts


      No problem, it was wet and windy anyway! I didn't stay too long.

    3. Petrol feet driven

      Petrol feet driven

      Winter ones never seem to be that great, bring on the summer.

  6. Ace cafe next Tuesday? Classic cars and Lotus, if anyone is definitely goling please PM me.

  7. If there are any meets coming up in May (not on a Wednesday) please let me know. :)

  8. New job = £££ = new car?? Maybes :P

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